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Title: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on June 09, 2014, 10:07:19 pm
A typical sunny day in Canterlot casts a serene setting for the ponies that wander about its streets going about their daily business. The smell of fresh coffee and baked goods surround two ponies as they sit back and engage in casual conversation. One, a brown unicorn donning a green jacket, glances over to his katana and guitar as it rests on his backpack laying against his seat. The other, a dark gray earth pony with multi-toned hair, simply sips her vanilla latte as her python is nonchalantly draped over her shoulders. The unicorn looks down, his glass of iced coffee is already empty; he directs his attention over to the mare ahead of him, "So, how are you liking Canterlot?"

The mare takes another sip of her drink before answering, "Big, fancy, full of life. It reminds me of home a bit, albeit a bit more..." She pauses, as she tries to think of the correct phrase to use.

"Stuck up?" the unicorn chuckles, stirring a giggle out of the pony in front of him.

"That's uh... one way of saying it." the mare answers. "There are some nice ponies here though. Although I'm surprised you're still staying here. I was in Ponyville not too long ago, you would love it there."

The unicorn nods, "Yea, I actually stayed there for a few days. It was a nice place; not too crowded, not too... stuffy either."

The earth pony puts down her latte, a trickle of fizz inches down the cup as well as some condensation on the glass. "Why didn't you stay Fox?" she asks, a brow slightly raised in curiosity.

The stallion remains silent for a moment, his hoof reaches over to his glass and he begins to tilt it, looking down at the empty base already knowing to expect nothing inside, "I wanted to Niv. I almost did. But... things happened, circumstances changed and..." Foxtrot pauses, letting the glass go and wobble for a moment before coming to a standstill, "Well, here I am." His gaze still remains on the glass, the previous grin he had has now faded away.

Nivalia nods, already knowledgeable of the kind of business her younger brother was involved in, and the kind of trouble that he normally gets into. Her expression shows more concern as she leans forward, Caprica still remaining in place. "Fox, why don't you go back to the Royal Guard? It's gotta be better than, well..." Once again Nivalia finds herself looking for the right words, knowing well that she's treading on a sensitive issue.

Foxtrot looks up and directly at his sibling, his tone rather stern, "Wandering the streets? Playing part time street performer while waiting for a contract to appear?" Nivalia breaks eye contact, her ear flicking a bit. The unicorn lets out a small sigh, continuing with a much calmer tone. "I'm sorry. I've already tried Niv; I filled out the paperwork but they still said no. My time as a guard is done." Foxtrot looks back at his glass, "I can't really blame them..." He becomes silent, the pony's gaze becoming more distant.

Nivalia leans back on her seat, not liking the direction of the conversation. Her ears do perk up when she gets an idea though, the mare manages to keep a relaxed facade over her growing excitement. "Hey, do you remember when we were kids..." A smile begins to form on her face, "And we would pull pranks all the time?"

A small trickle of a grin appears on Foxtrot's face as he remembers their past shenanigans, "Yea I do. Why?"

"Let's do one today, right now!" Nivalia answers, "Not on anypony we don't know. Last thing we need is to get in trouble; I doubt our adorableness would let us get away this time."

Foxtrot raises a hoof, "Whoa there! Speak for yourself." He lies back, crossing his hooves with a smug look, "I'm still adorable as hay if you ask me."

"It's funny that I wasn't asking." Nivalia retorts. She shakes her head to stay on track, "How about a challenge? The first to get five random ponies to hoof bump them wins. But, there's a catch."

"Isn't there always?" Foxtrot asks, his sly demeanor fading with a roll of his eyes. "What is it?"

Now with the upper hoof, Nivalia gets up, "Get your things, we have to go shopping for a few things first." Grabbing her knapsack, the mare starts a brisk trot down the street, Caprica herself beginning to look around as the python herself is a bit caught off guard.

Foxtrot immediately gets up, almost knocking his chair over as he slings over his backpack, guitar, and sword. Once his things are secured, he follows his sister to what he knows he'll be regretting later on.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on June 13, 2014, 08:48:20 pm
Nivalia continues through the cobblestone roads at a brisk trot as Caprica looks at the passing ponies which give the snake a confused or interested glance. Foxtrot finally catches up and keeps pace with the mare, "So can you re-explain what we'll be doing exactly?"

"Simple." Nivalia replies, not looking over to him but instead at the stores that they begin to pass by. "You and I will get each other a ridiculous costume consisting of five pieces. We then stand in place and ask anypony who passes by for a hoof bump; if they do it then you don't have to do anything, if you get denied though you must put one one piece of the costume. Whoever has their costume on completely, which is the equivalent to five denials, loses. They then have to keep that outfit on for an entire hour in the market square."

Foxtrot shrugs, "Alright, you're on. A costume store isn't that far away either." Without warning the unicorn picks up his pace to a full jog, leaving Nivalia to play catch up. After a few minutes of traversing, the two finally end up at their destination, a small establishment showcasing its diverse outfits in the window front. Nivalia opens the door and enters first, silent as she looks on at the variety of crazy outfits, or rather possibilities, that she can choose. Foxtrot however, looks around and scans the outfits in a more strategic fashion, 'Huh, what costume would keep ponies from wanting to hoofbump her?'
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on June 20, 2014, 04:04:04 am
Potato Ponie was doing his routine patrols around Ponyville. Nothing was going on for the moment, though knowing Ponyville something was bound to show up and try to kill everypony or steal all the magic in town. Potato was walking down the street when he saw his faithful sidekick, Nivalia. He was about to trot over to her and see if she wanted to accompany him on his patrol, but saw that she was walking around with a different stallion.

Who was he? Friend? Family? Date? He hoped it wasn't a date. Might be for the best, all things considered. But still... Potato shakes any thoughts after that away. Well nothing was going on right now and there wasn't any particular thing he needed to get done so, guess what? Time to follow them!

Potato reaches into his cape and, after a minute of searching, pulls out a grappling hook. He fires the grappling hook at the ledge of a building and pulls himself up to the roof. He then follows Niv and her, uhhh, “acquaintance” is a good word for now, around on the rooftops, jumping across buildings and using his grappling hook where he needed to. They eventually went inside a costume shop for some reason Potato couldn't guess, though the “dirty” side of his starch powered mind had some rather amusing thoughts.

He was about to jump down from the building and go inside to follow them around some more, but then the part of the roof PoPo was standing on crashed in under him. Apparently the architects had skipped out on some rather important building codes. The potato themed superhero crashes directly on top of the orange-y, sorta brown-ish unicorn who PoPo would later find is called Foxtrot, probably named after the interpretive dance. Or maybe one of the 67 military nicknames for “bad guys.” Either one. Anywhooo, Potato lands directly on Fox, knocking the unicorn over.  Thankfully no rubble hits anypony in the shop, not that anypony but Foxtrot was in the 5 ft. radius of the destroyed roof part, though several sexy bunny outfits are damaged.

“Oh hi there, I’m Potato Ponie, local potato themed superhero. I was, ummm, doing a roof inspection then… Ok you know what, I’m a really bad liar. Truth be told, I was following you around then the roof crashed in under me.” Potato says while getting up. “Oh and are you ok?” He then asks after brushing himself off, holding a hoof out to Fox to help him up.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on June 20, 2014, 07:58:18 pm
Foxtrot slightly shakes his head, straightening out the blurry vision as one hoof is on his head while the other is on his sword's handle. Once his vision clears he looks over to the caped pony, his explanation for his motives only prompts the unicorn to ever so slightly remove his katana from its sheathe. He looks around first to find Nivalia a safe distance away, although a slightly surprised look on her and Caprica's face isn't very reassuring either. Foxtrot looks back to Potato Ponie and his offered hoof, a grin appearing on his face, "Yea I'm alright. Now I'd like to know..." he grabs onto the pony's hoof, and quickly yanks himself up as the sword is pulled out of its holster. With a flash the edge of the blade hovers just an inch away from the caped pony's head. Foxtrot's tone remains calm and neutral, "Who sent you?"
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on June 20, 2014, 10:49:51 pm
"Oh relax Fox." Nivalia interrupts as she walks closer to the two. "He's not an assassin." Foxtrot opens his mouth to interjects but is cut off again by the mare, "Or a spy." Once again the unicorn tries to get a word in but closes his mouth as Nivalia continues, an expression of slight annoyance on his face, "Or an agent, or a bounty hunter or the Royal Guard or anypony else you seem to tick off." A slight pause surrounds them before the unicorn opens his mouth once before Nivalia asks with an annoyed tone "Oh what is it?"

"Is he crazy?" Foxtrot asks, weapon still kept close to the caped crusader.

Nivalia instantly sits down and crosses her arms, her left brow raised as she gives him a disapproving look, "Really? You of all ponies are asking that?" She glances a look over to Potato Ponie, a small smirk appearing on her face as she looks back to her brother and shrugs, "It's tolerable. Besides he's looking for me so don't get all loco on him; besides you suck at fighting anyway."

Foxtrot pauses for a moment before sheathing his katana and finally shaking the earth pony's still grasped hoof. "Fine, I guess I can ease off a bit." He looks over to Potato Ponie, "Sorry about that. In my occupation, 'I was following you around' tends to be a red flag." The unicorn let's go of the caped hero and takes a step back to give him some space. His tone becomes more relaxed as well. "My name's Foxtrot, and I assume you've met Niv before."

"Yes he has." Nivalia answers before looking to Potato Ponie, "So it's good to see you drop by. How are things going?"
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on June 25, 2014, 03:14:47 am
Potato doesn’t even flinch when Fox shoves a katana about an inch away from his face. “You know, considering you had that in a sheath you were wearing this whole time I saw that coming. And this isn't the first time I've had swords shoved in my face. Actually its like my 112th.” He says in a rather casual tone.

He then comes up with a plan to subdue Fox if needed. Considering Fox's position an elbow to his leg holding the katana *should* be enough to disarm him or at least knock him off balance. Then flip him on his back and a kick to his groin is enough to make any stallion go down. Though violence is only a last resort.

“Oh well I was sent here by my home country for reasons that don’t concern you.” PoPo says in response to Fox’s question.

“Oh well actually I was a spy for a bit. I was also an agent for multiple organizations and my job is SORTA like bounty hunting but doesn't make me a morally grey character.” Potato tries to say in response to Niv saying what he isn’t, though he’s ignored.

“You know I get that question a lot.” PoPo then tries to interject at Fox asking if he’s crazy, though he’s ignored again.

Wait, he’s TOLERABLE? Well thank you Nivalia, he didn't consider you as a trustworthy friend anyways.

Oh, PoPo didn’t even realize he was still holding Fox’s hoof. Well Fox sounds like one of those war scarred veterans who say cheesy things like “What makes a great soldier? Is it his brain, or his heart?” then goes into rather drawn out monologues about it. Still, he couldn’t be a bad guy.

“Yeah Niv’s my sidekick since, you know, potato themed superhero.” Says as he shakes Fox’s hoof back.  He then turns to Niv. “Oh well it’s going good. Fall from a roof and get an enchanted katana shoved in my face. Its never a good day until THAT sorta skitabachi happens.”
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on June 25, 2014, 08:02:34 pm
"Well of course not." Nivalia replies with a clever smirk, "If it didn't happen then all that time running around with a cape and mask would be for nothing." Caprica decides to greet the familiar arrival by slithering off her owner and onto the caped crusader, lightly tightening her grip around his foreleg "Hmm, well at least Caprica likes you enough to give you a hug."

Nivalia's attention is drawn however to the bunny outfits near the two stallions' hooves, "Hey Fox, how about you wear one of those?" she says as she points to a particularly fire red one.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on June 25, 2014, 08:14:03 pm
Foxtrot turns around and looks at the outfit behind him, "That one?" He steps over to it and picks it up, "The material looks good but red's not my color. In fact I don't really know what my color is. Perhaps a navy blue or emerald gree- oh hey look at that." The unicorn cuts off as he drops the outfit, "You can dress as a clown, there are tons of ponies afraid of clowns. Besides you need a costume if you're going to be crime fighting with vegetable vengeance over here." He turns to Potato Ponie, "Ok, maybe you can help me. I need to find an embarrassing outfit for my sis to wear if she loses a prank. What are your recommendations?"
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on July 04, 2014, 02:44:44 am
Potato quickly looks around the store. “Well umm… Hey wait, did you say sister?” Potato then gives Fox and Niv a quick look over.

“Hmmm, you two don’t look very much alike...” He then quickly pauses as he looks at something behind Niv. “Oh, and for costumes, I have the best idea!” Potato says before rushing off.

The potato themed superhero comes back a minute later with a giant bee costume. “Niv, this is a matter of the utmost importance. Put on this bee costume so we can all laugh at you. If you don’t, I’ll be really disappointed.” He then hands Nivalia the bee costume.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on July 04, 2014, 02:11:57 pm
Nivalia looks at the costume with a curious look, "A bee? Hmm..." She shrugs, "Alright, I guess I can wear this. Not now though, our deal was that if I don't get a hoof bump from somepony I ask, I put a piece of it on." The mare picks it up, flipping it around to get a good view of the whole outfit. "What do you think Fox?" Meanwhile, Caprica stays in the same position for a moment before slithering up and over Potato Ponie's shoulders, resting once more out of pure laziness.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on July 06, 2014, 09:25:59 pm
Foxtrot shrugs, "Meh, a bee is alright. Not many ponies like to hoof bump bees." The unicorn begins wandering away from the debris caused by crash and continues to looks around. "Alright so we got your costume set Niv, now time for mine." He picks up a giant hotdog suit, but places it back, "Nah, that won't work." Foxtrot glances over to Potato Ponie, "Hey chief, you got any suggestions?"
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on July 09, 2014, 01:26:31 am
Potato looks around. “Ummmm… Oh! One second.” Potato Ponie then rushes off once more. He returns a second later with a giant fox costume and hands it to Fox. “Try this. You can TROT around in this FOX costume all day.” Potato says with a snicker, laughing at his own joke.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on July 09, 2014, 06:22:19 pm
As soon as Nivalia hears the bad pun, she places her hoof over her mouth to hide her chuckles, "I get it, Fox and Trot." Her giggles grow a bit more as she lets out a small laugh, even letting out a small snort before quickly silencing herself with a cough. "Uh, ok then, let's get this paid for. Like now." The mare takes the costumes to the front desk and pays for the whole thing. Tossing the Fox costume to her brother she begins to trot to the door, "Alright boys, let's get going. There's a unicorn that needs a pranking and a mare that's expecting a win."
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Post by: Foxtrot on July 09, 2014, 06:39:19 pm
Foxtrot however remains silent as the two ponies next to him chuckle at the Potato Ponie's joke, expressing a simple sigh and a roll of the eyes. As he waits for the costumes to get paid, he looks back up at the ceiling, seeing clear skies above until the impact of his costume hitting him shakes him out of his daydreaming. He looks down at his getup, the ears and tail poking out of the bag, before following Nivalia and Caprica out the door. Once outside, Foxtrot finds a decent amount of ponies walking around, just enough to decide who will end up in a silly costume and who will look only partially humorous. "Ok, the plaza isn't too far away. We can do this by the fountain if you two want."
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on July 10, 2014, 01:25:32 am
Potato is quite pleased with himself because of his joke. He got Niv to laugh at least. Despite her snorting she still had a nice laugh…

Potato follows Nivalia up to the front desk as she pays. he hoped she wasn't spending too many bits on this. Wait, did he still owe Niv a paycheck? Meh, he’d pay her later. He then follows her and Fox outside.

“You guys can do whatever, I’m just gonna sit down and watch this. Should be fairly entertaining." Potato states matter-of-factly in response to Fox's statement.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on July 14, 2014, 06:23:51 pm
Nivalia trots over to the fountain, enjoying the light most that eminated from it, a nice change from the balmy weather above. Her brother follows, and they both stand a few meters away from each other. "Alright Fox, you know the drill." Nivalia says as she takes her costume out. She breaks the outfit down to five pieces, placing them in a neat pile next to her. Her gaze then focuses on her bag, already filled with one python, before looking over to Potato Ponie, "Hey, can you watch my things in the meantime?"
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Post by: Foxtrot on July 14, 2014, 07:01:46 pm
Foxtrot walks over to the fountain with Nivalia and looks it over, recalling a few times he had a late night dip when no one was around. Nodding to her statement the unicorn places his bag down and lays his costume out, a tad less neater than his sister but oh well. When she asks the caped pony to watch her things he looks down at his own equipment. "Yea I might need somepony to keep an eye out for my stuff too. If that's not too much to ask?"
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Potato Ponie on July 21, 2014, 09:05:23 pm
“Oh yeah, no problem.” Potato says as he grabs both Niv’s and Fox’s bags. “I am nothing if not a bag carrier.” He then sarcastically adds.

He takes the pairs stuff and goes over to a nearby bench, sits down, and sets the stuff down next to hi as he prepares to watch Niv embarrass herself and everything probably go horribly wrong.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on July 26, 2014, 03:59:52 pm
Once Potato Ponie takes their things Nivalia does one final stretch before boasting to her brother, "So Fox, you ready to lose?"

"After you Niv." Foxtrot retorts. He spots a stallion approaching the two, "Here, you can have the first one; ladies first, although I'm not sure how well you fit in that category."
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Post by: Nivalia on July 26, 2014, 04:02:10 pm
Nivalia gives Foxtrot a snide look before correcting herself to a pleasant smile as she looks to the approaching stallion. "Hey there sir; can I get a hoof bump?" The stranger stops for a moment and looks down at the costume lined up on the floor. The mare opens her eyes a bit more, fluttering her lashes at him for good measure. With a shrug the stallion hoof bumps Nivalia and continues on his way. The mare looks at Foxtrot with the most smug look, her brother responding with a blank but rather peeved stare. "Your turn hermano."

As the two ponies continue their competition, Caprica begins to rustle around in the bag. After a few moments the python pokes her head out, tongue flicking in the air as she tastes the particles around her. She looks up to the caped stallion watching the bag and slithers out onto the bench. Once she's next to him Caprica coils up in a neat ball and looks over to Nivalia and Foxtrot, enjoying the spectacle just as it starts.
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Post by: Potato Ponie on August 05, 2014, 03:30:40 am
Potato Ponie watches as Niv gets a hoof bump. He wasn't going to cheer or anything. Well, no explosions yet, so that's a plus. PoPo shifts around a little bit on the bench and lets out  a heavy sigh. This turned out to be a little more boring than he’d thought it’d be.

Potato reaches into his Cape of M-Theory and grabs a potato. As he munches on the tubular and very important starch filled veggie, he notices Caprica slither onto the bench and curl up next to him. “So… How’s it going there Cap?” He says in between bites out of pure boredom, calling Caprica “Cap”.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Foxtrot on August 06, 2014, 08:42:18 pm
Foxtrot gives off an irritated sigh as Nivalia boasts her accomplishment. Spotting another stallion approaching he raises his hoof as the pedestrian gets close. "Hey up top!" Foxtrot is surely disappointed as the stallion walks by without even giving him a glance.

"Ha! Shot down!" Nivalia shouts, giggling as she looks at her brother's costume pieces. She points to one of them, "Get that tail on Fox, you know you want to!"

Foxtrot remains silent as he picks up the tail, staring daggers at his competition the whole way through. He breaks contact to focus on clipping the tail onto his own. With a small snap the tail is attached and the unicorn gives it a few swishes to make sure it won't fall off.
Title: Re: Dressing For The Part
Post by: Nivalia on August 06, 2014, 08:46:33 pm
Nivalia laughs for a few moments, "Looking rather foxy there if I do say so myself." She spots another passerby and raises her hoof, "Am I right?" The mare trotting by looks at Niv for a moment before walking off, not wanting to be any part of what was going on. Nivalia's smile diminishes as she realizes her hoof has gone unbumped.

The unicorn in front of her laughs this time, "Oh! Denied! Go on, put on the bee butt!" He sports a smirk the entire time Nivalia grumbles to herself as she puts on a piece of her costume. The end result looking quite... peculiar.

As the two continue making fools of themselves, Caprica looks over to Potato Ponie. She yawns, opening her mouth, unhinging her jaw and bearing her teeth for a moment before closing it again. The python shifts her body around until her head is plopped right on her midsection; the rest of her body acting as a pillow as she watches the two ponies by the fountain.
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Post by: Potato Ponie on August 16, 2014, 12:19:55 am
Potato might comment on how weird this all is, but… He’s a potato themed superhero. Not really his place to say what is and isn’t weird. PoPo laughs as Fox puts on his foxy tail and Niv gains a bee but. He looks back over at Caprica to see her curled up in a ball. Must be nice to be able to curl up like that. Potato continues watching Niv and Fox make fools of themselves, a bit lost in his own thoughts.
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Post by: Foxtrot on September 19, 2014, 09:47:25 am
A few minutes have passed and the two pones are now almost fully costumed, already drawing a small crowd around. Foxtrot lifts his hoof once more, giving a lively hoof bump to a passerby who seems to have joined in just to be part of the experience. The unicorn looks over to the earth pony opposite of him, "Alright Niv. Just give up now and finish your costume. I'll cut the time in half that you have to stay like that."

"Uh huh." Nivalia replies quite flatly, "Half the time, I'm sure I can guarantee that when you lose. Besides, those ears are quite a nice addition to your look.' The mare raises her hoof, another onlooker coming up and bumping back before returning to her friends with a giggle. She gives Foxtrot a smug look as she rests her hoof down.

Seeing Nivalia get another pony to help her didn't really phase him as Foxtrot stretches his front legs out and let out a small yawn. Sleeping hasn't been a strong habit for him and at times it shows throughout the day. 'Let's see, looks like there's another pony coming, should be an ea-' Foxtrot's thoughts pause as he spots a trio of guards rounding the corner and heading straight towards them. Almost instantly the unicorn reaches over to his mask and places it on his face. "Alright Niv, you win." Not even waiting for a response he trots over to the fountain, looking over to his reflection to see the end result.
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Post by: Nivalia on September 19, 2014, 10:14:35 am
Nivalia remains slightly speechless as she sees Foxtrot easily surrender, and just as another pony was approaching him. The crowd give off some disappointing sighs, although a few do applause for the show itself. The mare reaches down and begins to pick up her bags and mask but stops when she notices the approaching guards in the corner of her eye. Giving one glance back to Fox, she returns to picking up her things and walking over to the fountain as well. "So I'm guessing since you're going to be wearing that for a while, we go somewhere nice to show it off."

Foxtrot chuckles, "Yeah, at least this mask covers most of my face. The tail is getting itchy though." He adjusts his mask once more before looking back to his reflection. "So, do you know what the weather is for tomorrow?"

Nivalia looks up from her reflection, eyes scanning around them and peeks over her shoulder. The mare finds the three guards have now passed them without notice and were on their way out of the marketplace. "I'm seeing clear skies for tomorrow if you ask me."

"Good to know." Foxtrot replies, finally turning back to the spot where their competition took place; his bags still resting on the ground. "Alright, let's get going then. I need something to distract how silly I look right now." The unicorn trots over to his bags and picks them up.

Nivalia follows him but walks over to the bench as he gathers his things. Sitting next to the caped pony and balled up python, "Well, nice to see you two are getting along nicely." She reaches her hoof out to her pet, who uncurls and slithers up her leg and eventually wrap herself around Nivalia's shoulders. "So Potato, anywhere you want to go? I don't mind since I wont have to be wearing this anymore." The pony reaches over and begins to take off her bee costume.
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Post by: Potato Ponie on September 20, 2014, 09:40:54 pm
Potato stretches as Nivalia trots over. "Well, not counting the impossible to get to or dangerous places and assuming alternate dinensions are out, then how aboooout..." Potato responds to Niv's question, taking a monent think about it. "Oh, I know! How about Wacky's Fun Pit! They have slides and this realky huge ball pit! Some say it goes on forever!" Potato exclaims, his eyes wide with excitement. He tgen quickly looks around and clears his tgroat before saying "You know, if you guys want to..."
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Post by: Foxtrot on September 23, 2014, 02:57:24 pm
Foxtrot walk over to Potato Ponie and Niv, just reaching them in time to hear the words 'Wacky's Fun Pit'. He gives a curious look at how excited the caped pony was to go there. His sudden nonchalance not really helping in hiding his joy. The unicorn shrugs, "I wouldn't mind. They do have a decent arcade at least." He tilts his mask, making sure it's snug, "Besides, I'm wearing this mask so if I see anypony I know, I'm well hidden."
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Post by: Nivalia on September 23, 2014, 02:57:40 pm
Nivalia looks between Potato and Foxtrot as they explain their new destination. "Oh, I've never been there before. Yea we can go there, as long as one of you two lead us there." She looks down to Caprica, remembering her python may not be allowed inside; she pats the snake's head a couple of times, "Ir a dormir (go to sleep), Caprica." The python, already draped around the mare's shoulders, lets out a yawn before slithering into Nivalia's bag. "Alright, I'm ready to go."
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Post by: Potato Ponie on September 26, 2014, 10:59:45 pm
"Yay!" Potato exclaims in weird childish delight as Niv and Fox agree to go to Wacky's Fun Pit. "Ooooh, first we should go in the bouncy house! Then in the arcade!" Potato makes remarks like these the entire way there, randomly exclaining what the three should do.

"Oh, Fox, you wanna play Call Of Apples: The Juicing with me in the arcade?" Potato asks Fox after a minute of exclaiming what tgey should do, referring to a popular first person platforms puzzle action adventure survival game. About apples. Yep.
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Post by: Foxtrot on September 30, 2014, 03:58:21 pm
Although Foxtrot has heard of the Call of Apples series, he's never had the chance to play any of them. "Sure, my skills might be a bit rusty though." He looks down at the paws he has equipped as part of his costume, "Then there are these things. Ah well, I'll give it a shot. Plus I heard they have decent food there."

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Post by: Potato Ponie on October 01, 2014, 10:22:15 pm
Potato was literally hopping as they neared closer to the famed children's fun zone. "Yeah. They have french fries and... And... They have french fries!" Potato says, apparently only caring about french fries.

After a minute, Wacky's in sight. "Hey, guys, I'll race you there!" Potato says before dashing off in a starchy ball of weird childish delight.
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Post by: Foxtrot on October 03, 2014, 06:11:36 pm
As Potato Ponie dashes towards Wacky's, Foxtrot and Nivalia pick up their pace; although they're going faster, it's not by much. The unicorn slow down a bit to fix his mask, then continues to keep pace with Nivalia. "So Niv, I gotta ask. Where did you find this guy?" He glances to the caped pony as he nears the door. "I've come across some interesting characters in my life but he''s uh... Not who I would expect you to be travelling with."
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Nivalia looks over to Foxtrot as the two continue towards the building, "Yea, he is different... Quite different actually." The mare pauses, a small smile appearing on her face. "I ran into him outside of Ponyville. He's nice; plus I'm always walking around with a python so I can't really say anything. Can you try to get along with him? I don't want to have to split up any fights."

Foxtrot nods, "Yea I know. I wasn't bothered by it just... caught off guard. Your last coltfriends were nothing like hi-OW!" The stallion flinches as his sister punches him on the shoulder.

"He's not my coltfriend!" Nivalia hastily whispers before returning to his normal tone. "He is simply a friend of mine who I assist with certain ventures."

"Uh huh, yea that's exactly it." Foxtrot flatly replies, a tone of sarcasm in his voice. "Did he woo you in with his cape of mystery?" The unicorn let's out a light chuckle before once again being punched in the same spot, "Ah jeez Niv! Relax will ya?"

"Hmph!' The mare scoffs as the two finally reach the entrance, "Well here we are, just one moment." Nivalia opens her bag, making sure Caprica is still sleeping snugly inside before closing it again, "Alright, I'm ready to go."
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Potato is too busy racing off to hear any of Niv and Fox's conversation, though he would also deny being Niv's coltfriend."Cooooome on guys!" Potato impatiently says as he reaches the door of Wacky's and the others are still behind. Once the pair are at the door with him Potato says in an excited voice "Ok then, lets go!" and opens the door.

Or, he tries to open the door at least, but finds it locked. Potato is confused at first. But then, he notices the closed sign on the door. It was Saturday. Wacky's was closed on Saturdays... Potato turns around and looks at Nivalia and Fox with a sad look on his face. A look of crushed dreams. A look of happiness destroyed. And, most importantly, a look of denied french fries.
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Foxtrot looks at the sign, then at the building itself in silence before looking to the others, "That's... what? Th- that's a terrible business practice right there. Do you realize  how much money a kids entertainment center would get for being open on saturday? A lot. Wow I'm actually kind of disappointed. I mean, not the fact that's closed for us, but it's closed in general. I mean... really?" He shrugs, "I don't know, maybe I'm getting too worked up over it." He trots over to the window and peers inside, "What a waste."
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Nivalias ears fold back at the sound of the news, "Oh it's closed? That's terrible." She looks over to Potato Ponie, "Was there anywhere else you wanted to go? Or perhaps you want to break and enter?"

Foxtrot turns around and gives Nivalia a rather cross look, "Breaking in? Really Niv that's an option?"

The mare rolls her eyes, "Oh stop acting like a total saint Fox, we both know the stunts you pulled back in the day were much worse. Besides I'm only listing our options, not condoning or endorsing either of them." She looks to the building, the inside much darker without the many lights. "So what's the plan then?"
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Post by: Potato Ponie on October 12, 2014, 01:04:32 am
"Well we're not breaking in. I am still a superhero." Potato sadly says. He then lets out a long, rather depressing sigh. "Its fine, I guess. I just, you know, never really been to one of these kinds of places." Potato then adds, motioning to Wacky's.

Potato lets out another sigh as he trots away. "I'll just be over here..." PoPo then proceeds to walks into a corner and put his head in it. It then started to rain on Potato, and only Potato, as a pegasus on a cloud above him was jumping on the cloud, giggling as they made it rain on the already sad superhero.

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Foxtrot pulls out his guitar and slings it over to the pegasus over Potato Ponie, knocking them out of the sky and dropping them onto the ground, "Jerk." The unicorn walks over to the caped pony and offers a hoof, "C'mon buddy, you can't let this get to you. Was there anywhere else you wanted to check out? I mean, we can sneak in if you really wanted to."
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"We're not gonna sneak in Fox, give it a rest." Nivalia interjects right after. "How about we go somewhere else?" Her ears perk up as she gets an idea, "Oh! I know the museum is having a few special exhibitions this month?"

"How much is it?" Foxtrot asks as he trots over to his guitar and plucks it from the ground.

Nivalia taps her hoof for a moment, "With us three it would cost 157 bits. However, I have a pass that can get us all in for free." She walks over to the caped pony, what do you think Potato?"
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Post by: Potato Ponie on October 15, 2014, 10:37:49 pm
The ten year old pegasus that was making it rain on Potato ran away crying as he was knocked to the ground. Great. You just made a ten year old cry. You monster.

Potato sighs as he takes Fox's hoof. "Yeah, I guess we can go to the museum." Potato says as Niv suggests it, not too enthused about the idea.
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Foxtrot walks over to his musical instrument and picks it up, smiling with the knowledge that his aim was still that good. "The museum sounds good I suppose. Always interesting to see what new exhibits they have. I recall one with medieval era technology, rather strange but... well, strange."
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Nivalia rolls her eyes at the two stallions and their remarks about a learning opportunity like this. "Oh c'mon, it'll be fun! I love going to museums, aquariums, zoos, and observatories amongst others. I mean, you have fun while learning! Why aren't there more of these places in existence?"

Foxtrot interjects, "Maybe it's because... I got nothing. I like going to those two; our parents took us to them all the time when we moved throughout the years." He looks over to Nivalia with a smirk, "Remember when we went to the Baltimare Aquarium? You had that giant stingray that kept circling around the pool to you?"

Nivalia chuckles, "Oh my goodness everytime he came around he acted like he's never seen me before. Then every time I pet him he would look up and flap his big old fins around. Then he would slide off around the pool like it was the best thing in the world... It was adorable though." The mare begins trotting at a rather brisk pace down the street towards the center of Canterlot, "Let's get going guys! The exhibits await!"
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Potato trots after Nivalia. "Do they have anything cool there? Like, Phoenixes or Nemean Lions?" Potato asks as he follows Niv. "Its been a while since I've seen any really cool animals." Potato adds, seeming to cheer up a bit at the prospect of "cool" animals.
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Foxtrot follows Nivalia and Potato Ponie as they make their way towards the museum, "I'm sure they have a few exhibits that features some creatures. I'm looking forward to the astrological displays as well as nature, it was there that I learned that plants and trees keep soil in place, without it, mudslides would occur all the time." He turns to the mare, "I know the museum has their usual displays, but don't they change their special exhibits every few months?"
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Post by: Nivalia on October 23, 2014, 11:18:24 pm
Nivalia looks back towards her brother and answers, "Yea most museums usually do. I haven't been to the one here in Canterlot so we'll be in for a surprise today." The mare then glances down to her bag, "I also packed snacks and juice in case either of you get hungry." After some time of walking, the Canterlot Museum of Natural History begins to appear on the horizon, "Oh we're almost there!" Nivalia says with some giddiness and a spring in her step.
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Potato follows Niv to the museum. "You think they have an art exhibit? I do like art." Potato asks as they near the museum.
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Foxtrot looks up at the museum as the three approach the entrance. "I'm not sure they would have art in this one, but I know the Royal Museum of Art isn't too far away." Upon entering the building the trio is met with an astonishing display of exhibits featuring exotic creatures, flora, inventions and much more. Of course there's a class of school children having a field day there but they remain mostly behaved. Security is basic with a few guards either patrolling the halls or remaining stationary at one particular display. In the front is the desk where an attendant is seated to greet any new arrivals.
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Nivalia briskly trots over to the front desk as Caprica rests snugly inside her bag. "Hi, three tickets please." She reaches into her bag and shuffles her hoof around the python to pull out her pass. "Full bundle please."

The employee nods and scans the pass before retrieving three tickets for the trio. "If you need assistance for anything, please feel free to ask the staff."

"Thank you." Nivalia replies, taking a map placed on the desk as well. Turning back to Foxtrot and Potato Ponie, she opens the map up and reads it out. "Alright, let's see what we have here... Pony Anatomy, meh. Ores Through the Core, ok... Dragons and Dungeons... Uh, 'See dragons and their natural lairs, as well as improvised ones throughout history.' Nivalia shrugs, "No art here. I mean, there's Natural Art, but that's just landscapes and rock formations. I don't know, what do you two think?"
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Potato shrugs. "Dragons sound cool, I guess. And I like dungeons. Dungeons and Dragons seems to go together well. Or I guess its called Dragons and Dungeons."
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"Huh, Dragons and Dungeons seems like the better option. Yea let's go check it out."  The unicorn faces the direction to the exhibit and begins a brisk trot. Observing the smaller exhibits he approaches the large entrance to the Dragons and Dungeons exhibit, a stone carving resembling a cave entrance. Foxtrot looks forward and abruptly stops when he sees the front entrance but continues right afterward into the main display.

Nivalia follows right after, though her attention is more drawn to the main attraction. She does pause to reach into her bag, but doesn't take anything out an continues forward. The mare almost bumps into her sibling when he stops at the exhibit's entrance. "Hey tr- oh wow." Nivalia says as she examines the stone detailing. "This looks so realistic. You'd figure they just cut this off a mountain or something."
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The wing dedicated to the exhibit is vast, the ceiling itself rising three stories up. Lined along the walls are 3 meter high replicas of various dragons and their lairs. Just in front of them are plaques providing readers with information. In the center of the room, and taking up a quarter of it's space, lies an enormous dragon's skull resting on a bed of gold and jewels, all found inside a magically secure glass case. The mouth is half open; levitating behind the rows of teeth is an amethyst of considerable size.

"Wow. Check out that jewel." Nivalia says as she steps into the exhibit. "This place is huge! I wonder how long this stuff takes to set up."

"A few weeks give or take." Foxtrot replies, a few months to plan out though." He approaches a display of a mountain landscape, flying over is a brightly colored orange dragon with purple fins and red wings. 'The Emerald Raider'
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Potato is rather impressed by the stone entrance, though he feels like its not actual stone for some reason. He doesn't bother to check it, though. Potato follows Niv and Fox to the "Emerald Raider" exhibit. He looks at it curiously before asking Niv "Hey, wasn't this dragon in a Daring Do novel or something? He seems familiar..."
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Foxtrot scans the dragon as Nivalia heads over to the center display, "Yeah, I've heard of that name before but I can't recall where I saw it." He looks to his left to the next exhibit, the creature labeled "Sand Sculptor". The dragon itself is seen piercing out through a sand dune, it's copper pigmented plates overlap, giving the creature a serpent-like appearence. The look is more enforced to the fact that this dragon was wingless, what appears to be spikes run down the length of the creature.

 The description on the plaque below the display reads, 'The Sand Sculptor has been the legend of caravans throughout the world, the exact origin being untraceable due to sightings in major deserts all over the world. These dragons burrow deep under the sand and form an inverted cone; anything walking inside that cone fails their footing and falls to the center to be dragged in by these creatures. The first one slain was costly, injuring many and killing four before succumbing to its wounds. The locations of these cones were mapped and quarantined by officials to prevent further incidents. No one has seen this dragon's lair or any signs of stashing treasure.'
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As Foxtrot and Potato Ponie observe the exhibits around the room, the mare trots over to the center display. Looking up, she finds the skull to be three times her height, the fangs themselves as long as the length of her leg. Plenty of scars are found throughout the bone, fractured teeth and dulled out horns show signs of wear both before and after the dragon's demise. She examines the wealth resting underneath the creatures skull, rubies and gold all perfectly piled up. What catches her eye though is the amethyst, levitating just above the razor sharp teeth.

The name of the dragon is listed only as 'The Elder'. The description below it reads, 'The Elder is a mature adult dragon. He has white scales which are unusually thick, and his breath is a damaging stream of pure magic. He is quite deceptive, and his ability to work necromantic magic is powerful and dangerous. He lived in a ruined city in the desert, his hoard is legendary in size and consists mostly of valuable tomes.'

Nivalia reads the description, her eyes widening a bit before turning back to the display. "Huh, it doesn't mention anything about that jewel in its mouth." The mare shrugs, "Meh, it's probably just there to catch attention."
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Potato looks at an exhibit off to the left of the center display, labeled "The Red-Black." The display shows a small dragon who is half red on the left half of his body and red on the right side, with bat like wings and beady eagle eyes sitting on a pile of valuable gems. The skin looks smooth and leathery, instead of the usual lizard like scales commonly known to dragons, and a slender tail. The description of it read "The Red-Black is a rather unique dragon found around the swamps of Neigh Orleans. It was reported to have completely stripped caravans of all their treasures in one swoop then retreat back into the deep, dangerous swamps. Its appearances were rather well recorded, with reports of eyes that scanned every movement made, smooth, leathery skin that could not be pierced by normal arrows, and bat like wings that silently moved in for treasure. But it seemed that nopony could agree on its color. evenly split, half the reports said it was a blood red and the other half said it was black as night. The dragon was slain by a party of adventurers utilizing a fake caravan rigged with explosives. Though even the ponies who saw it after it was slain could not seem to agree on its color. Even after decades of research, nopony can agree on its color."

Potato looks up from the description and trots over to Niv and her display at the mention of the gem in "The Elder's" mouth. "Seems like its just an attention getter." Potato says. "Though these exhibits are good at pretty good at attention getting." The starchy hero adds, pointing the exhibit he just left.
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As the patrons enjoy the exhibits, several levels below a crew if loaders begin unloading the next exhibit for the coming month. One of the items rests in a small wooden crate etched with warning labels. A careless step and an uneven hoof causes the crate to be dropped onto the ground for just a moment. In that split second, a vibration echoes throughout the entire museum. Those observing the exhibits upstairs may feel a slight rumble below their hoofs, but only for a short time. Suddenly, one of the dragon displays begin to move, then another, and another. They begin to come alive, roaring little roars as the dragons take life and begin flying around the large room. Some begin spewing mini fires while others zoom around, causing a panic for everyone around.