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Hugh Everett Makes Another Thread


Potato Ponie:
So, I've decided to make a little thread to compile alternate versions of our characters. Have a cool idea for how your OC could have been? Want to put you character in a slightly (or vastly) different setting? Well, here you go. This is just for funsies if you feel like doing it. You can get as ridiculous and weird as you want (within forum rules). So go nuts! I'll post some alternate versions of my characters here to help you guys out.

OC: Potato Ponie

Alternate version name: Idahoan Mashed Potato
Differences from forum PoPo: Well, Idaho isn't a potato themed superhero, but instead a regular potato farmer living in Ponyville. Minor personality differences, but mostly the same. Physically the same too, except Idaho doesn't wear a cape and mask.
Short Bio: Idaho moved to Ponyville shortly after his 21st birthday. He quickly bought an old farm, restored it, and set himself up as a potato farmer. He's been called a little crazy, a bit hardheaded, and a little reclusive, but he's generally a nice guy. (I'm not gonna further than that because I'd spoil a bit of regular PoPo's back story, even if its not entirely the same.
Other notes: Is also a female version named Potato Plow.

Alternate version name: Carrot Equene
Differences: Regular PoPo, just with carrots. Basically the same, just instead of having a brown coat has a light orange coat and has yellow hair with a green stripe down the middle.
Short bio: Recently moved to Equestria as the only carrot themed superhero in Equestria. A little crazy, always wearing a dark orange cape and mask around, and has a strong hatred for potatoes for some reason.
Other notes: No reason there couldn't be a female version.

Alternate version name: Potato Pit
Differences: A guard and local monster hunter in Ponyville. Has a pure black mane and usually wears light chainmail armor.
Short bio: A pony who can find nothing better to do than protect the innocent, even more likely to do so if a reward is offered. Though not  natural fighter, he's quite capable of himself and is pretty good with his bow The Starchinator.
Other notes: Again, no reason why there can't be a female version.

Those aren't the best, really, but I'll come back later and update them and add some other versions later on. I hope everyone is kinda getting what I'm trying to do. So yeah, have fun!

Potato Ponie:
Real quick, just to add, NO FALLOUT EQUESTRIA! Just sayin.


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