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Name: Roughshod.

Race: Earth Pony.

Gender: Stallion.

Age: 32

Physical Description: Relatively large of stature and well-built of musculature, Roughshod is a dust-grey earth pony stallion, his messy, neck-length mane a darker shade of the same, accompanied by a pair of short sideburns that terminate before his cheeks on each side of his (as he would say; ruggedly handsome) face. His eyes are a surprisingly bright and clear shade of blue,  a touch darker than ice-blue.

Unlike many equestrians, Roughshod prefers to wear clothing if possible, and is almost never without his signature broad-brimmed hat, from which dangles two loose straps of equal length, the hat itself a shade darker than his mane, and decorated with a black band that spans its circumference, meeting at a simple metal plate at his forehead. Other than this, he prefers to wear durable clothing of the same dusty coloration, most commonly taking the form of a thick poncho-like overcoat, and a simple dark-grey bandanna tied around his neck, which sits just above his chest.

Also of note, his hooves are always adorned with a set of dull, metallic, studded, dented and heavily-scratched horseshoes. He's rarely seen without a cigarette, or at least a strand of hay or toothpick, in his mouth, and always carries a packet or two of his favourite cigarettes (along with other assorted detritus) in the voluminous pockets of his durable clothing.

Special Talent: Resourcefulness, represented by the large, rusted, studded and slightly-dented horseshoe, emblazoned on his flank (rather similar in appearance to his own set of sturdy horseshoes, often used to aid his abilities in hoof-fighting).

Likes: Drinking, smoking, gambling, a good fight (e.g: one that he wins without injury), flirting, teasing others for his own entertainment, making a quick bit, the company or praise of others (especially mares), sharing a drink with others, storytelling and playing the accordion, dancing to the tune of a good song, matchmaking, emotional drama, and giving relationship advice of questionable quality.

Dislikes: Threats to his safety, people who question his stories or skills, being forced to run from a threat, hangovers and the side effects of smoking, losing money or a bet, stuck up or overly serious ponies, ponies who abuse their positions of power, getting hurt or in trouble with the law.

   - Impressive physical conditioning, giving him similarly impressive strength, agility and stamina.
   - High manual dexterity, balance and coordination, aiding his skill at manual tasks.
   - Relatively keen eye and well-developed social skills.
   - Although not particularly bright or well-educated, Roughshod is very adept at making the best of whatever he has at hoof, whether in a fight, or in life in general.
   - Runs out of breath more easily than one might expect from one of his fitness, due to his chain smoking.
   - Mildly dependent on alcohol and cigarettes, and becomes edgy and irritable or even physically unwell and weakened, in their extended absence.
   - Not the strongest of will or bravery, and not particularly well-educated.
   - Easily tempted by coin, or any of his many other myriad vices, most significantly; gambling, alcohol or smoking.

Fears: Although he may act as if he is utterly self-confident, Roughshod actually isn't all that brave; fearing his mortality to what he believes to be a healthy extent, this healthy fear prompting him to flee more often than not when the chips are down, and his life or limb at risk.

Bio: Roughshod grew up in a small rural town not far outside of Canterlot, raised, along with his sickly younger brother, by an alcoholic and often-absent single-mother, his father around only long enough to give him a little brother, before he simply vanished, abandoning the already-struggling family. Despite this, Roughshod was always a rather happy and enthusiastic lad, using his natural cunning to take care of his family however he could.

Necessity forced Roughshod to abandon any hope of higher education at an early age, the ever-positive young colt working whatever odd jobs he could find, both in their small town, and in the big city nearby. This unfortunately also lead to his frequent participation in a number of jobs of questionable legality or downright criminality, through which he eventually earned his cutie mark during a vicious, gang hoof-fight, from which he emerged victorious and unscathed, due to his pragmatism and quick-thinking, and despite his young age.

As soon as he was of the requisite age, Roughshod enlisted in the Royal Guard and served for several years, quickly growing from a rough and tumble street colt, into a strong, tough, confident, self-reliant and well-trained and disciplined stallion, his moderate pay taking care of his younger brother (who himself had taken up work in the city at a local bar) and ailing mother, for many years.

His prospects were looking up for a time, in terms of advancement within the royal guard, but after his eventual discharge from the Guard for striking a superior officer (the circumstances of which were kept rather secretive), Roughshod drifted aimlessly for a few years, unaware of the death of his mother, and his brother's newfound self-reliance as the owner of his own bar, the young stallion's life unravelling as he spiralled into severe addiction to drinking, gambling, and a variety of other vices which soon landed him once again in criminal, often violent, activities.

Roughshod spent years in and out of jail in various cities across Equestria and beyond, struggling to earn or steal enough to support himself and his many vices, before he was eventually found by his younger brother; playing accordion on the streets of Canterlot in a drunken haze, and was taken in and cared for, his brother returning the kindness that he himself had been given years earlier.

With his little brother's help and support, Roughshod scraped together what remained of his life, struggled to get over (or at the very least reduce the impact of) his vices, and managed to get himself more or less back on track, living as an adventurer and treasure-seeker for several years, travelling from place to place across Equestria and beyond in search of lost treasures, or working as hired muscle on other people's expeditions and ventures, earning enough (supplemented slightly by the financial assistance of his brother) to get by, and to keep on the move, enjoying his adventurous, drifter lifestyle, and regaining his old positivity and optimistic worldview.

Recently, while on an expedition as a Saddle-Arabian caravan guard, Roughshod received the news that his brother had died of a heart attack, and he quickly returned to the city of Canterlot in order to attend the reading of his will. With no other family members, Roughshod's brother left all his worldly possessions to his older brother, including the bar itself (a relatively popular Canterlot establishment known as the Rusty Horseshoe).

Knowing that his brother would have wanted the place to continue running, and never able to refuse his little brother's wishes, Roughshod has curbed his adventurous streak for the moment, and taken it upon himself (along with the assistance of the bar's only other employee) to ensure the Rusty Horseshoe's continued operation and success.

This development leaves him as a mild alcoholic in charge of a bar, without a bit to his name beyond the ones his brother left to him, and with little awareness as to how a bar should be run, beyond his years of experience drinking and fighting within them. If this wasn't enough, he has to deal with the bar's other employee (a bitter unicorn mare) clashing with him on nearly every detail of how his brother used to run the place, and how it ought to be run in the future.

All in all, things are looking up. It's a whole lot more than he's had to work with for a while, and if there's one thing Roughshod is good at; it's making the best of what's at hoof.

Extra Details:
Although not musically gifted, or particularly good at either; Roughshod enjoys playing the accordion, and singing, as well as dancing, if the tune is catch enough.

An incorrigible flirt, Roughshod also enjoys relationship drama, and offers relationship advice of varying quality, to anyone who might ask for it.

Although he promised his brother that he would try to get over his dangerous addictions to smoking and alcohol, Roughshod is having considerable trouble doing either, having little motivation to secure his long-term health, at the moment.

However skewed it is by his understanding of what ponies must do to survive in perilous situations, Roughshod does possess a notable moral code, and has a considerable amount of hatred for anyone who uses their position or power in order to abuse or harm those who can't protect themselves, this hatred stemming largely from the experience that caused his departure from the royal guard.

Roughshod's skill in making the best of what he has, makes him, by association, a diehard optimist in all things; the stallion always trying his hardest to remain positive, whatever setbacks or curveballs life throws at him.

Although not his special talent, Roughshod prides himself in his ability to out-drink nearly anyone, the stallion proudly recalling his 'achivement' in winning five consecutive drinking contests in a single evening, before submitting himself to hospital for alcohol poisoning, at the repeated request of his brother.

Roughshod is assisted in running the Rusty Horseshoe by Redrum; the mare who worked at the bar before his brother's death. She is a humourless, borderline-acidic unicorn mare of dark-red coat, dull amber eyes, and short grey mane and tail.

Musical Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTOfXAxvbQk

Appearance/Profile Picture Link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Hol-Horse-Pony-Icons-369153817

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