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Re: Dressing For The Part
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As Foxtrot and Potato Ponie observe the exhibits around the room, the mare trots over to the center display. Looking up, she finds the skull to be three times her height, the fangs themselves as long as the length of her leg. Plenty of scars are found throughout the bone, fractured teeth and dulled out horns show signs of wear both before and after the dragon's demise. She examines the wealth resting underneath the creatures skull, rubies and gold all perfectly piled up. What catches her eye though is the amethyst, levitating just above the razor sharp teeth.

The name of the dragon is listed only as 'The Elder'. The description below it reads, 'The Elder is a mature adult dragon. He has white scales which are unusually thick, and his breath is a damaging stream of pure magic. He is quite deceptive, and his ability to work necromantic magic is powerful and dangerous. He lived in a ruined city in the desert, his hoard is legendary in size and consists mostly of valuable tomes.'

Nivalia reads the description, her eyes widening a bit before turning back to the display. "Huh, it doesn't mention anything about that jewel in its mouth." The mare shrugs, "Meh, it's probably just there to catch attention."


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