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Note: This RP takes place slightly in the past, during the events of “A Canterlot Wedding.” Since this is the What-If board, feel free to bring in any of your characters, even if the event doesn’t fit their backstory exactly.
Striker steadied the bowl of mild explosives in front of him, preparing to cast a spell. Finally, he had the house to himself, which meant a chance to work on his new firework formula in peace and quiet. Or at least peace and quiet until he set one of the fireworks off. His parents and twin sister were attending the royal wedding at the Canterlot Palace that the family had been formally invited to attend. Fortunately, Striker had managed to convince his mother that it would be better if stayed home and avoided making a fool of himself, which he tended to do at these fancy events. Those stuffy elite ponies were so easily offended! Striker was considering sneaking into the reception bit, since he had heard rumors that his favorite celebrity, DJ P0N-3, would be performing, but that would depend on how well the firework spell turned out. Striker concentrated and summoned a blue glow of magic to the tip of his horn.
CRASH! Striker jumped at the sound of something shattering. Seconds later, a greenish fireball plummeted into the alley outside his window. Could his spell have caused something to fall? No, Striker decided. He hadn’t even cast the spell yet; the chemicals in front of him were shaken, but otherwise unchanged. Besides, it had been years since his aim was that bad. But where had the fiery object come from? He’d have thought the protection spell around Canterlot would deflect something like a small meteorite. Striker trotted downstairs and out the front door to investigate.
The ground in the alley was slightly charred, and in the crater lay… a pony? Striker leaned closer as the dark form stood up, but recoiled when a bright green flash nearly blinded him. When his vision cleared, he caught sight of a pony with familiar yellow coat running down the alley. Kindle Wick? But his twin sister should still be at the wedding!

“Hey!” Striker shouted, teleporting himself to the end of the alley in a flash of blue magic. “Kindle, is that you?” The pony kept running, but Striker could see that it was headed towards a dead end. He galloped after it until it was forced to stop in front of a high brick wall.

“Gotcha!” Striker grinned triumphantly. “What are you doing here, Kindle?” Striker’s smile faded as the pony turned around. Despite having the same coloring as his twin sister, this pony wasn’t Kindle. In fact, it wasn’t even a mare; it was a stallion. And he looked identical to Striker: the same color coat, same color mane and tail, even the same cutie mark!

“What in all of Equestria is going on?” Striker exclaimed.

“What in all of Equestria is going on?” his doppelganger parroted, mimicking Striker’s pose.

Had one of his friends mastered some kind of disguise spell? And what were all those loud noises he could hear in the distance? Was that the sound of somepony screaming? Striker finally looked up and realized that the protection spell that had surrounded Canterlot was broken. Whatever was happening, it couldn’t be good.

'Stupid wedding. Stupid Royal Guard increasing their stupid patrols. Ugh I haven't been able to get a full six hours sleep without them hassling me. "Oh we're on patrol because there's been a threat." Yea it's obviously the pony with a guitar.' The smells of fresh flowers, cakes, and other aromas fill the town as everyone prepares for the big day. Foxtrot begrudgingly trots along the Canterlot streets, grumbling to himself as he passes anypony talking about the ceremony. It's already been a month since he's arrived in the city, and it hasn't gone well.  Attempts to find work with the Royal Guard has failed, his occupation with The 26 is considered 'unnecessary'. The sound of metallic hooves trotting nearby from the Royal Guard pass Foxtrot, making the unicorn turn away as the officers walk past him. In the short time he's been in Canterlot the guards have been either polite or complete jerks, "vagrancy" seems to be their favorite term to throw around when any of them find him on the streets. Now with the wedding today, nearly every guard he's come into contact with ends up questioning him about his motives. Foxtrot looks up, the magical barrier covering the city gives the sky a colorful tint. Today though, the unicorn's heart drops as something terribly wrong happens. The magical barrier shatters, green balls of fire fall from the sky and crash all over the city. Screams and panic ensuing as Foxtrot sighs and facehoofs, 'Changelings. It had to be changelings. Of all things in this world, of ALL the things that had to show up, it had to be CHANGELINGS! A ball of fire crashes near the unicorn, who walks over to the crater with an aggravated sigh. As expected he finds a changeling in the crater, the creature looking up and staring right at him. Like reciting a monologue, Foxtrot begins counting, "3... 2... 1." At the last count the changeling is engulfed in a green flame, emerging as Foxtrot when the fires subside. "Oh no." the real unicorn says in mock monotone fear, "It's a changeling. Like the other hundreds I've seen before."

"Oh no." the copycat repeats in the same monotone voice and expression. "It's a cha-ACK!" The changeling is cut off as Foxtrot lunges forward and tightly grips its neck.

"Do not repeat me." Foxtrot sternly orders, his irritation showing little signs of subsiding. The unicorn tightens his grip around the changeling's neck. "Change back now." Almost instantly the imitation reverts back to its original form. "Good boy." With that Foxtrot hurls the changeling into a pile of trash and continues walking, a small smirk appearing on his face, "Well at least I can cut loose a bit today." Another glowing fireball flies overhead, landing just a short distance away. Wasting no time Foxtrot dashes past the madness and follows the trail. Rounding the corner, he stops at an alleyway, at the very end are two ponies who look exactly alike, "Well, damn. Alright, one way to sort this out." Making his way towards the two he places his hoof on the handle of his katana, "Hey you two! Don't move! Royal Guard!" Foxtrot was of course impersonating an officer again, but this time there was a good reason to.

Striker looks back and forth between the pony declaring himself a royal guard and the one imitating him in panic. Obviously, the fake him is some kind of criminal or other threat that the Canterlot Royal Guard needs to deal with, but how can Striker convince the guard he is the original? As far as he can tell, there's no difference in the appearance of him and the other pony; even his twin sister wouldn't be able to tell them apart. For once, Striker wishes that he had gone to the stuffy event at the palace along with the rest of his family instead of staying home alone.

"I haven't done anything!" Striker says, knowing the guard has no reason other than his word to believe him. "He's the fake!" Striker points to the pony across the alleyway.

"He's the fake," his doppelgänger insists, pointing back at him.

Well, that didn't help anything, Striker thinks. "Look, I'm obviously the real one, he's just repeating what I'm saying." Striker tries to keep his voice calm, wary of the weapon in the guard's hand. He doesn't want the pony to decide that the situation needs violence to resolve. At least, not violence towards himself. His imitation, on the other hand, is becoming irritating enough to warrant a physical attack.

"I'm obviously the real one," the fake begins to say, but Striker cuts him off.

"Shut up! I don't know why you're trying to act like me, but it's not going to help you at all. The only thing it's going to do is get us both arrested, which I would like to avoid, so just give it up already!"

Striker sees the fake take a breath to repeat his words. That was the final straw. He couldn't take it anymore! Guard or no guard, Striker decides to take matters into his own hoof. He summons a light anti-magic orb, enough to get rid of an enchantment, and hurls it towards the imposter. The orb bursts into a flash of blue light as it hits the other pony, stripping it of its disguise.

The revealed pony is black, with a twisted horn, strange green wings, gleaming fangs, and... were those holes through its legs? The creature hisses, and Striker scrambles backwards as far away from it as the small space in the alleyway will allow. "W-what is that thing?" he stammers to the guard.

Golden Gear:
"Let me go?!" Angry voice of a mare echoed from a shady looking pawnshop at the edge of the city. "You can't dump me now! We- We had a deal, a contract!"

"I'm sorry, but these times call for... Desperate, actions" A big, grumpy looking stallion answered with calm and mocking voice, while he was inspecting a pile of jewels for their authenticity. "Your... Contribution to my humble business is appreciated, but i have to feed my kids and after all-"

"You don't have any kids..." The brown mare answered, making it clear with her tone that she wasn't amused. "You're not even married..."

"Details, details dear Golden." The owner of the shop pushed a small pouch towards Golden. "Now take it and scram. You are no longer needed, nor welcome here."

"But i.. I-"


Golden Gear took the pouch containing her last payment from the pawnshop's owner, and turned to leave. On her way out, Golden kicked a large porcelain vase, shattering it into pieces and causing what looked like marbles, spread all around the floor. The stallion behind the counter jumped up, but Golden didn't turn back to see what he was about to do, she didn't care. If he wanted to duke it out, she was ready to beat that ungrateful-

As she stepped out from the building, Golden Gear blinked few times at the sight before her. There was exactly similar looking mare standing there, staring back at her, with goggles and everything. Golden blinked few more time before looking back towards the pawnshop, but there were no movement to be seen there. Thinking that this was some kind of trick to either get her back to work there, or maybe to get her there to pay for that vase, Golden turned her head back towards her doppelganger while saying. "Okay, i don't know what your deal is, but i'm not coming back to- *Umpf!* " Golden felt a sharp punch connect to her jaw and it sent her down to the ground. "What the HAY! *grunt* If that's how you want to handle this..." Golden took her turn and punched her duplicate as hard as she could, sending it flying back in a green flash and leaving Golden shaking her hoof, silently repeating "Ow... Ow... Ow..."

Golden Gear looked at the "thing" she had just hit. "What the hay is that..." She gave it few pokes, just to see if it was dead, but judging from it's twitching it was still alive, just unconscious. Golden kept looking at the prone changeling and didn't hear the two green "meteorites" heading her way. It was barely before their impact when she actually heard them and managed to dive out of the way. After her roll, Golden realized that the shield around the city had disappeared, and the sky over Canterlot was filled with green lights speeding towards the city. "Wow wow wow... I didn't sign for this..." From the crater of the "meteorites" rose two more look-a-likes and both of them charged towards her. Golden quickly tripped one of them and tossed it aside towards an alley with her magic. She then took out her wrench, unfolded it and delivered an unhealthy hit to the other doppelganger, causing it to fly through the air and landing near the first changeling. "You started this..." She said before she turned around and started running away towards the center of Canterlot.

"Not my fault!"

"That my friend..." Foxtrot says as he approaches the changeling, pulling out his weapon in the process. "Is a changeling." The creature hisses and points its horn a the unicorn and fires a magical blast. Foxtrot stops and focuses on the blast speeding towards him, just as the ball of energy gets within range, the unicorn bats the projectile to the side of the building. The sound of a splash with an after hissing noise can be heard from the burn mark on its wall. To close to fire again, the changeling charges forward, fangs bared out to unleash a hiss at its target. Foxtrot gets up on his back hoofs and readies his katana, already knowing that a simple lunge to the chest will be an easy ill considering the creature's straight trajectory. However as the changeling draws near the unicorn simply side steps, tilting his sword over his left shoulder, allowing the tip to lightly slash at the assailant's side. A feint sizzle could be heard from the pained cry of the changeling as it loses its balance and falls to the floor. It looks up to blast his opponent once more but is knocked out as Foxtrot gives it a swift kick to the jaw.

With the changeling knocked out the unicorn falls back to his four, well three because his one hoof is still holding the sword, hoofs and looks back to the pony still on the ground, "You alright? Actually, before you answer I need to give you a test." Foxtrot calmly walks over, despite the ensuing panic heard from the streets. Once he get's close enough the sword wielding pony lowers his weapon and taps the side of cold steel against the yellow unicorn's hoof. After a slight pause Foxtrot checks the hoof for a moment, with no burn signs found he sheathes his weapon and takes a step back, "Well, you're not a changeling either, good. Are you alright?"


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