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A typical sunny day in Canterlot casts a serene setting for the ponies that wander about its streets going about their daily business. The smell of fresh coffee and baked goods surround two ponies as they sit back and engage in casual conversation. One, a brown unicorn donning a green jacket, glances over to his katana and guitar as it rests on his backpack laying against his seat. The other, a dark gray earth pony with multi-toned hair, simply sips her vanilla latte as her python is nonchalantly draped over her shoulders. The unicorn looks down, his glass of iced coffee is already empty; he directs his attention over to the mare ahead of him, "So, how are you liking Canterlot?"

The mare takes another sip of her drink before answering, "Big, fancy, full of life. It reminds me of home a bit, albeit a bit more..." She pauses, as she tries to think of the correct phrase to use.

"Stuck up?" the unicorn chuckles, stirring a giggle out of the pony in front of him.

"That's uh... one way of saying it." the mare answers. "There are some nice ponies here though. Although I'm surprised you're still staying here. I was in Ponyville not too long ago, you would love it there."

The unicorn nods, "Yea, I actually stayed there for a few days. It was a nice place; not too crowded, not too... stuffy either."

The earth pony puts down her latte, a trickle of fizz inches down the cup as well as some condensation on the glass. "Why didn't you stay Fox?" she asks, a brow slightly raised in curiosity.

The stallion remains silent for a moment, his hoof reaches over to his glass and he begins to tilt it, looking down at the empty base already knowing to expect nothing inside, "I wanted to Niv. I almost did. But... things happened, circumstances changed and..." Foxtrot pauses, letting the glass go and wobble for a moment before coming to a standstill, "Well, here I am." His gaze still remains on the glass, the previous grin he had has now faded away.

Nivalia nods, already knowledgeable of the kind of business her younger brother was involved in, and the kind of trouble that he normally gets into. Her expression shows more concern as she leans forward, Caprica still remaining in place. "Fox, why don't you go back to the Royal Guard? It's gotta be better than, well..." Once again Nivalia finds herself looking for the right words, knowing well that she's treading on a sensitive issue.

Foxtrot looks up and directly at his sibling, his tone rather stern, "Wandering the streets? Playing part time street performer while waiting for a contract to appear?" Nivalia breaks eye contact, her ear flicking a bit. The unicorn lets out a small sigh, continuing with a much calmer tone. "I'm sorry. I've already tried Niv; I filled out the paperwork but they still said no. My time as a guard is done." Foxtrot looks back at his glass, "I can't really blame them..." He becomes silent, the pony's gaze becoming more distant.

Nivalia leans back on her seat, not liking the direction of the conversation. Her ears do perk up when she gets an idea though, the mare manages to keep a relaxed facade over her growing excitement. "Hey, do you remember when we were kids..." A smile begins to form on her face, "And we would pull pranks all the time?"

A small trickle of a grin appears on Foxtrot's face as he remembers their past shenanigans, "Yea I do. Why?"

"Let's do one today, right now!" Nivalia answers, "Not on anypony we don't know. Last thing we need is to get in trouble; I doubt our adorableness would let us get away this time."

Foxtrot raises a hoof, "Whoa there! Speak for yourself." He lies back, crossing his hooves with a smug look, "I'm still adorable as hay if you ask me."

"It's funny that I wasn't asking." Nivalia retorts. She shakes her head to stay on track, "How about a challenge? The first to get five random ponies to hoof bump them wins. But, there's a catch."

"Isn't there always?" Foxtrot asks, his sly demeanor fading with a roll of his eyes. "What is it?"

Now with the upper hoof, Nivalia gets up, "Get your things, we have to go shopping for a few things first." Grabbing her knapsack, the mare starts a brisk trot down the street, Caprica herself beginning to look around as the python herself is a bit caught off guard.

Foxtrot immediately gets up, almost knocking his chair over as he slings over his backpack, guitar, and sword. Once his things are secured, he follows his sister to what he knows he'll be regretting later on.

Nivalia continues through the cobblestone roads at a brisk trot as Caprica looks at the passing ponies which give the snake a confused or interested glance. Foxtrot finally catches up and keeps pace with the mare, "So can you re-explain what we'll be doing exactly?"

"Simple." Nivalia replies, not looking over to him but instead at the stores that they begin to pass by. "You and I will get each other a ridiculous costume consisting of five pieces. We then stand in place and ask anypony who passes by for a hoof bump; if they do it then you don't have to do anything, if you get denied though you must put one one piece of the costume. Whoever has their costume on completely, which is the equivalent to five denials, loses. They then have to keep that outfit on for an entire hour in the market square."

Foxtrot shrugs, "Alright, you're on. A costume store isn't that far away either." Without warning the unicorn picks up his pace to a full jog, leaving Nivalia to play catch up. After a few minutes of traversing, the two finally end up at their destination, a small establishment showcasing its diverse outfits in the window front. Nivalia opens the door and enters first, silent as she looks on at the variety of crazy outfits, or rather possibilities, that she can choose. Foxtrot however, looks around and scans the outfits in a more strategic fashion, 'Huh, what costume would keep ponies from wanting to hoofbump her?'

Potato Ponie:
Potato Ponie was doing his routine patrols around Ponyville. Nothing was going on for the moment, though knowing Ponyville something was bound to show up and try to kill everypony or steal all the magic in town. Potato was walking down the street when he saw his faithful sidekick, Nivalia. He was about to trot over to her and see if she wanted to accompany him on his patrol, but saw that she was walking around with a different stallion.

Who was he? Friend? Family? Date? He hoped it wasn't a date. Might be for the best, all things considered. But still... Potato shakes any thoughts after that away. Well nothing was going on right now and there wasn't any particular thing he needed to get done so, guess what? Time to follow them!

Potato reaches into his cape and, after a minute of searching, pulls out a grappling hook. He fires the grappling hook at the ledge of a building and pulls himself up to the roof. He then follows Niv and her, uhhh, “acquaintance” is a good word for now, around on the rooftops, jumping across buildings and using his grappling hook where he needed to. They eventually went inside a costume shop for some reason Potato couldn't guess, though the “dirty” side of his starch powered mind had some rather amusing thoughts.

He was about to jump down from the building and go inside to follow them around some more, but then the part of the roof PoPo was standing on crashed in under him. Apparently the architects had skipped out on some rather important building codes. The potato themed superhero crashes directly on top of the orange-y, sorta brown-ish unicorn who PoPo would later find is called Foxtrot, probably named after the interpretive dance. Or maybe one of the 67 military nicknames for “bad guys.” Either one. Anywhooo, Potato lands directly on Fox, knocking the unicorn over.  Thankfully no rubble hits anypony in the shop, not that anypony but Foxtrot was in the 5 ft. radius of the destroyed roof part, though several sexy bunny outfits are damaged.

“Oh hi there, I’m Potato Ponie, local potato themed superhero. I was, ummm, doing a roof inspection then… Ok you know what, I’m a really bad liar. Truth be told, I was following you around then the roof crashed in under me.” Potato says while getting up. “Oh and are you ok?” He then asks after brushing himself off, holding a hoof out to Fox to help him up.

Foxtrot slightly shakes his head, straightening out the blurry vision as one hoof is on his head while the other is on his sword's handle. Once his vision clears he looks over to the caped pony, his explanation for his motives only prompts the unicorn to ever so slightly remove his katana from its sheathe. He looks around first to find Nivalia a safe distance away, although a slightly surprised look on her and Caprica's face isn't very reassuring either. Foxtrot looks back to Potato Ponie and his offered hoof, a grin appearing on his face, "Yea I'm alright. Now I'd like to know..." he grabs onto the pony's hoof, and quickly yanks himself up as the sword is pulled out of its holster. With a flash the edge of the blade hovers just an inch away from the caped pony's head. Foxtrot's tone remains calm and neutral, "Who sent you?"

"Oh relax Fox." Nivalia interrupts as she walks closer to the two. "He's not an assassin." Foxtrot opens his mouth to interjects but is cut off again by the mare, "Or a spy." Once again the unicorn tries to get a word in but closes his mouth as Nivalia continues, an expression of slight annoyance on his face, "Or an agent, or a bounty hunter or the Royal Guard or anypony else you seem to tick off." A slight pause surrounds them before the unicorn opens his mouth once before Nivalia asks with an annoyed tone "Oh what is it?"

"Is he crazy?" Foxtrot asks, weapon still kept close to the caped crusader.

Nivalia instantly sits down and crosses her arms, her left brow raised as she gives him a disapproving look, "Really? You of all ponies are asking that?" She glances a look over to Potato Ponie, a small smirk appearing on her face as she looks back to her brother and shrugs, "It's tolerable. Besides he's looking for me so don't get all loco on him; besides you suck at fighting anyway."

Foxtrot pauses for a moment before sheathing his katana and finally shaking the earth pony's still grasped hoof. "Fine, I guess I can ease off a bit." He looks over to Potato Ponie, "Sorry about that. In my occupation, 'I was following you around' tends to be a red flag." The unicorn let's go of the caped hero and takes a step back to give him some space. His tone becomes more relaxed as well. "My name's Foxtrot, and I assume you've met Niv before."

"Yes he has." Nivalia answers before looking to Potato Ponie, "So it's good to see you drop by. How are things going?"


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