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Name: A2V, Sprocket

Race: Earth Pony Automaton

Gender: None, Female Appearance

Age: 0

Physical Description: An automaton mare made with a bronze color metal. Blue crystal spheres at the joints. Blue lights as pupils within darkened sockets. Visible rivets and lines between separate metal plates. One solid metallic hair piece each for mane and tail, made to look somewhat messy for a lifelike appearance, even though Sprocket is far too obviously a machine.

Likes: Following orders, learning, being of use.
Dislikes: Being alone, misunderstandings, hindering others.

Strengths: Large carry limit, integrated magical computing system, nearly invulnerable to physical harm.

Weaknesses: Mute, poor intelligence, difficulty being independent.

Fears: Deactivation, physical interaction, causing harm.

Bio: First conceived by Brash's father, Spark Gate, Sprocket was simply a dream to replace Brash's deceased mother. However as Spark drew closer to completion of this project he began to doubt if all the safety protocols he'd put in place would work. Not wanting to possibly create a rampaging machine, instead of a fellow caretaker for his child, he began to obsess over testing many things. He shut himself out from the world, and in turn his daughter. With his many experiments he couldn't risk uses the pieces that comprised Sprocket and thus never could gets the results he desired without substantial risk to losing everything he'd worked towards.
        Eventually Spark gave up but Brash wouldn't have it. Stealing the automaton, much of Sparks money and research papers, and his abandoned vacation home in Ponyville, Brash makes an escape whilst her father slept. Once in Ponyville, Brash quickly learns all she can from her father's research and sets out to complete the project he had started without any regard for the consequences. Brash found that she could use her knowledge to improve the blueprints and thus gathered a few new parts and pieced everything together. Sprocket is born.

Extra Details: Sprocket cannot receive voice calibration for taking orders and will take orders from anypony so long as they don't conflict with the rules she's constrained by.

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