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New Profile Fields: Art Challenges and Artist Name
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:14:13 pm »
There have been two new fields added to your Forum Profile.  These are "Art Challenges" and "Artist Name".  These are for use by artists who would like to advertise their availability for art challenges.  To find and edit them, go to;area=forumprofile, which can be found in the homebar of the site under Profile, subtab Forum Profile, and scroll waaaay down to the bottom.

Art Challenges field
This field is for defining what kinds of challenges you are open to.
Example entries:
-Open!:  Give me your best challenge!
-Trades Only:  If you're going to challenge me, I want to see some art from you, too.
-Closed:  Not right now.  I'm busy, or don't feel up to it, or something.  Try later.

Artist Name field
The name you'd like to be known by for your art and the one they should have in the topic of their art challenge to you.  Fine if you just want to let them use one of your account names for their challenges.

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