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Ashen Dust


Ashen Dust:
Name: Ashen Dust

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Physical Description: Sizeable, Keeps himself in peak physical condition despite his age and always travels with his blackened armor - it covering him almost entirely save for his horn, mouth, mane and tail - and cape trimmed in gold. Coat color is a dusty ash gray. Eyes are yellow, though being able to see this is a rare opportunity given how his helmet covers them entirely. Mane is white with some slight streaks of silver, and his mark is a double ended and hilt-less blade surrounded in whisps of dark mist.

This is also the same design he used for his actual blade kept sheathed on his back.

Special Talent: Unsure. When he was a child his mark appeared during one of his dreams causing some confusion regarding the trigger. When he was young he claimed it meant skill in martial combat, as he matured he considered it being some kind of symbol for prophecy, and now he has decided it would reveal its meaning in time and that he could only make himself ready for it.

Likes: Studies involving dreams, teaching, tutoring, sparring, trans-dimensional theories, meditation, the diarchy (Celestia in particular), honorable deeds, defense of the weak or helpless, charity.
Dislikes: Trans-dimensional practices, pretty much any selfish or harmful act perpetrated against the innocent, laziness.

Strengths: Putting his vague talent aside, Ashen has proven himself to be quite adept at picking up on techniques and style when it comes to physically demanding activities, be it combat oriented or otherwise. On top of that hes spent decades training and studying in his attempts to temper himself into the best warrior he could possibly be.

Hes a master in using his chosen weapon, his double ended and hilt-less blade, has achieved impressive proficiency in geomancy, and has had his armor forged to fit his body so perfectly that it hardly encumbers him in the slightest.

Short distance teleportation magic has come easy to Ashen as well, making him capable of quickly casting and recovering from instant blinks across short distances when compared to most.

Finally, Ashen is constantly casting and maintaining a clairvoyance spell that resonates with several enchantments cast upon his helmet, allowing him a view of himself and his surroundings at almost all times. This has become so trivial for him that he hardly even notices that he's doing it anymore.

Weaknesses: Can only focus on one style at a time. Ashen's swordsmanship and the inherently hazardous design of his weapon requires one hundred percent of his concentration to ensure he does not hurt either himself or someone other than his intended target. Therefore, should he wish to use magic, he must sheath his weapon entirely and continue without it, leaving himself open to close conflict and relying on dodges and maneuvering away from incoming danger until he can draw again.

When blinking he must restrict himself or risk over doing it, burning himself out and causing him to become exhausted quickly should he not allow himself a chance to recover.

While his clairvoyance is extremely useful during most situations, Ashen's over reliance on it has slowly been taking it's toll on his real vision. Without his helmet Ashen is half blind both figuratively and literally. While still able to see, his sight has long since begun to fade on him as his magic has slowly replaced his eyes.

Fears: The end of the world.

Bio: Ashen doesn't remember much about his early childhood, a few mere flashes here and there of being raised in several different orphanages across the country. He remembered being content however despite his upbringing, even happy as he had felt like he simply had one huge family that only grew instead of one small one he could keep all to himself. Wherever he went though he always held a great interest in knowledge and bettering himself, his tutors being impressed by his unending desire to learn, while also trying their best to reign him in whenever he would get into one of his adventurous moods and go "monster" slaying in the gardens. All in all it was all rather average for him for him all things considering, until at least he first started having his dreams.

Dreams of heat, torn air, crackling magic and a smell of sulfur. A sizzling tide ushering something he couldn't describe forward to reach for something he didn't understand, seizing it with intent and bring about a darkened sky and ruined earth. A nightmare that made no sense but felt like it carried a meaning he just couldn't figure out. Needless to say this wasn't pleasant for the young colt, this such vision tormenting him for years and causing the idea of sleep to be more frustrating than enticing. It wasn't even a matter of fear as he never felt afraid, only confused, and for one such as he it may as well have been just as bad.

Whatever it was though, it began to feel more real as time rolled by, Ashen eventually coming to study the dream most nights. No matter how many times it came to him it never became any more clear, but receiving his mark after one such evening did cement in his mind at least that it must be in some way important. Just a recurring nightmare, or something more? Most called the latter idea silly, but regardless of other's ideas, Ashen's (which were young and hot blooded at the time of this particular decision) was that he needed to prepare himself for... something... or at the very least understand himself better, this spurring him to begin training for what he'd thought would be a career in the guards.

Once an adult and capable of pursuing his own path in life however he strayed from this idea of royal service and pursued a goal of personal enlightenment instead. Traveling and meeting with different minds across the country and even beyond, he bettered himself both physically and mentally as he studied under many a different tutor. His traveling brought him home in time, him returning a much more weathered pony than what he was when he left, and from there he's wandered from town to town, doing what good he could when he could do it, as his visions had died out some years prior to his homecoming.

Feeling more at peace at this age Ashen simply wished to spread what he'd learned and assist in anything he could for the betterment of all, but that's when it all rushed back. The same dream. only once though, coming to him after a week spent meditating and resting. Again, no fear came to Ashen, but this time it simply felt off. He'd memorized the dream perfectly through out his life and the addition of vague new shapes, his own insignia scrawled across a surface or two and the feeling something alien and of real pain in his chest, one that's lingered ever since, caused him to understandable take pause. On top of the difference he'd been left with the impression of an impending change, something that would cause a shift somewhere and break something thought forged of steel. Something big, which given the country he called home would probably be difficult to spot and sort out from the weekly struggles of the people there. This difficulty in figuring out exactly *what* was supposed to be happening is what spurred him to cancel his early retirement plans and travel again, again visiting place after place in search of clues and information regarding his returned vision, the renewed sense of importance bringing forth dire feelings of dread for the future.

Extra Details: Ashen can be intimidating to most common people, causing initial impressions to often times be weak or poor as well as causing negative rumors to spread wherever he goes. Despite his good intentions this often causes him to keep on the move and travel from place to place to prevent poor relations.

While not famous nor a member of any officially formed group or guild, Ashen's insignia can be recognized by some people in various organizations and hes been around long enough to cross paths with several notable individuals.

Used to claim he was a prophet for the course of about a year when he was 18.

Has kept up relations with dozens of people from his childhood.

Is considered a vigilante in some parts of the Griffon Kingdom.

Has won several combat oriented tournaments and has spoken with a number of trans-dimensional experts in casual debate.

Knows who Sir Providence is.

Almost joined the Cortoza back in their hay day.

Once escaped Canterlot castle with nothing but a spoon and a ferret when he was younger after being picked up for trespassing.

Doesn't seem to connect well with the young people of today nor with their hip music. What with their silly skateboards, rolley blades and dropped basses.

Ate a bag of sugar on a dare when he was a kid.

Some damn pegasus guy stole his bit pouch once when he was passing through Las Pegasus some number of years ago.

Likes grass as it's usually what he gets to eat.

Can juggle.

Is single.

Is a pony.


Yup. Looks good.



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