Author Topic: This Dish is Killer  (Read 199 times)

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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 26, 2015, 01:02:28 am »
Once the older pony is in the relative safety of the coffee shop (with a few parting comments about whippersnappers or some such), Jazz takes a look around to see if anypony else needs help. Most of the bystanders have gotten out of the way by know, and at least one had apparently found the fallen cheese projectiles to irresistible to pass up having a few nibbles before scampering for cover. She did have to admit; looking at a nearby blob of mozzarella, marinara, and artichokes; it did look delicious... Maybe just a taste? No, no, not the time. Jazz shakes herself out of it and looks over at the delectable monster, just in time to see it swat a rusty-colored pegasus out of the air, but unfortunately not soon enough to have seen his dashing pose. He didn't seem hurt at least, rising up from the small crater he'd made, but he was clearly dazed, and much too close to the monster for Jazz's liking. She couldn't risk going in there to help him though, so she'd settle for distracting it long enough for him to get his wits about him. With a mighty toss of her magic, a plastic chair goes sailing toward the golem and colides with it's shoulder... and doing little more than denting it's crusty exterior. This is followed by several loud *pop*s, and one of the beverage sort, aimed around the creature's head. "Hey! You!" She calls, trying to get it's attention. "Goudoutahere!" She tries very hard to keep a straight face, but a few giggles slip out anyway as she takes off in the opposite direction of Darrus, the noises having been enough to draw the horrilicious monster's attention. She heads for the far side of the diner the beast had emerged from, now seemingly flooded with cheese, in the hopes of getting some cover from the blobs that keep being flung about. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much to throw over here, only being able to toss a couple loose rocks from the road, and a small-ish blob of it's own cheeses back at it. Jazz stops, thinking she's probably far enough away by now, thought the golem has finally fully wrenched itself free of the building by now, and has started lumbering forward. Thankfully it's not moving fast, and Jazz has time to notice the mare still stuck inside the diner, seemingly attempting to get the window open to escape the slowly rising sea of cheddar. She takes another look at the monster, then turns to help the mare get the window open.


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