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General Discussion / Re: Writing Project for 2016
« Last post by Shadowed Mesa on January 04, 2016, 10:14:20 pm »
I applied my (not) significant technical knowledge in pursuit of digging up the crossed out threads, but couldn't find them- sorry 'bout that. You are welcome to use any of my characters that were involved with any of the threads, as well as use any threads I started (I don't think I started any of them, but just in case).

Anyway, it's a very fun idea and I wish you the best of luck with it! :)
General Discussion / Re: Writing Project for 2016
« Last post by Ironfire on January 02, 2016, 06:49:17 am »
Don't have any of the crossed off threads (sorry), but I have no issues with you using Ironfire for your stories, or any of the threads I created (I don't think I made any of them, but figured I'd say it anyway)
General Discussion / Writing Project for 2016
« Last post by Foxtrot on January 01, 2016, 09:07:00 pm »
Hello everyone, hope you all have had an amazing 2015 and hopes for an awesome 2016. I'll skip the dillydallying and get right to it. I created my first OC Foxtrot back in December 2012 for IRC RP. About half a year later (July 2013) I started forum RP for the first time with an updated version of him. From that point on I have been using the exact same character (backstory, personality, history, etc) for the past few years, transferring him from forum to forum to finally ending up with his own arc. So for 2016 I wanted to go back though all those adventures and threads and create an anthology of sorts, tying in all of those tales into an over arcing story. Now I wanted to let you all know about this first because I want to thank you for all the epic stories we've been lucky to be a part of. Secondly... I don't really know how to do it. Below is a link to a list of all of the threads he's ever been in (crossed off ones mean I can't find it/deleted/etc). Finally it's to ask all of those involved in these threads for their permission to their OCs likeness (or if they created the thread, permission to use it). If anything guys I'll just have this posted on Deviant Art just for the fun of it but I wanted you all to know ahead of time to see if this was ok with you. I can't say when it'll be complete but I'll certainly keep you all updated as well in the case that I may need help with it. Thanks again for your time, any questions you can PM me and I'll try to answer it the best I can.

P.S. If anyone has access or a copy of any of the threads that are crossed off in the document, may I ask for a copy? There are huge segments of the first forum I'm missing and it's a challenge to work around it.
Original Character Profiles / Re: A nightime Wish
« Last post by Argent-Flame on December 14, 2015, 01:34:42 am »
Well, nothing seems wrong here, so...

Original Character Profiles / Stawberry Milkshake.
« Last post by na11 on December 13, 2015, 02:44:30 pm »
My oc:
-General Stuff-

Name: Strawberry Milkshake
Race: Earth Pony
Additional Status:Just moved to ponyville

-Physical Stuff-

Pelt Color:Red and white
Mane/Tail Color and Style: her hair is similar to Ms.Cherilee's hairstyle, it's also red with white on the tips.
Eye Color:Maroon
Cutie Mark:Strawberry milkshake
Other Scars/Markings:Has white spots on her hooves(top and bottom) and a white fade on her nose.

-Social Stuff-

Current Residence: Ponyville
Job: She is currently Searching
Mother: Pomegranate Punch
Father: Decreased.
Sibling(s): none
Closest Friends: unnamed filly she met 15 years ago
Courting/Courted By: Red Syrup
Mate:Red Syrup
Foal(s): Purple Pop

-Personality Stuff-

Likes: Orange Juice, apple cider, dresses, strawberries, milkshakes, Purple Pop, family and herself.
She also enjoys cooking.She enjoys warm sunny air and love the feel of wind threw her mane and coat.
Dislikes:Grass, worms, green apples, anything rotten whatsoever, rainbow dash, and yes she hates mismatch hats.
She greatly dislikes winter, the cold, the frostbite, the air, she just hates it.
Motivation:She thinks every one will lose hope in her, that is a day comes that everyone needs her and she fails.
However, she is also motivated when someone simply cheers for her.She gets mad if you fake cheer too.You haveto cheer for her in those ways,otherwise, it is really hard to motivate her.
Strengths:Talks to put a pony to sleep, can crack a ponies knuckles, can cook great food.
Talking a pony to sleep is no simple task, first she explains what happens when she was 1, actually she wastes 1 hour of her time talking.Her cooking is really, average, she just says that to show off.
Weaknesses/Flaws:Being criticized, getting teased.
She doesn't yet understand that everyone in the world won't like her. She wants to be liked but everyone on earth, even celestia.She usually gets angry when teased, since she is short tempered.
Fears:anything rotten, the death of every single thing, she has a hidden fear of bears, no one can talk her into liking them, not even fluttershy. She became afraid of rotten things we she was 4, when she saw a umm, you know, certain type of pony(A Decreased one), she ran for dear life and is still scared to this day.Strawberry tries to get over her fears and calls them"silly", but she finds it too hard to overcome them.
Overall Persona:
You can say she is a nice pony.She is very positive and strong.She tries her best and works hard.She has a good heart.
She dislikes rainbow dash, but acts fine around her.She is awfully good and can cook, sew, and put ponies to sleep with her long-lasting talking.She always creates "haters gonna hate" posters on everyone's door without permission.
She recently lived in Whitetail woods, but due to her baby, she had to move.She rarely lies and is loyal.
Her favorite people in life is her husband, daughter and other ponies she likes.She refrains from showing favorites though.She dreams to go to manehattan one day, but does not have a job, she believes she will soar in the sky if she tries.She enjoys going to Sugar cube corner.She remembers her father with all her heart and is very close the her still living mother.Her Quotes are:"you can fly in the sky if you try","Love is a beautiful thing, but can also be painful", "Death is a new way of living".She hates eating grass, and has been with Red syrup since she was a filly.She thinks that learning more than 2 lessons is boring.She likes to garden and enjoys art, reading, writing, and all other arts.Her role models, however are applejack and rarity.She enjoys cleaning, and also re-cleans.She hopes to achieve everything she hopes for in life before she goes to another stage of life.

"Is anyone there"
Canterlot / Re: The First Step
« Last post by Haywire on December 10, 2015, 09:14:02 am »
Haywire was visibly impressed as Star listed off things she may or may not have done, the smaller pony brimming with questions as he initially bought all three possibilities. Star mentioned she'd done a little of everything in the past, right? Well, to Hay and his gullibility everything she had just said, as predicted, sounded plausible. Opening his mouth to ask one of many questions about what princesses liked to eat and what genre the song about her was in, Hay stopped himself short upon remembering the whole point of the game.

One of these things was a lie. Hay scrunched his face up in a way that would have looked thoughtful on other ponies but just looked a little silly on him, him rolling the three possibilities around in his head and trying to figure out which sounded the least likely. Star seemed to know the fancy names for the restaurant's dishes pretty well, but if someone was already cooking for the princesses why would they stop? Having a plushie collection is something anyone could have had if they wanted, and Hay could totally buy someone writing a song about her... cause, well... uh...

He cleared his throat a bit and refocused, trying to figure which guess he wanted to go with.

"Um... I'm gonna say that you... *Didn't* have a plushie collection!" just as he was saying this their waiter returned, setting down a a glass of iced tea and another of water, though a bit more carefully with the water, as he then pulled out a notepad and gave the two a smile. From a couple of steps away from the table.

"Okay, so, what can we make for you today?" he asked, smiling to Star first, Haywire just speaking up with a quick "Ill have what she's having" so as to avoid the tongue gymnastics needed to pronounce the name again.
Canterlot / Re: The First Step
« Last post by Star Catcher on December 10, 2015, 07:38:20 am »
Star gave a pleasant smile to Hay as he agreed to the game and said it sounded fun to him. Leaning back, Star settled in and relaxed in her seat as much as she could. If she had to take guess, she'd say that Haywire was going to be a fairly easy guess as far as what he was lying about. Which was fine--the game wasn't about 'winning or losing', but more about socializing and getting to know the other pony or ponies. As long as a good time was had, possibly with laughs as well, and everypony learned something knew, then the game was a success. That meant, however, that she'd have to mix in some easy ones for him so he could have a better chance at guessing correctly.

"Let's see, I have two out of three..." Star hummed, gaze lifting towards the ceiling momentarily before she glanced to Haywire. "Okay, here goes. There's a song out there that was written about me, I had a very large plushie collection at one point in my life, and I used to cook for the princesses."
Gaming / Re: For Free or Best Offer
« Last post by Haywire on December 06, 2015, 06:54:30 pm »
I'm pretty sure most everyone already have copies these, but if you don't or know someone who wants them then I have a few codes.

Torchlight II
World of Goo
Risk of Rain
Guns of Icarus + Soundtrack + Costume Pack
Valkyria Chronicles
Alien Breed Trilogy
Worms Clan Wars x2
Overlord Raising Hell Expansion
Overlord II

Updated 12/6/2015
Canterlot / Re: The First Step
« Last post by Haywire on December 05, 2015, 09:42:26 pm »
Hay blinked as Star took the menu from him, him voicing a small "ooooh" once it was given back and he was able to read... most of it at least. He still didn't understand what the names of the dishes were, but at least he could now get an idea of what was in them. At Star's nudge Hay ducked his head behind the menu a bit to hide a small blush of embarrassment and goofy smile over his little mistake, him listening to Star as she found what she wanted.

"Uh... Oh, Yeah, that does sound good," he said, looking between Star's menu and his own until he found what she had pointed at, "I think... I'll try that too!" He set the menu down before he could mispronounce something else and grinned as he imagined what the meal was going to taste like. Sounded more interesting than a sandwich that's for sure, and it certainly was different from what he usually would find in his workshops cupboards.

Hay perked up his ears as Star mentioned the idea of playing a game, this predictably being met with enthusiasm and approval as was evident from his smile and rapid nodding of his head. Being up for any game any time, Haywire was entirely down for the idea, though, as he listened to how the game was played, he started to wonder if he'd even be capable of participating. Haywire was a *terrible* liar, mostly due to how he never had a reason to nor ever really saw the worth in doing so, and as such he grew up a rather honest inventor which now sounded like it would be a pretty serious handicap as his poker face was rather non existent.

"hmm... Okay! Sounds fun!" he replied, deciding to give it a shot anyway regardless of his doomed chances. If there even were chances, This didn't sound like a "win or lose" kind of game anyway, so would be neat to try he figured.

"How about you go first, though? I might need a sec to think of something to say..."
Canterlot / Re: The First Step
« Last post by Star Catcher on December 02, 2015, 07:58:18 am »
Star nodded amicably as the waiter came back to his senses and lead them over towards a table in the corner. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw the table they were being brough to: it was a cozy little niche, out of the way but still with a wonderful view of the rest of the restaurant. She wondered briefly if that was to keep Haywire in a little corner and away from everything else, but she shrugged that thought off--it was a nice little area, and she was going to appreciate it for as much.

She settled down onto one of the pillows beside Hay, leaving her with a wide open view of the restaurant in front of her as she relaxed, then smiled to the waiter as he handed them their menus. When he mentioned returning shortly with water, she quickly chimed in that she'd like some iced tea instead--before exhaling quietly as he asked Hay not to 'fix' anything. It wasn't worth causing a commotion over so she didn't say anything, but it did still frustrate her a little bit. Instead, she shook her head and watched him for a moment before looking over to Hay as he tried pronouncing one of the items on the menu.

That earned a slight giggle from her as she reached over, gently taking the menu from him before flipping it over so it was right-side up. "It doesn't matter if you can't say the names... You can just point to what you want, and they'll take it from there. And the descriptions under the names tell you what the item is, as long as you're reading the menu right side up, silly," she said, gently nudging him with an elbow before browsing the menu for just a brief moment.

"Oooh, Champignon Parmentier au Gratin," she said fluently once more, pointing to something on the menu that was apparently braised portobello mushrooms topped with mashed potatoes and Gruyere. "That's what I want. It sounds super yummy." She sat back after that, allowing Haywire a moment to browse himself before speaking up again. "Hay, you wanna play a game? Something called Two Truths and a Lie. It's where one person says two things about themselves that are the truth and one thing that's a lie, and the other ponies--or pony in this case, has to guess which one's the lie. Or... Something else if you can think of it? I just think that'd be a nice way to lift my mood, and pass the time."
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