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Re: Dressing For The Part
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As the patrons enjoy the exhibits, several levels below a crew if loaders begin unloading the next exhibit for the coming month. One of the items rests in a small wooden crate etched with warning labels. A careless step and an uneven hoof causes the crate to be dropped onto the ground for just a moment. In that split second, a vibration echoes throughout the entire museum. Those observing the exhibits upstairs may feel a slight rumble below their hoofs, but only for a short time. Suddenly, one of the dragon displays begin to move, then another, and another. They begin to come alive, roaring little roars as the dragons take life and begin flying around the large room. Some begin spewing mini fires while others zoom around, causing a panic for everyone around.
What makes a great soldier? Is it his brain, or his heart?


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