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Ponyville / Re: NN: Something Sweet to Bite
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:14:38 am »
Brash stops along with Resin and rolls her eyes, "Pfft, who needs a group? So long as-"

Carri, her cloud costume now pink, dives down from the skies and picks up Brash, "You're okay!" She tries multiple times to move Brash in a position for a hug that wouldn't make contact with her new bubblegum costume but gives up and sets her down. "Well let's get back to hunting candy!" She then gasps loudly, her eyes darting to the trail Brash had left. She promptly begins eating the candy right off the ground and following the trail back to Brash's discarded armor.

Expressionless throughout the sudden event, Brash continues, "So long as you can get the candy. Though I suppose other traditions and such related to this event might need more ponies I haven't heard of anything else worthwhile to be gained." She takes a step forward, hoping to start Resin up the path to the next house.

Ponyville / Re: NN: Something Sweet to Bite
« on: November 04, 2014, 10:43:00 pm »
Brash's hairs begin to stand on end, which is most likely the static from the lightning, but she believes it's because somepony is following her. However, trying to turn to look is futile in her rigid costume as she's completely at Carri's mercy in terms of movement. Brash looks up at Carri, "You know, most of the ponies are chanting some annoying sound and you're not even doing that much, does it even matter what you say?"

"I have no idea!" Carri says happily.

"Great, let's not say anything next time, my ears need a break."

"You got it." Carri agrees as she suddenly turns towards the next house. Swooping Brash off the ground she tries once again to lightly knock on the door using Brash's head. This time Brash is ready and aims the top of her head to the door as Carri once again fails to be graceful.

Leaving a sizable crack in the door a unicorn stallion urgently answers. Noticing it's just another child out for candy he sighs in relief and levitates a few pieces towards Brash before stopping them just above her bucket, waiting for the traditional jingle. An awkward silence follows but only briefly as the stallion attempts to speak up Brash lashes out in an attempt to bite him. Startled he drops the candy and steps back.

"Book it!" Brash commands, which panics Carri into a frenzied flight away from the door as if they'd just committed a heinous crime. This causes her to not properly turn Brash around and she tips her over on her side, drags her across the dirt a short distance before the rod snaps and Carri unknowing of this continues off into the distance, leaving Brash stranded.

The stallion rolls his eyes at the scene and waits for any other children to approach.

Ponyville / Re: NN: Something Sweet to Bite
« on: October 25, 2014, 07:13:22 pm »
Carri, whom flies over the streets of Ponyville, is dressed as a storm cloud... using an actual storm cloud. Her head, hooves, wings, and tail stick out from the cloud and she holds below herself a six-foot pole which strands of lightning run down and into Brash's costume.

Brash is dressed as the classic Frakenpony with a mechanical twist. Wearing bronze bolted armor with two much larger bolts at her neck guard. Her head an tail being the only unarmored parts of her, she has makeup of a long stretch of stitches going down the left side of her face and along the base of her right ear which has been dyed green. As lightning runs into the costume it exudes steam from its joints.

The armor being too heavy for Brash to actually move in, a series of wheels are installed in the base of the armored hooves that allow Carri to wheel Brash around town with the pole attached at the back of the armor.

"Now let's go win a competition so these ponies will know who's superior." Brash remarks as Carri wheels her to a house.

Being too far in the air to knock and not wanting to let go of the pole Carri opts to lightly swing Brash into the door, which ends with a *bang!* The dazed Brash does her best to keep her composure as a mare answers the door dressed in a timber wolf costume.

"Trick or treat!" Carri chimes from above while Brash grunts in disapproval.

Seeming to think Brash had said the words the mare happily deposits a variety of small candies into the bucket that hangs around Brash's neck and wishes her a happy Nightmare Night before closing the door.

Carri cheerfully turns Brash around and wheels her back out into the streets as her quest for candy continues.

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 17, 2014, 09:37:49 am »
Brash begins posing dramatically as Ruby talks about the second card, until she hears about Trixie. "Pfft, whatever." She mutters to herself, having not even heard of Trixie. Brash perceived the reading in a different light, considering Nightingale's past to be the time prior to their meeting, a very sorrowful existence. However, now with Brash's help and the future of the automaton nearly secure, Nightingale is bound for success.

"You go on ahead." Brash says to Carri. "Get any chores done and guard the house."

Carri breaks away from listening intently to the fortune and gives a quick salute, "Got it!" She takes to the air and heads home.

Waiting for Nightingale to walk beside her, Brash begins explaining, "You're looking at fifty bits for an hour of gem sorting, which will consist of me checking their reactions to your illusions. Then you can look forward to an hourly job if you can make an illusion of a full grown mare over a moving metal body. Of course, that'll come later after I've fully constructed the automaton."

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 14, 2014, 11:40:38 am »
Brash begins to growl as she's insulted and jumps on Carri's head to gain height over the other filly. However, she catches her own tongue before attempting to fire back insults. Fearing that her impression upon a filly her own age is much more important than that of her elders, she pauses.

Carri lowers her head due to the discomfort and Brash steps off onto the ground. Afterwards she takes back the bit for Brash whilst trying to piece the situation together in her mind.

Brash regains her composure and addresses Nightingale, "I meant no offense and I'm willing to forgive the dreck you just spewed should you align yourself to my cause." Brash couldn't deny the filly was talented, she could only admire the part of the jester's cap she could see, and the ability to manipulate light actually had many applications that could assist her project.

"Brash is making an automaton." Carri excitedly chips in.

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 13, 2014, 12:22:32 am »
Brash remains less than interested in the situation as the other filly appears, whilst Carri gives a big gasp after she confesses, "Wha- what kinda problems?" She hadn't followed the conversation since her wings were tampered with.

Brash simply responds with, "Next time, make the horns more threatening." And then considers the rigged fortune telling, realizing she got nothing for her bit she continues, "Also, you owe me three bits." She didn't even care to explain why she tacked on extra.

Carri remains confused as the what her health situation might be and awaits an explanation.

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 11, 2014, 03:21:42 am »
Brash looks to Carri as Ruby speaks about her.

Carri cowers, with her wings covered up she can't tell that the illusion has faded. She shivers in place on the verge of tears, unable to prepare for the coming cotton-ball apocalypse that she believes awaits her.

The fool card seemed perfect, Brash finds no way Carri could avoid doing something stupid. Thankfully, Brash gets an idea, "Carri, you have a coltfriend?"

Carri looks up and shakes her head, holding back tears.

"Well then you're fine, just keep it that way." Brash states, believing that whatever the death card entails won't happen if Carri avoids anything to do with fertility.

"Bwah?" Confused, Carri lifts her wings out of the dirt to find that they're cured. With a smile she says, "You're right!" Then she gets a confused look, "That's an odd cure." Carri walks back over to the table and picks up her saddlebags. Her eyes stray to Brash and she does a double-take, "Brash, your ears!"

"I noticed." Brash says before hopping onto Carri's back. Having lost interest in the horns since they did her no good. Looking back to Ruby, "Thank you for your services."

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 08, 2014, 07:58:23 pm »
At this point Carri took off her saddlebags and began rolling on the ground, now fearing that the cotton may engulf her entirety even though it never left her wings. She starts breathing heavily and groaning in distress.

"Maybe just her health, I mean, am I going to need a new one?" Brash tries to ask as the mare is distracted by her balloon snake. Now realizing something odd must be going on, with Carri's wings and the mare's reaction to what Brash had assumed was a simple magic trick. However, even knowing this, Brash couldn't find a source for the happenings.

Yet, Brash only wishes to increase the chaos, since defusing the situation would be boring. After Ruby reacts in fear to something about Brash's ears she jumps on the opportunity, and the table. "I see you've noticed that I..." she points a hoof to herself and trails off a moment to think, "am extraordinarily..." Brash thinks of the most generic thing that could go with her new ears since she can't see them. "Fearsome!" She proclaims.

"Now!..." Brash points a threatening hoof at Ruby, but was far from wanting to do anything criminal to a scared pony, "Grovel before me, peasant!" Brash's mind suddenly reels back at that moment as she considers that her ears might change back or become something silly at any time, but she's gone too far to worry about it now and she sticks her nose to the sky.

Meanwhile, Carri lays her wings flat on the ground and begins shoveling dirt onto them with her hooves because her mind had led her to believe this was the solution.

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:22:26 pm »
Carri watched as a balloon crawls up the mares foreleg, she smiles and is mesmerized by the neat magic trick.

Brash on the other hoof pays it no mind and squints at the mare, unsure of how helpful these hints might be. Most questions about her future she knows the answer to, like how she's obviously going to one day stand at the top of pony society and rule with an iron fist, or how she'll be the one saving Equestria from dangerous monsters with her all-powerful automaton.

"I suppose I could ask something, now that I don't want to take back the bit you touched." Brash glances over to Carri, not noticing her wings at first, "However I'm sure Carri has much more concerns than I."

Carri looks up from the balloon, "Oh, uh..." She thinks of the first future thing she is unsure of, "What am I having for lunch tomorrow?"

Brash grunts and shoves Carri aside, "Don't waste my bit," This time taking notice to Carri's wings, "And preen your wings or something, you're embarrassing all of us."

Carri stumbles but regains her balance as soon as she notices her wings as well, she gasps and gazes at them in panic fearing that she may have contracted some rare wing disease. Desperately brushing them with a hoof and gnawing at the strange cotton.

Brash turns back to Ruby, "Well, how's her future in general lookin'?" She asks nonchalantly.

Ponyville / Re: 0, The Fool
« on: September 07, 2014, 02:25:42 am »
Carri prances through the market with a smile, saddlebags full of many oddities mostly of a metal variety, and a filly on her back with a long list, Brash. Shopping for machine parts and scrap metal, even if some of said scrap metal was being sold as "art". Carri is suddenly distracted by a mare shuffling cards.

Carri approaches Ruby and happily asks, "What sort of games do you play here?" She assumes the stack of books are rulebooks for an assortment of playing card games.

Brash looks up from her list, "Gambling? Good thinking Carri, we need a sustainable source of income." She rolls up her list, hops down and places a bit in front of Ruby. "I bet on whatever has the biggest payout."

Ponyville / Re: The Worst Filly
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:20:51 pm »
Brash somehow finds herself stuck in the curtain and thrashing for a way out.

Carri waves to Dark Matter, "Bye bye~" She then unravels Brash quickly, causing Brash to spin in the air a moment and land on her hooves. Putting the curtain back in its place she continues to wave to Dark through the window as he leaves even if he isn't looking.

Brash puts her snout up once he's gone and walks towards her basement, "I'll be making a list of materials I need for those traps."

Ponyville / Re: The Worst Filly
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:44:20 am »
"Oh, well... no." Carri answers, "Not her name at least, she had a fancy purple mane. She convinced a bunch of stallions to help, so she must be really influential around here. She made a lot of the new fabrics around herself." Carri points to the curtain on the floor. She then taps her chin, attempting to come up with more clues.

"That could be anypony." Brash responds, "I propose we set a trap. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime." Brash becomes increasingly interested in the curtain, this time picking it up and wrapping in around herself in various ways, striking poses as she does. "Ponies are going to start knowing I'm rich and inviting me to tea or some other nonsense."

Ponyville / Re: The Worst Filly
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:36:47 pm »
Carri takes a breath to start before being interrupted by a "No." From Brash.

After a moment of silence she starts anyway, talking fast, "Well Brash usually keeps the place a big mess so ponies think it's abandoned and nopony tries to throw a welcome party for her 'cause she's heard about a Pinkie Pie who throws a party for most everypony who's new to town and she doesn't want a party because she's working on a secret project in her basement that only anypony who's helping with it is allowed to know about but then the mayor's assistant came by and wanted to tear the place down because it was an eyesore or something like that and I didn't want that at all 'cause it would mean that I'd have to leave and my plans to start a business in Ponyville would be ruined so I tried to talk everything out with Dais and that didn't work so I got real sad and I came back to the house after I thought I couldn't do anything and a unicorn lady offered to spruce the place up and I helped her do that but then I saw Brash coming home and she suddenly stomped away so I thought maybe she'd not thought we did good enough and the place would be demolished anyway so I started packing and then I thought you were ready to smash the place and making sure nopony was inside." Taking a sudden large breath she smiles, believing she'd perfectly explained everything.

Brash simply seemed to ignore the onslaught of an explanation, "Can we get back to finding the culprit now?"

Ponyville / Re: The Worst Filly
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:02:54 pm »
Carri gasps as she notices Brash, darting to her, she swoops her up. "Brash! This is our home, you can't help Dais destroy it!"

From the new high angle Brash easily pulls the curtains out before dropping them, "Oh yeah, that guy. Didn't I order you to drop a rock on him? ...Doesn't matter, we have a new mission now; We must find the perpetrator of this vandalism." Brash gestures to the room, "I had all my dust and papers right where I wanted them and now the dust is gone and my papers are neatly stacked in the kitchen, it's appalling."

"So this isn't the demolition guy?" Carri asks as she lowers Brash to the ground and takes a place beside her in front of Dark. Brash elects to stay quiet and let Dark answer for himself.

Ponyville / Re: The Worst Filly
« on: September 01, 2014, 10:44:14 pm »
Brash continues her pursuit to rip up the curtains

Carri responds to the call by floating down the stairs somberly. With a sigh that edges on a whimper she approaches Dark Matter, "I'm so sorry, I just need a little more time, please don't destroy the place yet." Carri pleads with her fore-hooves together.

Brash's growling stops, though she still tugs at the tough curtains as she eyes Carri.

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