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Re: Dressing For The Part
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Potato looks at an exhibit off to the left of the center display, labeled "The Red-Black." The display shows a small dragon who is half red on the left half of his body and red on the right side, with bat like wings and beady eagle eyes sitting on a pile of valuable gems. The skin looks smooth and leathery, instead of the usual lizard like scales commonly known to dragons, and a slender tail. The description of it read "The Red-Black is a rather unique dragon found around the swamps of Neigh Orleans. It was reported to have completely stripped caravans of all their treasures in one swoop then retreat back into the deep, dangerous swamps. Its appearances were rather well recorded, with reports of eyes that scanned every movement made, smooth, leathery skin that could not be pierced by normal arrows, and bat like wings that silently moved in for treasure. But it seemed that nopony could agree on its color. evenly split, half the reports said it was a blood red and the other half said it was black as night. The dragon was slain by a party of adventurers utilizing a fake caravan rigged with explosives. Though even the ponies who saw it after it was slain could not seem to agree on its color. Even after decades of research, nopony can agree on its color."

Potato looks up from the description and trots over to Niv and her display at the mention of the gem in "The Elder's" mouth. "Seems like its just an attention getter." Potato says. "Though these exhibits are good at pretty good at attention getting." The starchy hero adds, pointing the exhibit he just left.


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