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Oh no! A giant squid monster summoned by the evil Rita is attacking Manehattan! It's using its giant claws and explosive fire to destroy every building! Agilene runs out of her high school to fight the evil monster! She grabs her belt buckle Power Rangers morpher, and screams at the top of her lungs, "OH NO! RITA IS AT IT AGAIN WITH HER GIANT EVIL MONSTER FROM THE MOON! I MUST STOP HER!" Go Go Power Rangers plays in the background while Agilene holds her morpher in the air, "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME! TYRANNOSAURUS!"

Suddenly, there's a giant explosion. Coming out of that explosion is Agilene wearing red spandex, and a helmet that looks like a tyrannosaurus head. She raises her arms, "LOOK OUT, RITA! THE POWER RANGERS HAVE ARRIVED, AND WE'LL TAKE YOU DOWN! HYAAAAAAAAAAH!" As soon as she said this, an enormous explosion went off behind her.

Samiel Sirocco:
As Samiel exits the local bookstore with his new volumes to read, he looks up to see the giant monster attacking the city! "By the spirits! The city is under attack!" The Pegasus grabs his morphed and raises it into the air "Tis the time for morphing! Triceratops!" Instantly he's engulfed by a fiery explosion and peps out wearing blue spandex with a helmet shaped like a triceratops. Samiel does an explosive cartwheel off to Agilene and lands perfects with another explosion behind him. "It appears as though Rita shall be getting double the trouble!"

Agilene teleports beside Samiel and yells right next to his ear, all the while performing multiple martial arts arm gestures, "THIS MONSTER IS TOO BIG FOR JUST US! WE NEED THE MIGHT MORPHIN' DINO MEGAZORD! HYAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Agilene raises a hoof in the sky, "IT'S TIME FOR DINO ZORD POWER!!! HYAAAAAAAAAH!"

As soon as Agilene yelled this, a gigantic pony robot with the head of a tyrannosaurus rose from the ground in front of the rangers. As it rose, explosions went off in every building. So many explosions, it would be good enough to be Michael Bay's wet dream. Everyone around these explosions went deaf.

Meanwhile, the monster is stomping angrily, sending out more explosions with each stomp. If this were seen from space, it would be a light show for astronauts.

Samiel Sirocco:
Samiel watches as everything explodes, the stallion getting his ears plugs in before the wave of deafness is given all around. He follows Agilene's example and raises both of his hoofs in the sky and spreads his wings out, "Dino Zord Power! HRRAAAHHHH!" In an explosion of blue flames a triceratops looking robot erupts from the ground and rises next to the t-rex one. With a quick flap of his wings, Samiel lifts himself into the pilot's seat and swings his hoofs in an elaborate kung fu motions, "Time to send this monster back to the moon! Or the sea! Wherever it came from or at least into a giant explosion of death!" The robot lets out a loud glass shattering roar resembling that of a real dinosaur.

Agilene jumped into the air and landed in the cockpit of her giant pony dino megazord. She does more karate poses, while yelling through a megaphone, "IT'S TIME TO STOP YOU, MONSTER! THE POWER RANGERS ARE GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN WITH THE POWER OF OUR RANGER POWER RANGER POWERS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Her pony zord jumped into the air, "ZORDS COMBINE INTO THE MIGHTY MORPHIN PONY DINO POWER RANGER MEGAZORD! HYAAAAAAAAAH!" With that, her pony zord headed straight for Samiel's zord.


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