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Sorrow's End


Sorrows End:
Sorrow's End

Sorrow's end is a newly re-founded, ten years ago disbanded vanguard unit that's part of the Canterlot Royal Guard. The unit was the last of the old, 13 unit strong vanguard program, that was slowly forgotten, and their members moved to the normal guard ranks, as the vanguard units began to transform into rogue, out of the normal guard rule book strike teams, that each forged their own set of rules, with varying amounts of respect and loyalty to the Princess. Sorrow's End was the last surviving unit, it's motivations and interests still in the same path with the Royal Guard and the Princess. It was until the unit lost it's third captain ten years ago, when their leader disappeared within a house fire, and was later presumed dead, as the house burned to the ground, leaving next to nothing but ash behind. The unit was famous for it's bad luck, and it's dangerous leader's role, as three ponies had perished in that position. The lack of a leader caused it's demise ten years ago.

It was, until a bold, newly trained guard stepped in, and requested to re-establish the old Vanguard unit, and to take the role of the leader. The Vanguard program was re-opened, starting with only one unit, and if it would be a success, more could be formed later. The guard taking up the position was White Wind, a pegasus with passion for her duty, and loyalty to her princesses. She formed the unit with two other ponies.

Meteor Strike, an older unicorn stallion, who was a member of the Vanguard ten years ago. Master strategist, and an avid user of elemental magic. He joined the program with his own goals in mind, but his loyalty is true.

Spring Flower, a younger earth pony mare, who's fresh from her training, just like White Wind. She's specialized in medical care, both normal and on the field. During her training, she became known for her incredible hoof accuracy, that allowed her to perform very fine treatments, even surgeries.

The unit is now seeking for recruits, and re-arming themselves. The members are granted freedom from the regular Royal Guard armor and uniform, and are allowed to put together their own set of gear, and weapons. While the members take orders from the captain, all members, the captain included, are obliged to follow rules of a higher Royal Guard officers above the rank of private. Every member are treated as privates in the rank of Royal Guards. The point is for the team to work on their own though.


The Captain

Name: White Wind

Gender: Female/Mare

Race: Pegasus

Age: 27

Cutie Mark: Winged Longsword

Role: Offensive, Blade Dancer

About: White Wind is the rookie captain of the Sorrow's End. She has strong sense of justice, unbreakable loyalty, and burning passion to do good and protect what she thinks is important. White Wind's coat is greyish white, her mane and tail both white and mint green. She's average length mare, with bulkier than normal build. White Wind wears plated leather armor, that holds two sheaths for her swords under both of her wings and blade belts on her wings, that allow her to attach her swords to her wings.

Bio: White Wind was born and spend her foalhood in Cloudsdale with her parents, but moved to Canterlot later. She always adored her parents, who both serve in the Royal Guard, and wanted to one day be like them. When she reached the required age, White Wind joined the Guards, and went through excessive training to truly master her craft, which was two longswords, and using them effectively without the use of magic. Wanting to tackle something great, White decided to take over her own unit in the form of the Vanguard unit Sorrow's End, hoping to one day accomplish something worthy for the history books.

Weaknesses: White Wind's greatest weakness is her loyalty, that might cloud her own sense of choice making, and might actually drive her towards the wrong choices. She also doesn't now when to quit, and tends to push herself, and sometimes others over their limits. Slow, but strong flier, Her wings are trained for combat, not for flight.

Weapon of choice: Dual longswords, Blade belts attached to her wings

The Tactician

Name: Meteor Strike

Gender: Male/Stallion

Race: Unicorn

Age: 67

Cutie Mark: Falling Meteor

Role: Offensive, Fire magic specialist, Elemental magic scholar

About: Meteor Strike is the oldest member of Sorrow's end. Wise, strong and vigilant, but Meteor Strike is also old and has a strong liking to alcohol. Reddish grey coat, brown eyes and dark red mane. Wears either plated robes or standard royal guard armor set (very rarely).

Bio: Old stallion, born and currently living in Canterlot. He learned a lot from his parents, his father being a teacher and his mother a librarian. Meteor joined the vanguard when it was originally formed, getting his training as a Royal Guard on the side. He's the only pony that witnesses the demise of all three captains of the unit Sorrow's End, and had decided to give up his career as a Guard. A chance to pick up his old job, and a chance to get access to some resources he lacked for his own private investigations were enough to bring Meteor back. 

Weaknesses: Age, Alcohol

Weapon of choice: Oak catalyst

The Medic

Name: Spring Flower

Gender: Female/Mare

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 22

Cutie Mark: A flower, that ends in a flower heavily resembling a red cross

Role: Supportive. Medic

About: Spring joined Royal guard with one simple goal. To use her passion for healthcare in the most extreme situations. Spring has Light brown coat, her tail and mane both amber colored, with hints of gold in both of them. She wear a leather armor, that's packed full of pouches and bags that she keeps very organized.

Bio: An earth pony born into a family of mechanic unicorns. She was born in Manehattan, and is the only earth pony in the family, her big sister and both her parents are all somehow skilled with machines. Her father simply fixing trains, while her mother is a clocksmith. She learned her hoof accuracy from her mom, who kept Spring in her workshop to help her around, while her older sister used to spend her time with their father, fixing trains, and eventually moving to more complex machines. Spring moved to Canterlot with her family, as both her parents moved their work there. Unlike her parents and sister though, Spring didn't pursue a mechanical career, but by using forged ID's, she enlisted for the training of Royal Guard, and she specialized in medical care. Her little ruse was found out shortly after she finished her training, but was saved from consequences by White Wind, who jumped to the chance to get a Medic for her new unit.

Weaknesses: Panics easily. Feels like even her best isn't enough sometimes. Blames herself a lot for her failures

Weapon of choice: A small, foldable crossbow

(More members are added, if needed/when needed)

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