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Name: Nivalia
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Mare
Age: 28

Physical Description: Dark grey coat with basic rose cutie mark. Eyes are emerald green and her mane consists of two colors (teal? and violet/navy blue?).

Appearance - http://i.imgur.com/5HAyEIO.png

Special Talent: Gardening
Likes: Caprica, Taking care of others, Singing (Whether it's with her voice or somepony else's), Parties, Family, Gardening, Pranks, Dancing
Dislikes: Violence, Abuse of any kind towards animals or children, Winter, Racism, Taking jokes too far, Losing Debates

Major: Disguises/Impersonations, Charisma, Psychology
Minor: Diplomacy, Seduction, Making Lunches, Singing, Dancing, Gardening, Debate
Weaknesses: Chocolate (Dark Chocolate especially), Close Quarters Combat, Abandonment issues, Temper, Overly Dramatic
Fears: Having her family, friends, or Caprica hurt. Fireworks, Loneliness, Why her first family left her

The early years of Nivalia's life has been rather average, born into a family with loving parents and an older sister. However, things suddenly changed at the age of five when they were attacked in the woods by bandits during their travels. The foal manages to escape but becomes lost, once again coming into trouble with wild creatures. This time though she's saved by a Royal Guard, Victor, who takes her to safety. The Royal Guard begins a search for her family, but after a few weeks of searching, neither of them are found. Instead of sending her to the orphanage, Victor gets permission to raise her herself; an option the child accept much more than the former. A week later Nivalia finds herself in the guard's house already being introduced to his wife Sierra and their three year old son.

As the years go by Nivalia grows up to be a very bright and talented fily, earning her cutie mark in gardening as well as showing aptitude in psychology. However as she grew up she never finds out what happened when she was younger, what happened to her first family, and if they were still alive today.

In her seventeenth year Nivalia's father Victor is killed in action. The year itself does have some good points such as the pony's graduation from grade school and her acceptance to the University of Medicine in Vanhoover which she attends the following year. In her time in university Nivalia double majors in Psychology and Botany. At the age of twenty one she gets a letter informing her of her mother's death. After graduating once more she continues her education to a Master's Degree and begins research into medicinal plants. At twenty three she gets her degree and moves to Puerto Caballo to begin a work study program for a couple of years.
After much hard work, and the help of her educational and family contacts, Nivalia gets a position in the National Tropical Gardens Puerto Caballo. At twenty six, Nivalia accidentally stumbles upon, and manages to save a baby python from being eaten by a stupid bird. At twenty eight she finally takes the position as the Garden's Executive Curator, just in time to receive a letter that her brother has gone missing in action. Using her list of contacts she manages to pin down his location at Canterlot. Feeling confident, Nivalia ventures back to Equestria to find him, along with a few extra plans of her own.

As a group, we looked at the show, and even the comics, and couldn't really find much that provides wiggling room for a friendly changeling to make sense. Overall they appear to be immediately hostile towards others, and the idea of there being a full sanctuary of friendlies feels like a stretch.

Plan B Posted.

PLOTYNYSTYNE the Omnipotent:
So let it be written.  So let it be done.


Update: Nivalia is now officially voiced by Niykee Heaton.


There's a song she sang.


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