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Re: Dressing For The Part
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"Huh, Dragons and Dungeons seems like the better option. Yea let's go check it out."  The unicorn faces the direction to the exhibit and begins a brisk trot. Observing the smaller exhibits he approaches the large entrance to the Dragons and Dungeons exhibit, a stone carving resembling a cave entrance. Foxtrot looks forward and abruptly stops when he sees the front entrance but continues right afterward into the main display.

Nivalia follows right after, though her attention is more drawn to the main attraction. She does pause to reach into her bag, but doesn't take anything out an continues forward. The mare almost bumps into her sibling when he stops at the exhibit's entrance. "Hey tr- oh wow." Nivalia says as she examines the stone detailing. "This looks so realistic. You'd figure they just cut this off a mountain or something."
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