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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: October 03, 2015, 08:34:19 am »
"How the...?" Ryo tried to get the window open, but she couldn't find any sort of lock on it. She didn't want to be prosecuted for breaking property of the restaurant. The cheese was quickly rising, and Ryo was running out of time. It was too late to go for the door, and there was no way she could reach any of the other windows in the room. Was this how it all ends? Was this the end of her story. Being drowned in... Cheese? What a sad way to go indeed. Ryo was ready to make her last speech to the monstrous sea of grossness, on how it was about to claim her, but at that same moment Ryo spotted another pony coming towards the window. Ryo forgot her speech immediately, and waved to the mare in panic, not fully aware it was indeed her the other mare had seen from the outside. As the unknown hero began to open the window, Ryo accidentally knocked one of her earplugs off, and heard a roar coming from inside the building. This roar coming from a huge wave of cheese, a tidal wave, that was coming towards her. With no time to wasted, Ryo hears a faint click and takes a leap of faith, jumping towards the window, that fortunately had been unlocked from the outside now by the other pony (Seriously, who locks their windows from the outside?). Ryo lands on top of Jazz, and they both roll away from the window, far enough to avoid the gooey cheese now pouring out from the window Ryo just jumped out of.

After all the stars circling around Ryo's head had popped, she shook her head and looked at the pony who saved her. Ryo managed to open her mouth enough to say "Thank you-" before another roar filled the air. Ryo Eeeped, and began to look around, soon spotting the huge, cheese golem on the other side of the restaurant building. "W-w-wh-what is that...?" Ryo asked from nopony in particular, just letting the question fly out there, for anypony to answer.


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