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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 21, 2015, 03:25:19 pm »
Ah, lunch breaks. The best part of every day at work on the farm for Ryo. She enjoyed working there, but that one longer break each day was simply the best. Ryo was slowly bobbing her head to a tune she had heard earlier, the earplugs she had decided to leave in her ears completely blocking off the talking voices of other ponies around her. Pepper did mention they were high quality, and would keep every single sound, no matter how loud, out of her eardrums. Ryo's tummy was loudly informing everyone around her, that it demanded food. Good for it, that the waiter just brought in her meal. Ryo gave the waiter a nod, and turned towards her food.

Ryo watched at the plate with watery mouth, feeling like she could eat a horse. Figuratively speaking, of course. Ryo lifted the metallic lid that had been placed on top of the tray to keep the food warm, but her first reaction to the delicious food in front of her was a disgusted frown, and made Ryo stick her tongue out at the food. There was cheese on it. CHEESE! Even though she had made a special order without cheese. Well, she could fix it with no problem. Ryo focused her magic at the food, her tongue now sticking out on the side of her mouth, showing that she was concentrating. She carefully extracted all the cheese from the meal, blocking the yellow, sticky and in her mind disgusting substance away from her food. Satisfied with her efforts, Ryo lifted the cheese now piled on few napkins up with her magic, and floated it to the nearest trash bin she could see, getting some awkward stares from other ponies eating feasting in the restaurant. Ryo picked up her fork with her magic, and began to eat.

But just as the first piece of delicious, cheeseless what-ever it's called without cheese food was about to reach her mouth, a horrible crash could be heard from other side of the building. Just as Pepper said, Ryo couldn't hear anything, but her table toppling over, and all the ponies on her field of vision suddenly fleeing in terror made Ryo very nervous for some reason. She tried to look outside from a nearby window, but couldn't see a thing. That was until she saw a huge yellow projectile flying through the air, Ryo instantly realizing it was cheese. She immediately remembered that fortune cookie from a week back, that said something like, "Don't trust your food" or something like that. Before she managed to act, Ryo noticed a sea of cheese quickly covering the floor, causing her to be trapped on her chair in the corner of the dining area. Despite wearing boots, Ryo couldn't touch cheese even with a ten foot pole. Well she was just moments ago very, very close to some cheese, but it was just a small amount. Not a sea of yellow doom. Ryo began to look around, quickly spotting a table that had not been cheesyfied yet, and she began to float it towards her. Maybe it's enough for her to leap to safety through the window, before the level of the cheese got too great for her to handle. And she wasn't even aware of the roaring cheese golem yet, still having the earplugs in. She had much more pressing matters at hoof than the ability to hear again. Once Ryo had dragged the table over, she slowly rose on top of it, sighing "Why did it have to be cheese...?" before she began to lean over and try to push the window open


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