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Welcome Everypony
« on: September 09, 2013, 10:38:50 pm »
I would first like to say, thank you everyone for stopping by. Whether you are visiting just to see what's what, or you are planning to make RPisMagic your new hang out, we welcome all of you.

The Brony Boards is a site that operates for multiple reasons, the first and foremost reason being, that we wanted to provide an area of unmatched quality and standards that represents the best of not only all the facets of the Brony Community, but the Online RPing Community as well. We offer forums for many different forms of Role Playing here, as well as other forums for discussion of various topics pertaining to MLP:FiM the show and everything related to it. However, that is not to say that this site is purely Brony oriented. There are forums available to discuss many things not at all related to the community, its easy to get wrapped up in all the fun of enjoying candy coloured ponies, but we have to remember, that often times, we need a break to sit back and ask ourselves...."What's better, Football or Rugby?" Or whatever the case may be.

Here on the Brony Boards, we strive to treat all of our members with the respect and consideration that every individual deserves, and as such we expect for you to return the favour. The Brony Boards, are a safe environment that is taken care of by a wonderful team of admins and moderators. We are dedicated to making sure this site is run smoothly and fairly. As such we do not tolerate indecent behaviour that is indicative of immature, crude or disturbed individuals. Please remember, this is a site for everyone, and what you say or do online can effect others in the real world, so please, respect one another, and respect yourselves.

We want your stay to be one that you will remember, and will hopefully warrant its discussion among others in the online community. If you have any questions comments or concerns, you can address them in the either the HELP ME! Forum, or send a message to any moderator or admin. However, we ask that you respect the chain of command, and do not message them without proper cause. Also, remember, our Moderators are just as efficient as our Admins, so please, contact them first, if they are not able to help you then our Admins will.

Once again, thank you and enjoy your stay here on the Brony Boards.

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