Author Topic: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition  (Read 64 times)

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Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:03:02 am »
Our characters are not typically one-dimensional, and not just living in the moment. Most of us have thought up multiple story elements to give them life, history, and depth. Whether they be how they spent their time living in a certain city, building their reputation up a certain way there, or how they might hold some kind of weekly/monthly/annual event that everypony in a town or city might know of, all of these help to make things more interesting.

So what is this thread for then, you ask?

Basically, it's for forum-wide resources.

It's for listing certain things about a character in an easy, bite-sized manner, things that perhaps a town or city might know about them as they've lived there almost their entire lives, or events that they might have held that would have made a name for themselves. It's, much like I said a moment ago, for creating resources for other members to incorporate in RP, either by giving them ways or locations to meet, or things to discuss in threads.

For example, for one of my characters, Slash Zephyr, I might mention in here that some thirty years ago when he settled down in Ponyville he helped establish a blacksmithing and tailoring shop with Patches. Or, for my character Honey Dew, I could say she has played her violin in various shows and events while growing up in Ponyville. The first example provides a location that might otherwise be unknown to anyone who didn't even know he existed, and the second provides opportunity for previous connections to be made, or even some kind of conversation starter. This thread could even, as the name of the thread suggests, be used to post several rumors about what citizens might be saying about your character--whether they be true, ambiguous, or farfetched.

In all, I just hoped to create something that would help the forum grow a little bit with some story elements to flesh it out some, as well as the characters within it.

Sister thread for Ponyville:

Thread is admin approved! ;p

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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 09:36:25 am »
Gonna kick this off with some Ryo rumours =D

-Ryo has been making small deliveries and running chores all around Canterlot since she began to "work" for Steel Ingot.

-Ryo filled the center of Canterlot's market square with "fake" gold bits when harassed by some nobles, causing lots of extra work for the royal guard when they had to track down and find all the fake bits some more greedy ponies managed to take away from the scene with them.

-Ryo was arrested after the "Bit incident" And after being released, the forge she worked in was momentarily closed for inspections.

-Ryo is considered as a "suspicious" pony for her nervousness around Guards.

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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2014, 01:06:35 am »
A few simple things for funsies. May rewrite this because blegh.

 - Haywire -

While Haywire isn't famous or well known around the city, he as well as his workshop share a reputation for being dangerous and are considered unsafe by most who live near him. Hay is also often times considered to be crazy or somehow "not all there" because of his behavior and inability to make sense when speaking with others about his work. Neither of these things are true of course and anyone can learn this by just meeting him themselves, but his neighbors still try to warn ponies off from going near his place for their own safety.

 - Mana and Thunder -

Both of the guards have plenty of rumors surrounding what they do during their work hours, this being because of how varied and often times "need to know" their missions are.

Note however that "need to know" doesn't always equate to a country wide threat or some such as plenty of their jobs have been simple and often times even innocent, hence the confusion and circulating rumors among other guards as to what exactly they are off doing and whether or not they should be worried or chuckling over it.

 - Sero -

Certain ponies familiar with more shady dealings in the city may have heard of one of his aliases that he uses when treasure hunting since it often causes him to brush up against certain groups. Other than that Sero isn't popular, though back in the day he was known by name by frequent visitors to the local library and some believed that he lived there with how he always seemed to be behind the desk or arranging books.

- Vita -

There's a silly idea going around that Vita is some kind of medical prodigy because of a few rather impressive life saving procedures shes pulled off. Ponies who have heard of her tend to ask for her, which often feeds the whole never being able to sleep problem she has.

- Marigold/Minos -

Marigold is well known around Canterlot due to them being involved with many businesses and what not. They're also known for plenty of charity events, supporting public services with donations and so on to keep their image in the public eye bright. This means most ponies see them as a good thing.

Minos on the other hand is more unknown to the public. They aren't unheard of, the common pony might know that they're around and guards would have an excuse to know about them since it's their job to know such things. The connection between Minos and Marigold could be made by guards or investigators focusing on figuring it out, but with no solid proof and the front Marigold presents, such a connection is treated as a rumor at best and a conspiracy theory at worst.

- Gladius -

All the guards think he's crazy because of an assignment a group he was apart of was given a few years back. When he and the rest returned from it most had new "issues" and all details regarding the whole affair were covered up. Plenty of fuel for theories and ideas among the guards. Most wild and ridiculous. Few nice.
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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2014, 09:24:46 pm »
There's a few things about my characters.

Jazz has been playing in various bars, restaurants, and the occasional concert for almost 30 years, so she may be somewhat recognizable.

Thyme's shop is part of the Marigold Consortium and has had a fair amount of advertisement by them. She carries various general potion goods, but would be most known for the wide variety of magical dyes and paints. She also stocks a number of rarer and more unusual ingredients.

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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Canterlot Edition
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2014, 01:07:06 pm »
- Clarity -

Clarity is somewhat well-known, at least among ponies near her age.  Most of what she's known for is being popular (for an Earth Pony) and quite flirtatious.  She likes to be a part of nearly every social gathering she can, hopefully in a position of some authority.  She has a great many number of ex-coltfriends, and has unfortunately garnered something of a reputation for how quickly she goes through them, though somehow it's never the former special someponies who seem to be spreading those rumors...

She's also known in certain circles as "that blind colt's sister", though not so many ponies see him in public that often.

- Clair -

As public as Clarity tends to be, Clair is usually the exact opposite.  Outside of his home, the only locations he's seen with any frequency are the hospital, library, and the spa.  He's never seen too far from one or more of his family, and those few social events he has gone to are at Clarity's behest.  She usually distracts from him.  It isn't that he's unlikable or really that looked down upon, ponies just tend to be uncomfortable in his presence and don't know how to act around him so they opt not to, which in turn fuels his desire usually to stay home.


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