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Dark Matter


Dark Matter
Unicorn Stallion

Age: 21

Dark Matter stands at average height for a stallion, though his somewhat lanky frame often makes him seem taller. His coat is a dull grayish blue. His meticulously-styled mane, parted down the center, and tail practically radiate blackness. His eyes are a deep violet. His cutie-mark is a puff of white smoke with 2 yellow sparkles.

Special Talent: Casting Illusions, particularly those that change the appearance of objects.

Likes: Reading; Magic tricks
Dislikes: Loud noises

Strengths: Could be a fairly competent magician, if he wanted; Flair for the dramatic

Weaknesses: Clumsy and uncoordinated


Dark Matter was born and raised for the most part in Canterlot. His parents opted to homeschool him rather than send him to school. Much of what he knows about magic he learned from his father, Grave, a retired soldier. On his 18th birthday, he moved in to Ponyville to live with his uncle, Tall Tales, a storyteller. He helps bring his uncles stories, already quite gripping, to vivid life with his illusions.

He enjoys spending time at home reading. His regular garb is a somewhat drab brown cloak that he enjoys spicing up with his magic, at least until he can afford to have something fancier made.

Having been homeschooled, he lacks experience in interacting much with other ponies; he tends to speak excessively formally in order to mask his discomfort.

Extra Details:
Father: Grave Matter
Mother: Sunshine Lollipops
Older Brother: Handsome Matter
Little Sister: Laughing Matter
Uncle: Tall Tales

Magic Aura Color: White

All seems good



The Worst Filly
A Warning Like in the Stories

Revised cutie mark slightly from a dark, sparkly orb to flashy smoke.


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