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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 05, 2015, 09:12:49 pm »
Jazz takes a sip of her coffee, eyeing the bag of sweets she'd recently picked up at a new candy shop her friend had sworn she needed to try. It being in Ponyville hadn't bothered her much, the trip actually proving to be quite the nice break from the hustle and bustle of Canterlot. She takes another sip of he coffee and pulls the bag over to herself, looking inside at the various confections inside. She hasn't tried one just yet, but all of them look, and smell, delicious. But what would go well with the coffee? She sifts through the bag with her magic, trying to decide just which of the sweets to try first. Maybe one of the caramels? Or perhaps one of those white-chocolate mints? Decisions, decisions... The white-coated mare taps her hoof along with the music playing in the background as she thinks, idly sipping at her drink. She's just decided to try one of the dark chocolates with chili when a loud *boom* sounds from across the street, and Jazz drops the coffee cup in surprise, spilling it all over the table she's sitting at. Several nearby ponies bolt for the door of the coffee shop, almost as though they'd had practice doing such a thing. Jazz isn't quite so quick on the uptake, and so is one of those who remains outside, though not quite as panicked as the rest appear to be. Her surprise quickly turns to confusion at the mound of pastry and melty cheese spilling out of the hole in the wall. Which then started moving, rising up and beginning to thrash around, flinging bits of cheese and cooked vegetables all along the street. Jazz has to quickly duck to avoid a block of mozzarella sailing past her head as the delicious looking monstrosity begins to smash the remaining walls of the diner. She takes a moment to glance back at the coffee shop, where somepony had turned the sign in the door around to read "Closed" and several faces were peering out through the relative safety of the windows. Nearby, an elderly stallion has apparently not noticed the commotion, being too absorbed in a crossword puzzle and seemingly unable to hear. With another look at the rampaging baked goods, Jazz takes off toward the older pony, dodging around a few tables and chairs. She's almost reached him when a particularly large glob of cheese sails toward the still unsuspecting senior. Jazz only just manages to save him from a cheesy fate by tossing a chair into the way of the blob, knocking it aside just enough to merely splatter the table instead. This proves to be enough to finally get the stallion's attention, and he looks up and blinks several times at the sudden food-based monster attack. Jazz reaches him, quickly helping the older pony on toward the shop door and keeping a look out for any more dangerous (yet tasty) projectiles. All the while the stallion is mumbling something or other about "Monsters these days", with Jazz catching several "Back in my day"s and other complaints as they walk.


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