Author Topic: This Dish is Killer  (Read 199 times)

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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:15:03 pm »
This day could have gone much better.

He could have not overslept on the first day of his new job.
He could have not forgotten to open the front door on his way out.
He could have not gotten lost while going to the first street to make his first delivery.

He could have avoided the rambunctious pegasus who had plucked a raincloud from who knows where in this otherwise clear sky and drenched him, ruining several of the letters that were still left in his bag.

At the very least, the pegasus could have waited until he was covered in this marinara sauce which he had no explanation for. Granted, he hadn't opened his eyes yet; he was too busy contemplating how much trouble it would be to get the stains out of his cape, not to mention all the shampoo his mane would take.

Dark Matter sighs and reaches up to clear his eye area with his hoof. He freezes as he hears a roar, suddenly not sure he WANTS to know what's going on. In the end he decides to risk it.

He stands blinking for a moment. He knows there's something he's supposed to do in case of giant monster attack, he just can't think of...

The bread golem roars. Oh yes, run, that was it. He'd have to pat himself on the back later.

He begins to wheel around, but something stops him; there's a mare running towards the building for some reason! Dark Matter shakes his head in dismay. He'd always been taught that stallions should never abandon mares in trouble, and that meant he couldn't just get away now. Besides, he'd look like a sissy.

He casts his eyes about for clues as to how he can help, but comes up with nothing. Falling back on old habits, he decides to conjure an illusion to distract the beast. Unfortunately suddenly all he can think of is an even more terrifying spaghetti monster, so that's what he makes. It seems to spring forth from the ground maybe twenty feet in front of the real monster, coils pushing up its meatball eyes over a mouth filled with breadstick teeth. It looks quite fake to anyone who has half an attention span to pay attention to, but hopefully it'll draw the beasts attention long enough for him to think of something useful to do.
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