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The Rules
« on: September 12, 2013, 07:41:15 am »
To keep the forums civil we have some simple rules in place. Breaking a rule will result in a warning and after several warnings a temporary ban is likely to be given. If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to message any of the moderators about it.


Obey these rules
    For the most part they are simple and straightforward.
    Use your best judgement when participating in the community, common sense will generally avoid most issues that these rules aim to stop.
    Check back here, this page may be occasionally updated. Any major changes will be announced.
    Not knowing about a rule is not an excuse for breaking it, although major changes will be announced.
Respect other users
    This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when using the site.
    No one likes being treated poorly so show other users the same respect that you would expect them to show you.
    If you are debating with someone (debating is not inherently bad!), you want to attack the personís arguments, not the person themselves.
Follow the necessary steps in writing and submitting a character sheet
    Upon submitting, you will need to then wait for approval before you can begin RPing with that new character.
    Responses to submitted characters should be quick, but should it begin to take too long (be reasonable and use common sense with this. Realize that two minutes after you've submitted the sheet is not too long.) feel free to contact one of the sites moderators.
Stay on topic
    When making a new thread, ensure it is in the most relevant subforum for its subject and make sure that there is not already an existing thread for the topic.
    Miscategorised or duplicate threads will be moved or merged.
    The primary content of any posts you make should be relevant to the original post (OP) of the thread. Off-topic posts may be deleted or split into their own thread.
    It is alright to ďbumpĒ a thread (to post in a thread that has not been active for a significant length of
    time) provided that the new post contributes new information to the discussion. Posting in a very old thread is preferable to making a new thread about the exact same topic.
Use proper grammar and punctuation
    This is a forum, not an IM client. Take some time to read over what you write before you hit post, it makes it easier to read for other users.
    Also, try to avoid using excessive BBCode formatting in posts, such as to change the font or colour of every post.
Use the report button
    The staff canít read every post that is made. If you see a post that you think breaks the rules, report it to us; that way we canít miss it.
    This can also be used as a means to bring threads or posts that need to be moved, renamed or edited in any way to our attention.
Talk to staff!
    We aren't here to stop you from having fun. If you have any questions or disputes about staff actions, itís all right to ask us about them privately.
Try to be as descriptive as possible in your posting
    Try to avoid short posts that add very little (such as "he walked through the door")
    With this in mind, be considerate to other players also in the RP that might not get a chance to respond because they're busy wording and writing their response (which may become irrelevant if you ignore them and post a dozen times, making their well thought out post meaningless).
Keep everything you post safe for work (around PG-13)
    As far as websites for fans of My Little Pony go, we shouldn't be questionable to browse in public
    In character swearing, violence, blood and gore is to be kept at a reasonable level and avoid going overboard.


Share the personal information of or communications from other users
    This includes things like names, addresses and phone numbers. If you want to share your own details, feel free (but remember, this is the internet) but donít share the details of other people even if you have their permission (they can post it themselves if they want it shared).
    Posting private conversations (including private group conversations) is generally a bad idea. Even if itís just to share something funny, itís a good idea to ask the conversation participants if itís okay to share first.
Flame, troll or insult other members
    Even if you donít mention them by name. Passive aggression is still aggression.
Use excessive language in posts
    Infrequent swearing is okay, just try not to let it happen too often, especially when it is directed towards another user.
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