Author Topic: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Ponyville Edition  (Read 104 times)

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Rumo(u)rs Abound: Ponyville Edition
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:02:03 am »
Our characters are not typically one-dimensional, and not just living in the moment. Most of us have thought up multiple story elements to give them life, history, and depth. Whether they be how they spent their time living in a certain city, building their reputation up a certain way there, or how they might hold some kind of weekly/monthly/annual event that everypony in a town or city might know of, all of these help to make things more interesting.

So what is this thread for then, you ask?

Basically, it's for forum-wide resources.

It's for listing certain things about a character in an easy, bite-sized manner, things that perhaps a town or city might know about them as they've lived there almost their entire lives, or events that they might have held that would have made a name for themselves. It's, much like I said a moment ago, for creating resources for other members to incorporate in RP, either by giving them ways or locations to meet, or things to discuss in threads.

For example, for one of my characters, Slash Zephyr, I might mention in here that some thirty years ago when he settled down in Ponyville he helped establish a blacksmithing and tailoring shop with Patches. Or, for my character Honey Dew, I could say she has played her violin in various shows and events while growing up in Ponyville. The first example provides a location that might otherwise be unknown to anyone who didn't even know he existed, and the second provides opportunity for previous connections to be made, or even some kind of conversation starter. This thread could even, as the name of the thread suggests, be used to post several rumors about what citizens might be saying about your character--whether they be true, ambiguous, or farfetched.

In all, I just hoped to create something that would help the forum grow a little bit with some story elements to flesh it out some, as well as the characters within it.

Sister thread for Canterlot:

Thread is admin approved! ;p

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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Ponyville Edition
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2014, 11:56:37 pm »
Marked Twine - Marked can be recognized by ponies with a strong interest in adventure novels as, while not fantastically famous, he is successful enough to at least have the occasional fan or pony remember his face or, more commonly, his cutie mark which he has printed onto the back pages of his books.

Other than his minor claim to some recognition, Marked is not popular among the locals of Ponyville as he usually stays in his home which is situated a little further out on the edge of town.

While much more rare, some avid readers may also recognize him from the few books he's occasionally written that delve into other genres.

Darrus - Darrus has only been in Ponyville for only a short while, but due to his mouth and confidence he's most likely already gained a small reputation around taverns and other popular hang out spots around town. Boastful, competitive and willing to exaggerate a few minor details, Darrus or one of his stories may be recognizable by ponies who frequent bars and the like and Darrus himself can be found there often when he has time to kill.

Marigold - The name is known, but they don't have much business in Ponyville beyond small deals and talks with shop owners on occasion as well as sometimes helping to fund and or organize larger events that may be taking place there.
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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Ponyville Edition
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2014, 03:39:23 pm »
- Schwambart! -

A. Capella Schwambart is a relative newcomer to Ponyville and hasn't really made much of a name for himself.  He has a few small-time art projects under his belt and his name is most often seen (though not very) as an advertisement of him looking for another to rake in a bit of cash.

On a personal level, he's seen around town a bit, mostly when running errands or some other thing.  He isn't much for social functions, usually only showing up if invited by somepony when he can't think of an excuse not to be there.  When he does go or when he's engaged in conversation, he usually lets somepony else lead the conversation and generally attempts to shift attention away from himself.  He always has some kind of joke on the tip of his tongue.

Nopony knows what his moniker A. stands for.  There has been some speculation, but it never seems to come up.

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Re: Rumo(u)rs Abound: Ponyville Edition
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2014, 08:40:07 am »
Honey Dew:

Ponies who've spent most of their life have probably seen Honey with her mother somewhere around the blacksmithing and tailor shop-house where she lived, often doing training exercises with the mare so she could become a Samareai. Coincidentally enough, nopony ever seems to know who or what the Samareai are, though this is mostly thanks to the clan being extremely reclusive in the past, even as far as there being negligible records of the clan in the Royal Archives.

When she wasn't training however, she was practicing with her violin--nearly every event held in Ponyville that had musical opportunities, Honey played her violin at, hoping to spread word about her talent.


Having picken up quite a few cues from the comic books she so enjoys, Nightingale has taken on the taxing "job" of tackling "crime" around Ponyville at night. Mostly, this consists of her disguising her colors and facial features with illusions, and running around Ponyville shooting illusory magic missiles at anyone she thinks is up to no good. Once spotted, she runs away as quickly as she can, often to dart into alleyways and create more illusions to keep her hidden until she can prowl again.

During the day, often when she could see Twilight in plain sight, Nightingale makes mocking and childish faces at the newly-appointed princess, not bothering at all to hide her distaste for the alicorn.
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