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Frozen Fractal


Frozen Fractal:
Name: Frozen Fractal

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Stallion

Age: 25

Physical Description:
Pelt Colour: Pristine White
Mane/Tail Colour & Style: Royal Blue in colour and professionally styled at all times.
Eye Colour: Golden Yellow
Cutie Mark: A fractal snowflake, divided in half diagonally, with one half made of ice and the other water.
Additional Details: Generally wears a faint blue shirt and a darker vest on top of that. A gold chain is usually visible, connected to a pocket watch he carries in his chest pocket.

Special Talent: Ice and Sculptures

Likes: The cold, water, and beauty.
Dislikes: Intense heat, dirt/mess, Ironfire

Strengths: Able to shape and freeze water, melt ice, and pull moisture out of the air

Weaknesses: Physically weak and an aversion to anything he considers "common" labour.

Fears: Uncontrolled fires

The pocket watch he carries contains a picture of both of his parents. He received it from his mother as a memento of his father, who has been absent from his life, at this point presumed dead. With a missing father, he was raised by his mother, a noble in Canterlot and generally known for he sculptures, a trade he adapted for use with his own ice sculptures.

He doesn't have anypony he can consider a "real" friend, but he has been seen taking part in several events held and hosted by many of Canterlot's elites and, as such, has a close social circle of those he considers "important". While his mother is a bit disapproving of some of his attitude, his upbringing as a noble has caused him to carry a rather "stuck up" attitude around those he subconsciously considers beneath him.

Extra Details:
Constant use of ice magic has made it so that the immediate area around him is usually a few degrees colder than normal.
Due to a prior incident, he has a rather strong dislike, bordering on hatred, of Ironfire.

Everything seems to be good.



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