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Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: October 20, 2015, 08:01:51 pm »
It only takes a few moments for Jazz to notice the latch on the outside of the window. She doesn't have time to wonder about who's decision it was to put the lock on the outside, as she spots a veritable tidal wave of gruyere sweeping toward the poor trapped mare. Jazz flings the window open just in time, the blue mare throwing herself out immediately and bowling Jazz over. The two of them tumble away from the window just in time to miss the splattering of cheese. Jazz has the wind knocked out of her by the accidental flying tackle, and for a few moments she lays with her hooves stuck in the air. From this position she has a pretty good view of what's happening with the monster (albeit the wrong way around). The creature seemed to have thankfully been distracted from chasing her by the appearance of a second gustatory abomination, though this one seemed to have something off about it... other than being a giant pile of living spaghetti. Jazz blinks and flips herself around, giving the no-longer-trapped mare a grin and then a shrug. She didn't have any more idea what was going on than her rescuee does, really. Out of danger for now, Jazz takes a few moments to observe just what is happening. The two monsters seem to just be flailing at each other for now. Above them, it seemed that the pegasus had recovered and was now hovering about shouting something at them, though Jazz can't quite make it out over the sound of giant monsters fighting and screaming bystanders. She spots a stallion that seems much more calm than the others as the rusty pegasus darts into the building, and turns to the other mare for a moment. "Come on!" She says, and starts heading over toward Dark Matter.


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