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Carrot Top
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:21:03 pm »
Name: Golden Harvest and sometimes known as Carrot Top, but she only lets her friends call her it.

Race: Earth Pony

Gender: Mare/Female


Physical Description: Golden Harvest is an Earth pony with a pale goldenrod coat, carrot orange mane and tail, dark olive green eyes, and a cutie mark of three carrots with greens. She can sometimes be found with a green mane when that suits her fancy and she likes to change up her mane style sometimes. She is of average build and height, though some say she’s really thin and/or shorter than average. Her ears are a bit pointed also.

Special Talent: A carrot farmer. Duh.

Likes: Laughing, Vegetables that aren’t potatoes, Satire, Comedy, Farming, Hard work, To walk

Dislikes: Tragedy, Fruit, Stupid ponies, Serious ponies, Laziness, Flying, Censorship, Heat

Strengths: Often considered funny, Good looking?, Great farmer, Passionate, Motivated, Strong

Weaknesses: Despite her self deprecating humor she’s very easily offended, Paranoid, Thick skulled, Very bad temper, Can annoy those that don’t share her sense of humor, Has a tendency to stereotype, Extremely scared of fire

Fears: Death, Rejection, That she’ll freak out on somepony, Crossing the line, Extreme heat/Fire

Bio: Golden Harvest was born to famed comedian Golden Carrot and carrot farmer Orange Harvest, her name a combination of her parent’s names. She inherited her father’s sense of humor, but took more interest in her mother’s farming skills. She also gained the nickname “Carrot top” because when she was little she tried to wear a carrot as a hat.

She led a completely normal life in Canterlot until she was 12 when her mother died in a fire saving Carrot. Her father, while still the good natured, humorous pony he’s always been, changed a bit. His jokes, while still funny, got darker. He became more reclusive. Carrot was mostly on her own for a bit. She kept the gigantic carrot garden her mom had going, earning her cutie mark for it. Though her grades started dropping and she was developed  fear of fire during this time.

Carrot’s dad got better around her 13th birthday. He got a bit better with his dark jokes and started leaving the house more. He didn’t really spend time with  Carrot anymore though, since she reminded him of her mother. Carrot’s grades dropped as Carrot stopped trying, too occupied with her mother’s garden. This continued until Carrot was 15. Her father got tired of Carrot’s grades and was planning to sell the house with Carrot’s mother’s garden. When Carrot found out her and her father fought for days. Eventually, Carrot just dropped out of school altogether. Her father gave up at this point and was away a lot after that.

Carrot and her father continued their uneasy relationship until Carrot was 18 and decided, despite her mother’s garden, that it’d be best to move away. Carrot then moved to Ponyville and found a job working for the Apples, helping them start and run the carrot portion of their farm, making her own decent profit from it of course.

Extra Details: She likes to hit up comedy clubs and do stand up sometimes, since she’s often considered funny, for a bit of extra money. Works for the Apples. Played by Potato Ponie.

Example post:

Golden Harvest, otherwise known as Carrot Top, was working in the carrot fields of Sweet Apple Acres. The carrot fields weren't as big as the other parts of the farm, most definitely not as big as the apple tree part since that’s sorta what the Apples were known for, but still pretty big. Big enough they needed to hire Carrot Top to take care of it, at least. It was a decent wage and the Apples were nice enough, though Applejack was always off spreading friendship or whatever. But, most importantly, they didn't require her to have an education, though she wasn't allowed to tell Apple Bloom she dropped out. Carrot really wasn't sure why they hired her though. Probably because Big Mac liked to stare at her while she was working.

Farming was nice, simple. She simply had plant the seeds, water them, wait till they were ready for harvest, then pick them. Today, she was merely watering the crops. It was work you could do without thinking about it too hard. Not that it was work for only stupid ponies or anything, but it let you think. Let you think about, say, that new club opening up in Canterlot.

Were they doing stand up? Maybe Carrot could perform there on the weekends. The last club she’d been performing at kicked her out for “Punching three ponies in the face.” They deserved it. They were saying that her mane didn't look good when it was green. It looked fine! At least Carrot thought that, anyways. Though everypony else would say “Why did you do that? That looks horrible! Green manes are so last season!” or something like that. Carrot had dyed it back though. She got tired of the snickers as she trotted past ponies. And then that Rarity pony had called it out of style! Grrrr.

Carrot was so deep in thought about the color of her mane that she almost missed the lunch bell. Ooooooh! Granny Smith was making apple pie! Carrot didn't usually like apples but Granny’s pies were good. Carrot Top trotted off to the Apple's house to eat lunch, about halfway through her work day before she could head home.
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Re: Carrot Top
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I am fine with Carrot being on the Farm. Just to let you guys know. :)

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Re: Carrot Top
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Not clever right now.



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