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Ponyville / Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: October 17, 2015, 10:05:45 am »
The giant golem of bread and mozzarella was not too pleased to first be antagonized by some puny unicorn throwing its own cheese at it and then be challenged by the sudden appearance of a giant spaghetti monster. The shrieking from the ponies scattered about the ground briefly heightened in pitch as the golem, not wanting to be shown up at his own debut, stomped forward to wrastle with the noodly illusion. It's wild and brutish swings were failing to make any truly solid contact due to the spaghetti not being real, though this was merely dismissed by the golem as it being a tad too slippery for the calzone to get a grasp on right away.

Meanwhile, back in his pony shaped crater, Darrus was slowly regaining his faculties, the pegasus having fallen back into the hole he'd created sometime around the appearance of the illusion distracting this weeks monster. He gave a low groan and tried to climb back out, his hooves struggling to lift him as he was slowly beginning to remember that he had himself a pair of incredibly well toned and handsome wings, or so he'd go on to describe them in his memoirs that he had recently decided to maybe someday kind of write if he felt like it sort of.

With a few flaps he was able to finally escape the crater, coming to a wobbly landing a few feet away and shaking his head to clear it.

"Don't worry!" he loudly said, swinging a hoof over dramatically in the direction of a nearby mare attempting to flee, her pausing with a short screech of her hooves as he spoke, "I'm perfectly fine! I've taken far worse, and a simple crash landing at terminal velocity is mere child's play for this stallion! Now get your camera ready, as I think it's about time I do something jaw dropping!" Here Darrus took off into the sky, the mare just blinking in confusion before screaming once again and resuming her terrified flight.

"Alright, you," Darrus reached for his belt nicely hidden beneath his cloak, his hoof making its way towards the sheathe of one of the few things he's owned for the longest of times, "let's see how you like thiiiiiiuuuhhhhh...?"

Gone. Of course! Wher-oh, right, Lamplight had it. Locked away somewhere at her place. Welp! How is a stallion of such presence supposed to defeat giant calzone golems without a dagger!? Many a times he'd argued this very thing with AJ back on the farm, and yet never had he gained ground when it came to carrying it on his person like he'd wanted. Well, look who's laughing now! Not Darrus, cause he isn't armed!!


Ah, yes, of course! He cou- a sudden dive in the air to avoid a large marinara soaked appendage, Darrus' flying having brought him a bit closer than he'd realized to the golem and the other thing he was only just now realizing existed. Two monsters? Maybe he was hit harder than he'd assumed...

Anyway! This just meant he had all the more reason to check out the restaurant and see if they had themselves a cleaver or some such stashed in the kitchen, preferably behind some breakable glass and with a plaque reading "In case of shenanigans" set above it. Deciding this plan was destined to succeed exactly as described due to Darrus' having been the one to think it up, he fell into a dive to swoop into the building the golem had exited so recently, the hole it had left behind being plenty large enough for him to swiftly soar through.

Shoulder checking into the door leading to the kitchen, bouncing off, landing in the cheese, flapping wildly to get back out, succeeding, taking a moment to taste some of it and appreciate that it was delicious then shoulder checking the door again,Darrus managed to break into the kitchen where he then rummaged through the utensils not yet sunken to the bottom of the cheese flooding the place. Tossing aside stirring spoons and wisks, his searching seemed fruitless, Darrus wondering whether or not he should just detour to the Guiding Light for a couple minutes and test whether Lamplight would forgive a broken window at a time such as this.

Deciding it would take too long and subtract from his hero time, Darrus settled for grabbing hold of the nearest handle he could reach and rushing back outside, him rapidly gaining altitude and settling for being at eye level with the golem that was beginning to think that maybe that mass of noodles wasn't what it appeared to be.

"Haha!" Darrus once again shouted to try and grasp the dueling monsters attention, "Your doom has come once again after allowing you the first strike, now, prepare yourself!!"

With that Darrus swung forth his newly acquired weapon, it being revealed to be...

A spatula.

"Perfect..." Darrus muttered with a deepening expression of determination, "I can make this work..."

Ponyville / Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 23, 2015, 11:10:09 am »
Oozeing/crawling/climbing- whatever you want to call it, the calzone golem was managing to finally get free from the darn building keeping his mayhem ball from rolling, something the ponies scattered about the area found most distressing as their screams heightened in pitch just a touch. Darrus surveyed the scene a moment longer, the scent of cheese becoming pungent while the mess pouring from the restaurant began to engulf the street in front of the buildin. A couple of mares being bowled over by a small wave of tomato sauce as a stallion stopped screaming long enough to take a bite out of a recently crashed chunk of cheesy bread before then picking back up his screaming flight from the scene.

Darrus took a breath to ready himself for speech.

"This is... No gouda." He said aloud, smirking at himself in pride then glancing around to see if anyone had heard and been blown away by his amazing joke that would have shattered the minds of any who weren't prepared to be taught what real humor was.

No one had noticed.


Oh well, Darrus decided, giving another stronjg flap of his wings to avoid a spray of juices and oils shooting from a newly ruptured fissure in the golems bread exoskeleton. Now this was just starting to get out of hand, and something had to be done! Someone had to do something to save this town from the mostrosity dirtying up the street and making things all weird and oily and gross in the way that onyl cheese could. But who? Who could poss-

"I do it!" Taking off like a shot, Darrus sped all the way up to the face of the golem, causing a momentary pause in the giant calzones destruction so as to allow it time to raise an eyebrow constructed from green bell peppers.

'Haha!" Darrus announced his clear assumption of the hero role, cloak billowing behind him in a sudden wind as he struck a strong airborne pose before the beast, "Stand down you delishly delectable devil! For I will give you but one chance to cease all this nonsense and situate yourself comfortably onto a large platter before forcing you to feel the wrath of the one, the only, the best, the dashing, the brave, the handsome, the magnetic, the electrifying..." the calzone was growing bored, "...the light in the darkness, the reliable alarm clock, the chariot the never breaks down, the sundae made just right, the impossibly impressively impressionable Dar-" A mighty swat from one of the golem's sizeable fist things sent the big mouthed stallion rocketing towards the ground where he did a fine job of forming a crater. After a moment, which was enough time for the golem to forget about Darrus and return to its menacing, a hoof popped out and was used to drag a wobbly Darrus half way out of the hole, him attempting to climb out before collapsing back to the ground.

"You think you can even brunch during the tornado that was my sunday...!" He sort of said, voice wavering with a clear tone of having completely lost any grasp on what year it was.

Ponyville / This Dish is Killer
« on: September 04, 2015, 01:24:47 pm »
Been a bit since Darrus had taken the time to just take a leisurely stroll down the streets of Ponyville. His usual hang out (The Guiding Light) was temporarily closed for some reason or another, AJ was off to visit some family, and his chores were done on the farm, so he'd been left with few options aside from just explore the town and see what he could get up to. Not the worst idea, he'd come to realize, what with how the place tended to have something nuts happen more regularly than the sunrise a short walk could be a gosh dang full blown adventure. Nothing so far though, his passing by the various little homes and shops of the town he'd become surprisingly comfortable with amounting little more than the occasional greeting from passers-by.

It still felt weird for Darrus to actually know more than a couple of people in a town even of this small a size considering how rarely he'd ever stuck around to any particular place for more than a short spell. But stuck he had, and not be miserable because of it he also somehow had. Perhaps cause of adventure finding him here instead of him finding adventure, maybe was just a pleasant place to be, or mehbe something a bit more personal and private, but whatever the reason he didn't see himself leaving any time soon.


A small amateur band played around with strings and drums nearby as he turned a corner and passed a flower shop, the smell and sounds almost inspiring one to music themselves. Actually, you know what? Screw it. He hadn't sung in a while - weeks even! - and he was just in the right mood to do so now. The sun was shining, his cloak was keeping him cool as was the summer breeze that was slowly dropping into a fall one, and the band was already playing. Bobbing his head, Darrus took in a breath...


Then the wall of the diner nearby exploded, showering him with some wooden shrapnel and causing him to lift a wing to shield his face from the downpour. Once the worst was past he allowed himself a peek at what was going on, the nearby residents of the town flipping out, a few running in literal small circles and screaming while a couple of others simply reared back and flailed their front hooves out of confused panic, eyes shut tightly so as not to even witness what was going on. Another was repeatedly bucking the wall of the building in some attempt at defending themselves from what was happening, and another was still enjoying their meal at one of the tables outside the shop, the possibility of him being deaf lending credence to his lack of a response to everything around him.

So... more or less the usual response to chaos around here.

"Mmmmmmkay," Darrus mumbled to himself, taking off in a light hover to gain a better view from above, the other ponies scurrying about beneath him as he tried to peer into the now gaping hole in the side of the building, "so the place blows up, the goobers go to code red and the cause is..."

Bread and... Cheese? A lot of cheese... and vegetables? Spilling out. Looked like... whats it called... Did someone just spill something or- oh, no wait! It was... moving? Yeah it definitely was moving. Or rather it was standing up. The bread and cheese was standing up. And boy did it stand! Almost as tall as the building itself! And it had a face made from vegetables.


And it was roaring.


"Huegh?" Darrus sounded with a confused contortion of his features, him tilting his head as if that would help him understand what he was loo- Calzone! That's what the thing was! It was a calzone. Thing. A standing calzone thing that was roaring- so now we're back to being confused.

The creature - which smelled absolutely divine by the way - leaned it's cheesy head lower so as to direct another guttural roar towards the fleeing, circling, bucking and flailing ponies below, a few being blown away by the power behind such a vocalization while a couple of others just got splattered with some tomato sauce.

Darrus was certain there was a story here. He had no idea where to begin with his guessing. He also was only now just realizing how hungry he was, the calzone creature smashing away at the rest of the building around him as Darrus thought back to the few apples he'd had before heading out and- flying cheese!

A quick dip in the air to avoid the incoming wad of mozzarella being flung his way, it sailing past and splatting onto the roof of the coffee shop behind him. Darrus gave the creature a glare, though it went mostly unnoticed since it had returned itself to crushing all that pesky real estate keeping it from terrorizing the town proper.

"So," the pegasus said under his breath, "where to start..."

Canterlot / Re: Float Like a Parasprite, Sting Like a Manticore
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:25:05 am »
Being unable to properly defend itself, the unicorn statue was rather overwhelmed, it's shield being kept out of the way and it's daze from the magic of the door preventing much of an offense. Due to this it could do little when Blossom took advantage of Bastion's advance, it's horn being left well enough in the open for the swing of her weapon to connect. It struck true and a good portion of the gem broke away with sizzling sparks flowing freely from the now blunt end, the unicorn attempting to back away in jerky motions while having it's shield be dropped entirely. It's sword hung loosely in the air as it's horn began to blink rapidly like a distress beacon, the pegasus statue being alerted to the severity of the damage and doing it's best to shake off it's own dizziness. Trying it's best to provide some assistance to the other statue, the pegasus launched itself into the air, aiming it's heavy stone body to land or at the very least collide with Blossom in a much more brutish tactic. The trouble with the magic preventing it from managing much finesse at the time.

""It'd"?" one of the armed ponies echoed back to Applejack while Tingle seemed to flinch from it, "Ah... so it had been then. Good. We we're hoping you'd still be a round so we could talk to you about them... "monsters" hanging around the forest. So good that you made it back in one piece." The pony leaned his head back towards another to share some secretive and short conversation while the one who had been doing most of the work kept trying to place where he'd seen Applejack from.

Darrus in the mean time cut off his hover so as to land right next to the mare, him soon declaring that her desire to finally go home was a "sweet idea" then reveling in his own lame - what some would call - joke now that the prospect of leaving the forest behind was becoming more and more of a reality and was doing wonders for his current mood.

"Whoa, hold on a minute!" the, Darrus assumed, leader of the group called out just as Tingle clung to Darrus' leg like a foal, Darrus' mood being ruined a touch soon after when his small kicky motions did little to break the other stallion's grip.

"I think I got it now! I knew I saw you from somewhere before. You're one of them special ponies, ain't ya? Part of that little group or club or whatever that does stuff for the throne, right? What was your name... Don't tell me, I know I can remember if you give me a sec... Appledjam?"

"Applejack," one of the others corrected, him soon being given a small shove of his shoulder in response.

"I said not to tell me! But, yeah, that. What's a pony like you doing wandering around out here before finding and helping the likes of him?" he further questioned with a nod towards the stallion that just. Wouldn't. Get! OFF!

"Get off'a me!" Darrus demanded with frustration, flapping his wings in an attempt to escape Tingle's grasp and finally managing to shake him loose once he happened to agitate Tingle's wounds, eliciting a gasp and groan.

"Seems kind of dangerous. Something going on? Either way, it seems to me like you could probably use an escort back out with all the wildlife running around here, don't you agree? Don't you guys think so?" this time he directed his question towards the rest of his group, nodding all the while until the rest eventually mimicked the gesture and agreed.

"Oh yeah, you don't want to get caught out here this time of year," one spoke up.

"Seriously, somepony like you? Would be a real shame if something happened what with all your connections and responsibilities and junk," another contributed.

"Right, right, real nasty out here these last couple weeks. I'm surprised you got here without a scratch what with him bleeding like that and all," the ringleader took over once again, "so, how about you let us escort you out? We can leave somepony here to watch our mutual friend then do our duty of returning just a little bit of the favor owed to you by us all?"

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:25:42 am »
"Ouch!" Tingle hissed as Applejack tugged him out from his hiding spot, him then batting at her hoof while repeating "No no no no" over and over again. His pleading fell silent when he was dragged out into the open, the pony who had already fired off a pair of arrows aiming in their direction at the whistle but managing to keep himself from attacking a third time for fear of a second smack. With the appearance of two more ponies, two of the other armed ponies turned their attention behind them and at the rest of the surrounding foliage while the fourth replied.

"Monster hunters?" the blue earth pony echoed, Darrus hovering his way closer to AJ while Tingle was keeping his back to the rest of the ponies, "... Guess you could say that." He narrowed his eyes at Applejack for a couple seconds as if trying to place something, him rubbing his chin before continuing, "there definitely are some beasties around here we're trying to track down."

"They thought I was a monster," Darrus chimed in from above the mare, him nodding over towards the arrow still embedded in the tree, "that or they recognized me and got jealous."

The blue pony gave his bow wielding companion a side look and gesture of his hoof to stop actively pointing his weapon in the other's direction.

"Forgive him. The aforementioned beasties have put us all a bit on edge. Anyway, who are you all? You look familiar... And was this your camp site?"

"Nope!" Tingle answered for Applejack, still not even facing the others, "I'm just gonna..." he then mumbled, glancing upwards then attempting to limp his way back into the trees, Darrus raising an eyebrow but keeping his attention on the ones with the sharp pointy things.As far as he was concerned, his and AJ's job was done, so Tingle could get lost for all he cared.

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: February 20, 2015, 10:45:05 am »
'I wasn-" Tingle attempted to protest only to be interrupted by Applejack pushing him forward, him giving another wince and whine before grunting and starting to walk, "... Fine." he finished, falling silent afterwards while Darrus looked between Tingle and AJ. He looked like he was trying to figure out if both of the other ponies were being serious, and upon realizing they were soon sounded a long sigh that grew more and more irritated until eventually sounding like an annoyed growl that was quickly cut off to make way for a short and simple question.

"East?" the answer provided was a silent nod. This was enough of a confirmation for Darrus as he did an about-face and started walking, him trusting AJ would give all the shoves needed to keep their "friend" moving.

Hoping to find his camp in tatters and whatever he'd had stored there long since dragged away by the local wildlife, Darrus was eager to get this done as quickly as was possible. Due to his haste, the trek through the wilderness was a hasty one, Tingle stumbling and tripping along the way in his attempts to keep up, the only real moment for him to catch his breath being another short pause Darrus took to ask if a clearing he thought he could spy from between the trees ahead was their destination. Tingle, with a short glance about, gave an equally short response in the affirmative, further spurring Darrus forward in a light gallop to reach the spot as if it was a finish line for a stressful marathon, this causing him to pull a decent way ahead from the others as he rushed to end this.

"Ugh!" he said as he breached the tree line and entered the clearing, a large willow tree hanging it's limbs over him to contribute to the canopy above and block out the sun, "Dear sweet Celestia final-" actually paying attention to his surroundings, Darrus found something worthy of cutting his celebration short. The sight of someone with a bow and arrow aimed right in his direction and, more importantly, their releasing of said arrow and sending it whistling his way.

This was a good day.

His reflexes taking control just as they had back in the castle, Darrus ducked, a wing then giving a strong flap to propel him into a brief side roll, the arrow plunking into a tree right where his torso would have been had there been a mere moment of hesitation.

Getting back onto his hooves, Darrus soon took to the air so as to better avoid any further attempts to perforate his person. No further attempts were made, at least not immediately, and it allowed him the freedom to vice his displeasure. Which he did. Of course.

"... Guys," three earth ponies and a pegasus, now that he actually counted, "I understand I'm the most intimidating thing in the forest right now, but that's no excuse to get jumpy. Can you imagine the backlash you would have gotten from the people if you'd managed to put so much as a scratch on this? On ANY of this? Just look at this! It's almost too scary to imagine. Leagues of fans banging down your doors and-" a swoop through the air to avoid another arrow, the archer responsible, an earth pony who seemed to not be taking to Darrus' charm, being given a smack to the back of his head by another earth pony beside him. All of these ponies appeared heavily armed and armored, kicking Darrus' imagination into overdrive as he theorized whether or not they were some kind of hydra hunters, rangers of some fashion, or just reeeeeally dedicated role-players.

Meanwhile, Tingle, now close enough to spy through the trees and get a glimpse of what was beyond, had taken great interest in the voices, his noticing of the other ponies present causing him to make a quick tactical decision.

He dumped his own limping body into a nearby bush with no explanation being given to AJ, the pony disappearing into the prickly twigs and leaves with another quiet whine of pain from his rough day.

Canterlot / Re: Float Like a Parasprite, Sting Like a Manticore
« on: February 20, 2015, 09:30:02 am »
With the guards retreating further, the pegasus, with the sword still locked in its wing, allowed Bastion to fall back without further aggression so as to instead focus on the weapon it had snatched. Dropping the sword to the ground in front of it, the statue brought a hoof down with the intent of stomping hard onto the blade to damage and warp the blade, hopes set on rendering it mostly useless for any true finesse from then on.

The unicorn statue, retrieving it's shield, again fell into its earlier defensive stance with focus on it's shield as it started to circle again, it watching to parry another thrust of the mare's pole-arm should it come it's way.

At about that time though there came the sound of something loudly cracking, the noise originating from the vault door still being forced to remain closed by whatever magic was holding the shard key captive. Whatever was going on with the magics of the door seemed to be straining the control over it and it was clearly having some immediate effect on it's guardians. It was mild at first but noticeable as they seemed distracted, almost dizzy even, and the louder the noise became the stronger the effect was. It wasn't a constant however, the crackling noise fading in and out, but for the moment the statues were kept in place, advances paused and grasp on current threats loosened, wings shuddering and shield lowered while the unicorn tried to compensate with a couple of less precise swings made in front of him in an attempt to simply keep back any opportunists.

Canterlot / Re: Float Like a Parasprite, Sting Like a Manticore
« on: February 16, 2015, 10:39:24 am »
Both of the statues began to side step and circle around the pair of ponies as the pair turtled up, going a towards either side of the pair and keeping their own defenses up until they were in a better position. This of course didn't stop he intruders from lashing out though, so when the stallion engaged the pegasus its advance was halted to deal with the attacks, it's wing it was using for a kind of shield of its own absorbing the bash with no problem. It pulled it's wing more to the side when the following thrust came it's way however, revealing the gem shining on it's chest to the attack for a moment as the stone feathers of the wing spread open wider. The attack that possessed little potential in the eyes of the one making it actually almost managed to reach it's target, but was in the end caught by the wing that returned, reaching forth a bit to have its feathers slip around the blade then clamp down hard. The statue then pulled the weapon to the side,  twisting itself to both wrench it away as best as it was able while also using its opposite wing to split attention and attempt to capitalize on any chance of surprise, confusion, distraction, or the guard simply having forgotten about it while it was waiting at the side with a reaching swing aimed for the head behind the shield.

Meanwhile, for the unicorn statue, the thrust of the guisarme did very little to keep it back, testing waters or no. In fact, it spurred it forward, as having a shield meant it could not only block the probing strike but also gain ground as it stepped up, the small attack being brushed harmlessly aside while the statue itself gained several feet closer to the pair, robbing the pole-arm of a decent portion of its advantage. On top of that, the shield was given a short but firm flick at the weapon as it connected in an attempt to toss off the weapons balanced control while advancing with several aggressive slashes of it's sword. The attempt on it's shield and the compromising there of demanded a further retreat than the mare had most likely planned if she was dead set on pulling it off and didn't want to be left open. Either way, the statue was momentarily unconcerned with it's shield and more concerned on its own aggression and the mare's own sword, said equipment lowered in it's magic to make way for it's retaliatory strikes and focus on breaching her defenses as opposed to setting it's mind fully on it's own.

Should the pair be broken or retreat from the attack enough to allow the maneuver, the unicorn statue, in response, would return the sword, that would then be out of range to continue it's assault anyway, in front of itself for the moment to watch for further aggression. It would then just drop the shield to the stone floor in what would have been a rather daring move if made by a creature of flesh and blood. For one of stone, however, it was more so an inconvenience than an immediate death wish, as it tugged it's head back in a small show of it's efforts towards pulling the shield back, the difficulty of which dependent on the mare's stubbornness in combating it's influence.

Canterlot / Re: Float Like a Parasprite, Sting Like a Manticore
« on: February 02, 2015, 08:42:13 am »
The stab was parried easily enough by the statue, the follow up bash being met by the unicorn's own as the two hefty shields met with a loud collision. The statue then managed a quick swipe with its sword it had presumably planned to lead into something more with when the mare now behind him hooked it's leg, the tug forcing the statue to lower its weapon in favor of focusing entirely on it's shield as it widened it's stance to prevent itself from being tripped. It's shield raised to better protect the same gem that Blossom was calling out, the statue's horn lighting up with a brief flash of light that was soon mimicked by the gem embedded within the pegasus standing at the sidelines as some form of request for assistance. Steadier now, the unicorn statue did it's best to duck it's head behind it's defenses, mostly covering it's head tho the distraction was keeping part of it's horn visible, while using it's weight and magically sourced strength to tug it's displaced back leg forward, either to free itself from Blossom's polearm, tug the weapon away or, if she was stubborn about trying to keep hold, pull her forward and within range of it's back limbs where solid stone legs could possibly reach with a kick.

Either way, the pegasus statue watched for the result before acting itself, the call for aid from the unicorn after being flanked being answered with the pegasus springing forth again this time. Be it either by something being at the bottom of it's hooves or by some magic, it landing in a way that allowed it a couple feet of sliding, it using this to add to a sweep of one of its stone wings it was making at the back legs of the stallion with the shield. Once stable again, the pegasus pulled a wing up to use as it's own form of shield to assess the results and react to possible retaliation.

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: January 28, 2015, 05:14:42 pm »
"Oh, pffft, you think I was trying to get you killed back there?" Tingle gave a bit too forced of a laugh at the thought, glancing between the two ponies and searching for any sign that either had any shred of tolerance for him at this point, "No no no, that was an accident! I mean, come on, do you really think I'd want anything to happen to you when the only pony you're friend over there would have to blame and take it out on would be me? Nah, I stumbled. You know, cause my wounds? I'm sort of weak right now. Also kind of dizzy so I'm not thinking straight, hence the mix up in direction earlier. But I'm better now that I've gotten some fresh air!

"Besides, you were always my favorite out of your little team of heroes," he tried to grin, though the combination of Applejack's anger and Darrus ever present glare being sent his way made it clear how desperate he was, "I'd never want anything to happen to you! Um... A-as for finding my camp I can't give any great directions without a map. And not just a map, but a more detailed map of this area in particular. I shouldn't have to tell you how confusing this dang forest can be, so without something to best point out the spot you're looking for all I can say is it's east from the ruins and situated beneath a large willow tree. Seriously though, I know the way, so just help me get there then you can dump me off without needing to worry about me anymore. Please? Pleeeeeeease?" He seemed to be trying to look pathetic now in some attempt to earn pity. Darrus wasn't moved, and it was clear on his face that he was more in favor of just telling the wounded stallion to go screw himself and then head home with AJ.

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:42:03 am »
"Jeez! Would you relax if I said I was sorr-" Tingle tried to say, his being hefted up by Darrus and not so much helped as he was forced back to his hooves. Darrus held a glare on him for a few seconds before turning to continue walking, Tingle momentarily opening his mouth to try and defend himself and hold true to his claim that what just happened was an accident, but his mouth soon clamped back shut when it became obvious neither of the other ponies were willing to listen.

Fortunately the rest of the way was uneventful, the trio escaping the claustrophobic confines of the narrow passage and entering back into the regular sized rooms and halls of the castle's lower level, albeit much closer to the exit as was promised. Their speed was also much faster now, it being blessed by Darrus' utter lack of patience with the wounded stallion and Applejack's occasional "assistance" in encouraging Tingle to keep pace, though Darrus at this point would have preferred to just ditch the stallion in the dark and leave him for whatever he had coming. He even momentarily considered letting AJ in on his idea - I mean they'd brought him most of the way so it's not like they hadn't helped him far more than he was deserving of already - but he decided to keep it to himself since he figured she'd want to make good on her word to at least drag him outside before leaving him for the wild things.

Outside he was indeed dragged too after some time spent navigating old rooms full of dust and abandoned items of varying value, none of which shiny enough to catch Darrus' eye but a few things here and there being note worthy enough to at least be made a mental note of. Such as an old bookcases still holding tomes that Darrus wanted to believe were ancient steamy romance novels possibly taken straight from the Princess' old personal collection and deemed just too questionable to have been brought with her when she left. Or an odd hovering sphere over the center of a table giving off a slight hum. A small collection of pillows stuffed into a corner of one room also seemed to have a strange allure to them that Darrus couldn't quite place. All of these things Darrus would have found fun to check out, maybe especially so if he could convince AJ to check the pillows out with him, but ultimately the chance had been pretty ruined by the dead weight being forced to only trail slightly behind him thanks to Applejack's efforts.

Anyway, past the oddities and whatchamathings lay the outside world, the air feeling less heavy and tasting much fresher now that they had escaped the dark bowels of the castle, Darrus stretching his wings just at the sight of the heavily canopied sky while Tingle limped his way to a spot near the doors to rest, slumping down onto the ground with a heavy groan of pain caused by his now very worked wound. Darrus didn't even seem to hear it as he turned back to AJ.

"Well that was fun," he said sarcastically, eyes giving her another quick examination now that they weren't stuck in such heavy darkness to see if he'd missed anything from her earlier encounter with spikes, "Glad that's done with. Shall we?" he asked with a gesture of his hoof for them to abandon Tingle right then and there, Tingle of course noticing and speaking up in protest.

"Hey! Woah! Hold on a second now! You can't just leave me out here like this! Bleeding and waiting for something to come eat me? You gotta get me somewhere safe, or who knows what might happen?"

"Those guards should be finished with whatever they're doing down there pretty soon, shouldn't they? Pretty sure they can deal with you then."

"Pfft! Those guards are probably dead by now. Seriously, you can't be okay with knowing I'll just be stuck in perpetual danger just waiting around in this condition? Honesty," he turned his attention to Applejack, doing his best to slap on puppy dog eyes and even going so far as to almost muster up some sad and desperate tears, "come on, you at least should be able to recognize how that would basically be the same as murder, right? Leaving somepony who can't defend himself out here in one of if not the most dangerous place in the country? Can't you at least drag me back to my camp? I have suplies there that I can treat myself better with and it's secluded way better than this collection of ancient rubble."

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:55:54 pm »
Tingle, from his place on the ground, watched Applejack make her squeaky noises for a couple of moments, his eyes darting between the spikes that had recently missed her and the mare. Eventually he put on a nervous looking smile and tried his best to give an innocent shrug as his ears pinned back in the face of her anger.

"Um... Oops? Woah-!" His attempt to speak was interrupted as he was gruffly dragged backwards by Darrus now that the pegasus had closed the distance, Darrus pulling him out from under the spike in order to be able to strike him with a hoof. On his wound. Really really hard. Tingle gave a cry of pain from the blow and immediately attempted to curl up as best as he was able in the cramped passage, Darrus just giving a furious "oops" through clenched teeth from above the injured pony before locking his light onto AJ.

"Are you okay? Or am I about to become a murderer?" Darrus lacked his usual jokey tone as he asked this, his eyes searching Applejack as well as they could for any signs of injury that would be, in Darrus' eyes, plenty excuse to do mean things to the other pony beneath him.

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
« on: December 11, 2014, 09:15:16 pm »
Darrus looked back to Tingle, expression one of uncertainty and suspicion over another possible screw up, but soon returned a smile to Applejack, "Any path is the adventurous path if I'm on it!" he claimed, putting his hoof currently holding the flashlight to his chest and looking sure of how what he'd said was a fact, "be it claustrophobic passages, well traveled roads leading anywhere or quiet paths through a park, once these handsome hooves of mine grace them with a clip and a clop they become worthy of epic poems suited for retelling across the world!

"Anyway, if we are going to just ride this out the rest of the way then we'll need to put some more space between me and you two. With just one light, I'll have to pretty much sniff the ground all the way forward since I doubt you'd be able to pull off too many feats of agility with... this load getting in your way," Darrus gave Tingle a sideways look as he turned himself back around to walk forward once more, "so a few extra paces should work."

"Pfft. Don't you worry, Honesty," Tingle spoke up, his earlier having been pushed against the wall by AJ evidently having done little to discourage him from what he'd been doing as he merely continued, "anything happens, I'll be there to save you, injury or no."

"He can act as a meat shield at least," Darrus said half to himself, his dislike of the stallion having, to no real surprise, only escalated substantially with every passing moment he'd been forced to deal with him.

"Your stalker is a jerk." Tingle informed the mare bhind him just before Darrus tried his best not to practice his apple tree bucking and instead ask him a question.

"So what triggers these traps? The last one doesn't seem to have anything all that noticeable. Least not from a glance, and things went too fast for me to recall if I hit anything."

"Tripwires," Tingle replied, glancing at his bandages and sighing, "tripwires and junk like that. Probably pressure plates or proximity triggers if it's going by magic."

"Probably? You're going off of probablys? Don't you even remember from the last time you came through here?"

"... I wasn't in the lead. Someone else dealt with the traps and crap, duh."

Shaking his head, Darrus figured he'd just have to be careful and began to walk forward once more, his flashlight scanning the floor, walls and even ceiling as he looked for anything that might set some other death trap off. Thankfully, things went pretty uneventful as they walked along for the most part, Tingle's occasional complaints that they needed to stop so he could rest for a second or two not helping though, and it looked like it was going to end with everypony escaping into the clear. That was till they neared the end, according to Tingle.

"Woah..." Darrus said, holding a hoof up to signal for AJ and Tingle to stop where they were for the moment as his flashlight showed him something odd. Lowering his head to get a better look at the ground where his hoof had just about been ready to settle his weight, he noticed a slightly off colored section of the floor which, through angling his light, also appeared to be raised just a hair more than the surrounding rock.

"... So, what's the purpose of this passage even supposed to be if it's trapped?" Darrus wondered aloud as he examined the trigger and measured how far he'd need to step to avoid it, double checking for secondary ones as well while he was at it since that would make for a poor surprise, "Supposed to be some kind of escape route? I mean, this is the Princesses old castle, yeah? Would Celestia even be able to fit in here with how tall she is and stuff? And why trap something you'd need to use to flee through?"

"... Maybe she was shorter back then. Can we go now? Stopping to ponder irrelevant questions is such a wonderful way to spend our time."

Ignoring the other stallion with a flick of his ears, Darrus took a wide step forward and was careful to make sure his back hooves did the same as he navigated over the plate.

"AJ, there's a pressure plate right where I am right now," he warned his marefriend, taking a some steps back to allow both she and Tingle some room to cross while keeping his light fixed onto the issue so they could see, "Dunno how well you can see it with Tinkle in the way, but it's a discolored section of the floor thats raised a bit right at the center of the light. Not too hard to step over if you're careful."

"No sweat!" Tingle claimed, "Though I'll need your hooves on me to help me make it over," he told Applejack.

"Alternatively, we can toss him onto the plate just to satisfy our curiosity on what this one will do." Darrus suggested, Tingle giving him a cross look as he stepped forward to deal with the trap. Nearing it, he paused and gave it a look, then glanced around at the walls and the ceiling before settling his gaze back down onto the pressure pad. Glancing back at AJ, he took another step forward.

"So- agh!" he suddenly cried, appearing to stumble forward where one of his hooves slammed directly onto the pressure plate, his then seeming to lose strength in his legs even further as he dropped down onto the ground, this being where he stayed as several spikes in the walls triggered and shot outwards.

There were three in total, spaced in a way intended to prevent easy escape as the first came out no problem above Tingle who'd hit the ground beyond the plate, it striking outwards just too late to catch him and driving itself into the wall opposite it's starting point. The other two though, one coming out directly above the plate and the other aimed for AJ behind it, thankfully seemed slower on the draw as, while they too were triggered right away they only came out an inch or so. However, the sound of something grinding within the walls, and the fact that they were shuttering constantly and violently, showed they were only temporarily stuck, giving only a moment at best to react.

Darrus, obviously having seen Tingle trigger the trap and witnessed the spike that came as a result, had instantly and instinctively felt his wings snap open to attempt a speedy assistance of the much more important pony behind the one now laying on the ground, but, due to the cramped conditions of the passage, only succeeded in slamming his wings into the walls and causing his first step forward to be uneven. Darrus did however somehow manage to keep the light level enough for AJ to have a clear view of the danger with Tingle out of the way.

Elsewhere / Re: Takes Two To T̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ T̶a̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Tango
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"Agh- What ar- Come o- Stahp i-" Tingle complained with a few pained grunts as Applejack pushed him aside to better look past him, him giving a slight and kind of wimpy whine over his boo boo before clearing his throat and trying to play it off while her attention was still off of him.

"Yeah," Darrus answered Applejack, both of his ears momentarily flicking as he spoke to make sure he was actually correct in assuming they were both still just as pretty as ever as he walked back down closer to her and Tingle with a not very happy expression on his face, "And I'm pretty sure it missed me. Heh, that thing couldn't catch me even on my slowest day," he added on to reply to her second concern - though he didn't actually know for sure yet whether or not he was bleeding due to the awkwardness of his light - as he moved right onto his intended voicing of his dissatisfaction over the wounded stallion's directions so far.

"But thi- Well..." and then he seemingly instantly forgot whatever it was he was going to say as he gave AJ one of his usual smirks upon hearing her playful remark, him dropping into his usual flirtatious tone as well as Tingle was stuck being pressed against a wall between them where he could only grumble, "I haven't been able to get too good a look at myself yet since there's so little room in here, so for all I know I may be dying right now. It may take a whole lot more than a simple kiss to nurse me back to health..." his smirk evolved into a suggestive grin for a few moments before he evidently remembered what was on his mind a moment before AJ had taken it over and gave Tingle another upset look.

"But Tinkle here," he began, giving the stallion a poke in his wound and eliciting a small gasp of pain, "might be needing a cast to go with his bandages in a minute. First you lead us down the wrong way and now you send us walking down a passage still laced with traps? Are you trying to get us killed, or are you just dense?"

Tingle winced over his pain while Darrus accused him of idiocy, him giving the stallion a sideways look that probably meant he wouldn't have shed any tears had the unfortunate happened a few seconds ago, "Back off! ... So I remembered wrong, big deal. Maybe I'm not thinking straight over being fatigued and having lost blood, ever think of that? I'm not even sure how long I've been down here for since I got left behind, so who knows what this place has been doing while I was fixing myself up. You ever hear about the halls shuffling around by themselves down here? Who's to say the traps don't reset after some amount of time?"

"Bull! The other traps are still sprung. If it really reset like you said, then why didn't they go off on us on our way through?"

"Old magic? Being broken? Gremlins in the wall- I don't know! Hey," tingle looked back at Applejack and jerked his head towards Darrus, "Mind calling him off? I think he's getting jealous about us."

Darrus glared at Tingle, the things he'd love to do to him at the moment being easy to guess though difficult to pull off in such cramped conditions.

"... AJ, I say we go back the way we came," he spoke up, eyes still locked on Tingle as he spoke, "This fool doesn't know what he's doing, and even if he's right that would mean any traps further ahead might have reset and are waiting for us. If so, the ones we've passed might start resetting as well, so we would need to get back to the regular hall quick before that happens and we get stuck in the middle."

"Now hold on a sec here," Tingle argued, looking between the ponies, "look, I screwed up, sure, but I know we're almost to the other end of this passage already. It... feels right, if that makes any sense. I remember paying close attention to how long it took to get through this in case me and my party needed to get back through it quick, and I know we're almost out, making a trip back longer and more dangerous. Also, the traps were few and far between where we entered, so that one might have been the last - or rather first - one coming in. Besides, for all we know the traps behind us could have already reset while we were here bullying me. We should just keep going."

Darrus shook his head, clearly not a fan of the idea, but he only looked to AJ to see what she thought.

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