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Re: Dressing For The Part
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Foxtrot scans the dragon as Nivalia heads over to the center display, "Yeah, I've heard of that name before but I can't recall where I saw it." He looks to his left to the next exhibit, the creature labeled "Sand Sculptor". The dragon itself is seen piercing out through a sand dune, it's copper pigmented plates overlap, giving the creature a serpent-like appearence. The look is more enforced to the fact that this dragon was wingless, what appears to be spikes run down the length of the creature.

 The description on the plaque below the display reads, 'The Sand Sculptor has been the legend of caravans throughout the world, the exact origin being untraceable due to sightings in major deserts all over the world. These dragons burrow deep under the sand and form an inverted cone; anything walking inside that cone fails their footing and falls to the center to be dragged in by these creatures. The first one slain was costly, injuring many and killing four before succumbing to its wounds. The locations of these cones were mapped and quarantined by officials to prevent further incidents. No one has seen this dragon's lair or any signs of stashing treasure.'
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