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Re: Dressing For The Part
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Nivalia briskly trots over to the front desk as Caprica rests snugly inside her bag. "Hi, three tickets please." She reaches into her bag and shuffles her hoof around the python to pull out her pass. "Full bundle please."

The employee nods and scans the pass before retrieving three tickets for the trio. "If you need assistance for anything, please feel free to ask the staff."

"Thank you." Nivalia replies, taking a map placed on the desk as well. Turning back to Foxtrot and Potato Ponie, she opens the map up and reads it out. "Alright, let's see what we have here... Pony Anatomy, meh. Ores Through the Core, ok... Dragons and Dungeons... Uh, 'See dragons and their natural lairs, as well as improvised ones throughout history.' Nivalia shrugs, "No art here. I mean, there's Natural Art, but that's just landscapes and rock formations. I don't know, what do you two think?"


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