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Ponyville / Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: October 03, 2015, 08:34:19 am »
"How the...?" Ryo tried to get the window open, but she couldn't find any sort of lock on it. She didn't want to be prosecuted for breaking property of the restaurant. The cheese was quickly rising, and Ryo was running out of time. It was too late to go for the door, and there was no way she could reach any of the other windows in the room. Was this how it all ends? Was this the end of her story. Being drowned in... Cheese? What a sad way to go indeed. Ryo was ready to make her last speech to the monstrous sea of grossness, on how it was about to claim her, but at that same moment Ryo spotted another pony coming towards the window. Ryo forgot her speech immediately, and waved to the mare in panic, not fully aware it was indeed her the other mare had seen from the outside. As the unknown hero began to open the window, Ryo accidentally knocked one of her earplugs off, and heard a roar coming from inside the building. This roar coming from a huge wave of cheese, a tidal wave, that was coming towards her. With no time to wasted, Ryo hears a faint click and takes a leap of faith, jumping towards the window, that fortunately had been unlocked from the outside now by the other pony (Seriously, who locks their windows from the outside?). Ryo lands on top of Jazz, and they both roll away from the window, far enough to avoid the gooey cheese now pouring out from the window Ryo just jumped out of.

After all the stars circling around Ryo's head had popped, she shook her head and looked at the pony who saved her. Ryo managed to open her mouth enough to say "Thank you-" before another roar filled the air. Ryo Eeeped, and began to look around, soon spotting the huge, cheese golem on the other side of the restaurant building. "W-w-wh-what is that...?" Ryo asked from nopony in particular, just letting the question fly out there, for anypony to answer.

Ponyville / Re: This Dish is Killer
« on: September 21, 2015, 03:25:19 pm »
Ah, lunch breaks. The best part of every day at work on the farm for Ryo. She enjoyed working there, but that one longer break each day was simply the best. Ryo was slowly bobbing her head to a tune she had heard earlier, the earplugs she had decided to leave in her ears completely blocking off the talking voices of other ponies around her. Pepper did mention they were high quality, and would keep every single sound, no matter how loud, out of her eardrums. Ryo's tummy was loudly informing everyone around her, that it demanded food. Good for it, that the waiter just brought in her meal. Ryo gave the waiter a nod, and turned towards her food.

Ryo watched at the plate with watery mouth, feeling like she could eat a horse. Figuratively speaking, of course. Ryo lifted the metallic lid that had been placed on top of the tray to keep the food warm, but her first reaction to the delicious food in front of her was a disgusted frown, and made Ryo stick her tongue out at the food. There was cheese on it. CHEESE! Even though she had made a special order without cheese. Well, she could fix it with no problem. Ryo focused her magic at the food, her tongue now sticking out on the side of her mouth, showing that she was concentrating. She carefully extracted all the cheese from the meal, blocking the yellow, sticky and in her mind disgusting substance away from her food. Satisfied with her efforts, Ryo lifted the cheese now piled on few napkins up with her magic, and floated it to the nearest trash bin she could see, getting some awkward stares from other ponies eating feasting in the restaurant. Ryo picked up her fork with her magic, and began to eat.

But just as the first piece of delicious, cheeseless what-ever it's called without cheese food was about to reach her mouth, a horrible crash could be heard from other side of the building. Just as Pepper said, Ryo couldn't hear anything, but her table toppling over, and all the ponies on her field of vision suddenly fleeing in terror made Ryo very nervous for some reason. She tried to look outside from a nearby window, but couldn't see a thing. That was until she saw a huge yellow projectile flying through the air, Ryo instantly realizing it was cheese. She immediately remembered that fortune cookie from a week back, that said something like, "Don't trust your food" or something like that. Before she managed to act, Ryo noticed a sea of cheese quickly covering the floor, causing her to be trapped on her chair in the corner of the dining area. Despite wearing boots, Ryo couldn't touch cheese even with a ten foot pole. Well she was just moments ago very, very close to some cheese, but it was just a small amount. Not a sea of yellow doom. Ryo began to look around, quickly spotting a table that had not been cheesyfied yet, and she began to float it towards her. Maybe it's enough for her to leap to safety through the window, before the level of the cheese got too great for her to handle. And she wasn't even aware of the roaring cheese golem yet, still having the earplugs in. She had much more pressing matters at hoof than the ability to hear again. Once Ryo had dragged the table over, she slowly rose on top of it, sighing "Why did it have to be cheese...?" before she began to lean over and try to push the window open

General Discussion / Re: Arc idea
« on: January 13, 2015, 01:58:34 am »
Life has happened, full of twists and turns, and we left the, from what i've heard, pretty horrible 2014 behind. New year has rolled in, hopefully much more better than the last. Now, for those who still are with us, is there any interest in the arc thingy i have talked about anymore? While re-writing and re-visioning is necessary, if the interest in it has died down, i see no reason to pursue (trying) to pull it off.

Ponyville / Re: MarketSquare Hijinks
« on: January 06, 2015, 07:59:57 am »
Ryo Eeeped when Kit placed the beret on her head, the unicorn having failed to see Kit closing in with the head wear. Even though she couldn't see how the beret looked, Ryo blushed when Kit commented it being adorable. "T-thanks...?" Ryo managed to say.

While Kit turned to discuss with Kindle, Ryo hopped down from the couch, and looked around for a mirror, being kinda curious on how a beret fit her.

Ponyville / Re: A Pepper on the Hunt.
« on: January 06, 2015, 07:26:23 am »
"Six sounds good... E-early mornings are n-nothing new to me..." Ryo looked at the caterpillar, Pepper's reaction to it confusing her a bit. Was this a good bug, or a bad bug? That will probably be all clear in due time, hopefully... For now, Ryo celebrated the fact that she managed to find a job for herself. She'd need to make a good impression, be precise, and always in time. She had been silent for few minutes, thinking.

After a minute or two of probably awkward silence as Ryo had zoned out, she snapped back to reality and turned to Pepper "I-is that all? A-anything else i should know?"

Canterlot / Re: It's time to leave
« on: January 02, 2015, 11:21:20 am »
Ryo had no idea when she would actually visit Canterlot again. When a need to come back arrives? But when would that be... Before she gave any answer to Thyme, Mana caught her attention and she turned to look at the guard. After hearing what the random bottle Mana picked up held inside it, Ryo turned up her nose, but managed to not vocally express her opinion about the "Scent of farm"

"Scent of farm?" Ryo repeated after Mana, and turned to Thyme when the green mare began to explain why such thing existed. Ryo couldn't think how somepony would actually like such a scent, but who was she to judge? Ryo saw the shelf with few more different bottled scents on it, and walked over to it, curiously taking a look at it's contents. She silently muttered the names of the bottles, before turning back to Mana. "W-we can still look around... I-i think we still have a bit more t-time..." Ryo tried to look around for a clock, but failed to spot one. Surely they had few more minutes they could spare before heading to the station. "B-but i don't think i can spend anymore b-bits..." Ryo pouted a little, as there was a scent called "Summer Breeze", and she would have wanted to buy it.

If she would look around the shop more, there would be more items she'd love to buy, if not for the vial's contents, but for the beautiful container the potion was stored in. If only she had more money to spend...  Ryo turned back to Thyme, to answer her earlier question. "I-i don't know... W-when i'm gonna come back..." Ryo looked at Mana's direction, before continuing, and slightly blushing "B-but i'm sure i will... S-someday..." Ryo turned away from Thyme and pretended to be interested in a nearby shelf, her cheeks slightly red and warm.

What If... / Re: Blowing Up the Moon for Funsies
« on: December 14, 2014, 05:28:38 pm »
Supermare looked back, when Bubo landed back to the platform, the metal bird still looking for a fight. A quick look around revealed that there was no antennas to be seen, forcing Supermare to think of something else. A sharp "Shwing" sound, however brought her attention back to the bird, who was now building an arsenal so great, that it could probably take on the royal guard alone, with reasonable chance of winning. Each new weapon revealed drew another "Gulp" from Supermare.

Supermare couldn't think of anything, except maybe try to escape from the weaponry aimed at her, but just before things might have gotten ugly, Bubo fell forward, seemingly locking up and unable to act. Supermare kept staring at the bird, before looking back at Evilwire, slightly confused, but apparently she could now confront the evil Science pony. Before she even had a chance to deliver her speech of justice, a canister was shot towards her. Supermare managed to pull her cape up, covering her head from the goo, but still very effectively got stuck to it.She saw Hay smash the control panel, and run away, her attempts to run after him were fruitless, as her hooves were very, very stuck. Hearing Bubo coming back around, Supermare turned her attention to her toolbelt, looking for a thingie that she thought could help her.

After a short search, Supermare picked a small spray can from her toolbelt, and sprayed it at the goo, causing the sprayed spots to turn into greenish, watery mess, effectively releasing her hooves from it. Unable to think of any actual plan against the metal bird, Supermare carefully picked it up, and placed Bubo in the remaining blue goo, hopefully slowing it's chase down. Supermare heard Catmare talking to somepony, and after getting view at the two, Supermare saw the other pony being the guard from earlier. Concluding that a royal guard could handle Catmare, Supermare loaded her trusty hookshot, and fling herself to a higher, much smaller platform on the side of the cannon, disappearing behind the cannon, as she tried to look for a way to reach Evilwire's hiding spot. She came across many screens bearing information only a science pony could understand, but no visible controls, or doors of any kind could be found.

Canterlot / Re: It's time to leave
« on: December 04, 2014, 04:12:36 am »
"Oh..." Ryo said a little disappointed, but her ears perked up when Thyme said she could try to look into it, if there would actually be a potion or brew for her problem. "I-i would really appreciate that..." Feeling less nervous now that she managed to ask what she had intended to ask, Ryo began to think. Her eyes lowered down to the counter, and she went quiet, humming a little every now and then, while also floating the dyes in to her saddlebags. After moment, Ryo realized having just zoned out, and with a little blush making it's way to her cheeks, she issued a quick apology to Thyme and continued "I-i could come here the next time i come to C-Canterlot..." Ryo then looked back to Mana, who had remained quiet for a bit, waiting to see if he still had some business in the store.

Ponyville / Re: A Pepper on the Hunt.
« on: December 04, 2014, 03:45:17 am »
Ryo leans closer to the ghost pepper bush, giving it a sniff, before pulling her head back, having not really smelled anything special about the thing. Then again, she probably wouldn't be able to identify a pepper by it's smell  in a long time. Ryo got a bit confused by the mane ruffling, it causing her to look up and try to see if there was something in her mane. She stopped staring up and returned her attention to Pepper when he spoke again. "Uhm..." Ryo took a quick look around, not really sure if she had anything to ask. "W-when do you start w-working...? I-i mean when should i a-arrive here in the morning...?"

Ponyville / Re: A Pepper on the Hunt.
« on: November 27, 2014, 08:24:25 am »
Ryo took mental notes as Pepper gave her instructions, doing her best to memorize various pepper's introduced to her. The mature peppers were pretty easy to identify from the smaller, still growing ones. Ryo paid close attention to how Pepper cut the pepper from the bush, the process seeming to be pretty simple, so Ryo didn't think she'd need to "demonstrate" that she could do it correctly. It was also good to know that using magic was allowed. Then again, they were only peppers... At least they looked like just peppers... Ryo gave Pepper nods every now and then, to show that she understood the instructions given to her. "W-will you still take care of the s-selling the peppers...? Or am i s-supposed to go to the m-market too...?"

Ryo stopped, as Pepper began to tell her more about one specific pepper type he was growing. Ryo gave the peppers in question a somewhat confused look. They sounded a little bit dangerous from Pepper's description, but still looked almost like any other pepper on the farm. "A-are they dangerous... W-without a proper preparations...? I-i mean... I-if they're d-dangerous... M-maybe you s-should h-handle those peppers..."

Ponyville / Re: NN: Something Sweet to Bite
« on: November 21, 2014, 09:27:40 pm »
Ryo admired the costumes of ponies she passed by, some more creative than others, and some clearly more polished than others. Costumes ranged from a simple blanket with two eye holes, to princesses, firefighters and even strange looking metal pony thingy. The young pony in the costume kept shouting something about "Iron-pony", but Ryo had no idea who or what that was. After a short trot Ryo was able to see the center of the festivities, but something caught her ear. A weird, mysterious hissing noise. Being the night of spooks, and wanting to avoid being spooked, Ryo began to spin around, trying to spot the source of the hissing. It took her a moment to direct her eyes to the sky, where she spotted a figure speeding towards her.

It took Ryo a moment to realize that the figure looked like a changeling, and another moment for her hooves to agree with each others on which direction she should dive to move out from the flying pony's way, and with an audible "Eeep!", Ryo jumped to the side. Not very super hero like, but the "changeling" looked dangerous. Ryo stumbled into some nightmare night decorations during her dive, but managed to not break anything. She quickly raised the now a bit dented cardboard cut out of a werepony she crashed on, and returned to look at the "changeling", to deliver some justice to this daredevil, and hope that they were not actually a real changeling. "A-are you crazy...? That's dangerous t-to... D-dive like that towards the g-ground..." The rather sparkling nature of this "changeling" caused Ryo to raise her eyebrow, as she tried to take a bit better look on the pony. "Y-you're... Not a real c-changeling...? Are you...?"

Ponyville / Re: NN: Something Sweet to Bite
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:53:53 pm »
Ryo closed the front door of her little house, that was decorated in a quite spooky manner, but also quite clearly with secondhand stuff bought from somepony's yard sale. She thought it looked good though. There was a sign, that had few fake spiders hanging from it that read "STAY AWAY!" with red, fake blood. Ryo was hoping that that would keep the trick-or-treaters away, as there was obviously not gonna be anypony home tonight. Ryo's costume was, however more impressive than her house decorations. She had spotted a pile of old comics about Supermare on the same yard sale she found the decorations from, and after deciding to buy them and give them a try, she had really enjoyed the comics. This was visible from her costume, that almost perfectly resembled the outfit Supermare wears in the comics. A white, spandex bodysuit, golden shoulder pad with red cape, tool belt with replica gadgets, and blue boots. The only thing missing was the iconic mask, as she had not been able to find one, and didn't have time to make one. This has lead her to remove the big golden "S" on the front of the suit, and replace it with a glowing light blue "R".

Ryo headed towards the town hall, hoping that she would get some kind of instructions for the night from there. Like where all the attractions were, and where she could attend the costume competition, though that one was still undecided on. After getting there, and after asking around a bit, Ryo headed towards the main stage of the event, where all the games and attractions were scattered around to.

Canterlot / Re: It's time to leave
« on: October 27, 2014, 11:25:01 am »
Ryo accepted the dye, when Thyme floated it down for her, and followed the other mare back to the counter. After hearing the price being announced, Ryo set the light blue dye on the table and dug her small bit pouch from her saddle bags, and began to count the bits for her purchases "T-thirty-eight..." Ryo repeated silently, as she floated coins on the table. Ryo doesn't answer Thyme instantly, giving Mana a chance to answer first. After Ryo had placed enough bits on the counter, and after possible ongoing conversation between Mana and Thyme ended, Ryo decided to ask what she had wanted to ask for a while now.

"U-uhhh... I, uhm... I w-was thinking... T-that maybe..." Ryo stopped midway of her quite broken sentence. She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and with collected determination, did her best to ask the question "I-i was thinking, That is there m-maybe... A-a potion that would, uhhh... H-help, ponies..." Ryo kept a short pause, before realizing that she should probably be a bit more precise. "I-i mean... L-like with... Uhm... If they're... M-missing, something... L-like, uhm... T-their cutie marks...?"

What If... / Re: Blowing Up the Moon for Funsies
« on: October 25, 2014, 07:30:08 pm »
Ryo was confused by the orders given to the small, flying robot minion. And what was the talk about not having washed her hooves? Ryo took good care of her hooves. They weren't dirty or... Dirty. And besides, even if they would have been, she was wearing boots, why would- The sharp, eagle like cry, and music being played brought Ryo back to the moment, realizing that the flying robot was heading towards her with great speed. Reacting quickly, Ryo released the magnets and fell down to the platform, managing to dodge the incoming attack from the small robot, "Bubo" as the villain called it.

Ryo quickly got up on her hooves, and was ready to confront Haywire, but then a sound of flapping wings caught her attention. Ryo spun around, only to see Bubo readying for another attack, this time not relying on speed, but using it's wings as blades. Realizing that she had no gadget for this situation, at least nothing she could quickly think of, her knife still lost among the mouse droids, Ryo began to back away from the shredder moving towards her. While backing away, Ryo noticed a quite long, fairly sturdy looking antenna sticking from the side of the machine, that was probably attached to the cannon. Without thinking of it's possible importance, Ryo ripped it of with magic and with her new makeshift sword, confronted Bubo.

They sparred for a good while, but neither one could land hits on their opponent, Bubo being quite small and agile, while also being somewhat easy to dodge by Ryo, thankfully the antenna was durable enough to withstand the wing blades. Ryo dodged to left, seeing an opportunity to strike. She thrusted the antenna towards Bubo, going for the kill. The antenna hit Bubo right on it's chest, but like most antennas do, this one also folded in, practically doing nothing to the robot bird. Giving the antenna a dumbfounded look, Ryo threw the thing at Bubo, before turning away to run. She used her hook shot's wire, quickly attaching it to the railing, and using it to swing herself under the platform, sticking to the platform with the magnets. She then ran to the other end, jumping back up on the other side, where she had obstacleless path to Hay. "G-give up... Y-your evil ways end h-here...!" Ryo shouted, once again doing her best to sound formal and intimidating. "D-drop that w-weapon now...!" Ryo failed to realize, that Bubo was still on the same platform, and while it was out of her sight at the moment, it was still most likely around.

Canterlot / Re: It's time to leave
« on: October 19, 2014, 07:36:49 pm »
Ryo gave Thyme a nod. Seeing the selection would most likely be the best option. After Thyme left the counter and headed towards the dye shelves, Ryo followed her, after giving Mana a nod to tell him that she would be right back, as if that wasn't obvious, them being in the same building that only housed one store, but she felt like that was a polite thing to do. After reaching the shelf containing the dyes, Ryo felt like a filly in candy shop would, when they are only "allowed" to pick one type of candy from the store. There was a lot of dyes there. And lot's of colors to choose from. Ryo scanned the shelf, giving Thyme a small nod when she mentioned that the glow was hard to see in daylight.

"Uhm..." Ryo spotted the blue the she had thought about, but also saw a red dye there. For some reason red dye was also tempting. "I-i don't know... I-if i should take blue... Or red dye... Uhh..." It was like Ryo was asking Thyme to help her decide, but her continuous mumbling didn't give the shop owner chance to do so. After few minutes of debating, Ryo finally announced her choice "I-i take that light b-blue one... O-over there..." Ryo pointed to the said dye, it's color being very close to her coat color. "I-i would... A-also take a bottle of that dye remover... J-just in case... P-please..." Ryo didn't take the bottle from the shelf herself, unsure if she was supposed to do that. She was ready to follow Thyme to the counter, to pay for the items she had chosen.

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