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Re: Dressing For The Part
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The wing dedicated to the exhibit is vast, the ceiling itself rising three stories up. Lined along the walls are 3 meter high replicas of various dragons and their lairs. Just in front of them are plaques providing readers with information. In the center of the room, and taking up a quarter of it's space, lies an enormous dragon's skull resting on a bed of gold and jewels, all found inside a magically secure glass case. The mouth is half open; levitating behind the rows of teeth is an amethyst of considerable size.

"Wow. Check out that jewel." Nivalia says as she steps into the exhibit. "This place is huge! I wonder how long this stuff takes to set up."

"A few weeks give or take." Foxtrot replies, a few months to plan out though." He approaches a display of a mountain landscape, flying over is a brightly colored orange dragon with purple fins and red wings. 'The Emerald Raider'


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