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Agilene Flow


Name: Agilene Flow

Race: Pegasus

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Physical Description:
Portrait: http://serenelydigital.com/js/agiStareSmall.jpg
Cutie Mark: http://serenelydigital.com/js/cutieMark.jpg

Special Talent: Nimbleness

Likes: Quiet places, berets, slow, peaceful flights 

Dislikes: Anyone who looks like a criminal at first sight, showing off her fashion side in public, making tough choices

Strengths: quick in her movements on the ground, a calm attitude that overshadows her anger

Weaknesses: Her trust towards new ponies she meets, flying speed

Fears: Making the wrong decisions


Agilene Flow. Calm as a lake, nimble as a rabbit. This Detrot mare is light as a feather in both her movements, and her personality. Although her flying speed is below average, she makes up for it with her agility on the ground. Using a combination of her wings, legs, and lightweight body she can move from place to place akin to the nimbleness of a jumping spider.

Even though Agilene's movements are quick, her ability to trust others is low. This came from hard times of dealing with liars and criminals around her home town. It's come to the point where it can take days for her to put her trust into someone. Otherwise, she would see them as a criminal. However, she would be subtle about her feelings to prevent herself from looking rude.

As a friend, she can be a breeze to be around with. Agilene is caring, and would wish the best for her allies. But when it comes to making tough decisions that involve herself and another, she would choose the options that affects her without any thought.

Extra Details:
> Her speech is very formal.
> Agilene's name is a play on words with "Agile"

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