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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 23, 2015, 11:10:09 am »
Oozeing/crawling/climbing- whatever you want to call it, the calzone golem was managing to finally get free from the darn building keeping his mayhem ball from rolling, something the ponies scattered about the area found most distressing as their screams heightened in pitch just a touch. Darrus surveyed the scene a moment longer, the scent of cheese becoming pungent while the mess pouring from the restaurant began to engulf the street in front of the buildin. A couple of mares being bowled over by a small wave of tomato sauce as a stallion stopped screaming long enough to take a bite out of a recently crashed chunk of cheesy bread before then picking back up his screaming flight from the scene.

Darrus took a breath to ready himself for speech.

"This is... No gouda." He said aloud, smirking at himself in pride then glancing around to see if anyone had heard and been blown away by his amazing joke that would have shattered the minds of any who weren't prepared to be taught what real humor was.

No one had noticed.


Oh well, Darrus decided, giving another stronjg flap of his wings to avoid a spray of juices and oils shooting from a newly ruptured fissure in the golems bread exoskeleton. Now this was just starting to get out of hand, and something had to be done! Someone had to do something to save this town from the mostrosity dirtying up the street and making things all weird and oily and gross in the way that onyl cheese could. But who? Who could poss-

"I do it!" Taking off like a shot, Darrus sped all the way up to the face of the golem, causing a momentary pause in the giant calzones destruction so as to allow it time to raise an eyebrow constructed from green bell peppers.

'Haha!" Darrus announced his clear assumption of the hero role, cloak billowing behind him in a sudden wind as he struck a strong airborne pose before the beast, "Stand down you delishly delectable devil! For I will give you but one chance to cease all this nonsense and situate yourself comfortably onto a large platter before forcing you to feel the wrath of the one, the only, the best, the dashing, the brave, the handsome, the magnetic, the electrifying..." the calzone was growing bored, "...the light in the darkness, the reliable alarm clock, the chariot the never breaks down, the sundae made just right, the impossibly impressively impressionable Dar-" A mighty swat from one of the golem's sizeable fist things sent the big mouthed stallion rocketing towards the ground where he did a fine job of forming a crater. After a moment, which was enough time for the golem to forget about Darrus and return to its menacing, a hoof popped out and was used to drag a wobbly Darrus half way out of the hole, him attempting to climb out before collapsing back to the ground.

"You think you can even brunch during the tornado that was my sunday...!" He sort of said, voice wavering with a clear tone of having completely lost any grasp on what year it was.


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